My Books – Around the World!

12 DEC 2019 – Girl in the Woods Update!

Wow… look-see… Brooke is giving The Lucky Thirteen an update all the way from Michigan, USA! Click on the link… the clip will begin at the right spot! Thanks Brooke

PS – And I know Dave, her husband, has received his copy too…

14 AUG 2019 – Yesterday I met a couple as they tied up their yacht Amiga in the Arklow Marina. After a chat about books and reading… and about my desire to get my books around the world… by hook or by sailing boat! The couple, Eva and Joakim, have not long begun their around the world dream. And, guess what… they offered to take a few copies along on their dream trip! Yep, so… I may not be able to do the voyage but I can get something of mine around the world – literally!

OK – I’m going to keep the tale as fresh as possible and when they send updates I’ll update the page.

NOTE: I’ve given quite a few copies to other sailors in the past and haven’t received any feedback yet… but, any comments will be added here!

Back to Eva and Joakim’s voyage – here’s their blog Sailing Amigafollow their progress!

Here’s yesterday’s post… Books Around The World… the beginning!

21 AUG 2019 – First update!

Here’s a” translated” snip from a post by Eva of Sailing Amiga:

Mr. AJ. Vosse wondered if we wanted to bring books and pass on to other sailors. His wish was that we take pictures as we passed on the books and wrote a little about where we were and to whom we gave them. We thought it fit very well, as we are a world traveller.

Eva show a photo of the books side by side… on their way around the world! Cool!!

Seems from the post they had a mishap with tackle so they are still moored in Kilmore Quay, effecting repairs and doing other maintenance and touristy things! Great fun, won’t you say? Do visit their blog… and have fun with the translator as you learn Swedish!