With Gratitude!

There we have it… today OMBH hits a massive milestone – for me, at least! Ten years daily posts! And, it is only because of you… you have supported me and made my blogging life a pleasure! I have said it many times… if I can share a smile then my day has been a success.

This blog started life as a one year challenge to myself – during difficult days – to find some routine, something to do each day – to add a bit of focus during turbulent times! Now, we live through even more turbulent times but my focus has changed. I mentioned last week that I want to take a break from social media… a total break!

However, I will be back at some point – and then, I will want to incorporate the dormant Saffer Worldwide project. Your thoughts and ideas will be most welcome, please and thanks! OK, so… all I would like to reiterate at this stage is my gratitude – I thank you all for plodding along with me on my fun ride! So… why don’t I just end off this post with another random gallery… a photo or two from each of the ten years?

Wow… that’s just a small sample of the first few years… so, maybe in the future I’ll share more galleries… if not, why not?

OK… off I go now… but remember, there is ten year’s worth of content for you to search through… at your leisure and for your pleasure – I hope you will find a smile… that will then perpetuate my mission in life!

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14 Responses to With Gratitude!

  1. HesterLeyNel says:

    Welgedaan en baie geluk. Geniet jou rus. Ons het almal soms nodig om bietjie weg te breek. Ek vermy ook nog steeds die blogwêreld, maar wil beslis ook ‘n terugkeer maak op die een of ander stadium.

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    • aj vosse says:

      Dankie Hester – ja, ek hoop ons vind die “happy medium” eendag! Stuur groete daar onder! Net so btw… Nellie draai nog in my kop… ek sal eendag klaarmaak en vir jou stuur!! 😁👍🤣

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  2. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    That is a fabulous record. Very well done. We look forward to seeing what you do next.

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  3. Veels geluk, dis ‘n groot prestasie. Dankie vir die pragtige galery – jou foto’s het vir my ekstra betekenis omdat daar van my hartsmense in ierland woon. Mooi loop.

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  4. de Wets Wild says:

    Van harte geluk, AJ!

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  5. Congratulations on a job well done👏🎊 Looking forward to many more posts. 💐

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