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Friday Flappers – Another Gallery…

Yep… you know me well by now – birds and galleries… I love them both! So… why don’t we use a few random avian related tags to get images out of the library to use for today’s gallery? OK… there … Continue reading

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Thursday Thoughts – Let’s Take A Break…

I’ve been at the Thursday Thoughts lark since last October, me thinks? So… here’s my thinking… next week, on Tuesday, we will hit the ten year milestone – and then, this blogger is going to take a BIG BREAK! The … Continue reading

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WOW – Wednesday One Word – Stream

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Tuesday Tune – Be Happy…

Yesterday I mentioned a photo I wanted to use… so, why don’t I use that image today? Without getting too UN-PC – I’m sure you’ve heard the old stereotypical joke about people who wear very big hats who sit in … Continue reading

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Monday Memories – Another Gallery

I was going to share a photo I took yesterday – but that can wait for another day. Instead, I had a brainwave – search the gallery using the word Monday… and this is what I got. I kid you … Continue reading

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Sundays – Quiet But Meaningful…

Years ago, not long after this blog saw the light of day, I thought it good to feature churches on Sundays. I wonder why? Anyway… as I am rapidly approaching the 10 year milestone, why don’t I throw together a … Continue reading

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Seaside Saturday – Away…

I think we have been subjected to lockdowns here in Ireland almost longer than any other country on the planet. What started as the “two weeks to flatten the curve” has now really been taken to the extreme. Last year, … Continue reading

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Friday Flappers – A Wee Birdy Gallery

How about a wee birdy gallery to celebrate the best of birds. I’ve always had a thing for birds… maybe because of the flying thing. I have taken as many pictures of birds as others take of their family members… … Continue reading

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