Charity Starts?

Midlands SIMON

07 Jul 2012

My challenge is now well underway. Soon we’ll reach Offaly territory… then the advertising can really get underway… untill the next update on this page please click here to go over to my Grand Canals walk… there you can follow all the progress…

21 April 2012

I’ve been surprised and underwhelmed (?) should that be overwhelmed (?) by the ease of setting up a quick link to a whole range of Irish charities

Why under/over whelmed? Simple… and now I’m going to quote 2 very old and stale clichés… I can’t really resist! Sorry…

Sorry again… make that 3 stale ones…

Put your money where your mouth is…

Actions speak louder than words

Charity starts at HOME!!

My idea has been influenced by a few folk and also my desire to find a tool/ vehicle/ means of giving something back. I walk, I see… I experience, I live and love and yet I’m not fulfilled. Why?

Maybe the Good Book has answers for many of our questions… somehow we as Homo Sapiens cannot be truly content without GIVING!!

Give of your time… give of your knowledge… but, occasionally we have to dip into our pockets and give a few of our hard-earned coins… maybe that’s why the Good Book mentions the concept of a tithe or willing offering. GIVE… it’s usually free… and mostly very fulfilling!!

OK… let me get back to the 3 above mentioned clichés… Seamus pointed me in the direction of the website… simple he said, ALL the money goes to the charity of your choice! Yep… no middleman tycoon grabs a portion… no third world mad bob’s get a cent!

Whoopy!! I hate them publicity seeking celebs who only donate because they know (and expect) to get exposure… and in that way earn more filthy dosh for themselves?? 😉

Back to Seamus… he got going… sorry (again) paddling… I mentioned his endeavours to Niamh (by the way… that’s pronounced as Neave… ) who immediately set up a page… running for Breast Cancer Ireland…

So… why can we not all do something? I DON’T want to run 10 kilometers… I DON’T want to paddle as far as Seamus has… I can’t… you all know the reason… this blog isn’t called ouch my back hurts for no rhime…

BUT… apparently I’m quite good at blogging… so, why not put fingers to keyboard and ask you all to donate to my few charities of choice? I’m starting with a plea for your support of the Midlands SIMON community…

But… I haven’t given you the update on the 3 clichés… you see… this page is going live on the weekend I’m doing a wordless session… 2 posts without even one word? NO… I can’t let myself get away with that! So… all my creative genius has been reserved for creating this page… haha…

GIVE folk… you will be rewarded!!

Thank you… BUT… please visit the links below… and don’t forget to add a penny or two…

Seamus is still paddling…

Seamus not long after he set off on the 25th of March 2012… at the spot where we met… the 15th Lock on the Royal Canal.

Niamh will soon be running…

Run Niamh… run! Good on you girl… you’re showing other’s the way!! 😉

I’ll keep on blogging…

Ahaaaah… fooled you there… you thought I would be so bold and/or vain ( 😛 ) that I’d put up a photo of myself!?!… Naah… I’ll not ruin your day… all I’ll do is ask for your generosity and support! AND… if you feel there may be another cause closer to your heart… then just go to the home page and select your best match!

Would you please keep supporting!! Thanks… again!!


2 Responses to Charity Starts?

  1. dcardiff says:

    I commend you on encouraging others to give to charities. It truly is more rewarding to give than to receive.



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