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23 SEP 2019 – Time for an update! This short clip give you a massive advantage! It tells the truth, and shares where the misinformation began!

Sorry… I have to include this photo. Yes, I enjoyed this feed… Pier A Battery Park, Manhattan, New York! Yes, I had to eat that… carbs and all!

*25 JUL 2019 – To keep the page uniform I’ll continue updating further down the page – so, as I often get asked about cholesterol and the perceived harmful effects of FAT, I’ll place a few important links lower down the page…

01 JAN 2017 – A day for new beginnings and as I have on occasion done on New Years Days, opened new pages on the blog! I have in the past documented my serious run-in with the cholesterol lowering statin drug. I have a link posted below the rainbow photo in the right hand menu… yes, that one I’ve succinctly named

Conserve Human Life – BAN STATINS!!

However, I want to touch on a few other health related issues and I feel others may benefit from the lessons I have learned in the last year or so. Please don’t think of me as a condescending old fool trying to tell you how to live your life but I have gathered information that could point out a few easily addressed issues.

Also, the information is very useful if you’re classed by the medical profession as an “at risk” type. This group of people is growing exponentially! Yes, worldwide! So, I will add posts here, to keep track of what I write. Mind you… I plan to reverse my “at risk” status and if I can do so at my age (late fifties) then so can you!

OK, I hope you enjoyed that little lesson on how things work and how they should work. I’m left wondering why it took me almost 10 years to find out that I could’ve saved the taxpayer quite a few euros all along, if our broken system* had given me the CORRECT information first up!

I first wrote something about my T2D years ago… it was interesting to see what I had to say for myself then…

* The broken system moniker I borrowed from one of the consultants who I visited last year…


03 JAN 2017 – The beginning of my saga, titled New Year’s Warning!

06 JAN 2017 – Is it possible to Reverse T2D?

07 FEB 2017Eat yourself healthy!!

17 FEB 2017  – Against the ODDS!!

02 JUN 2017 – Portion

31 JUL 2017 – T2D – Zero : LCHF – ONE!!

07 Aug 2017 – Not so Silent Sunday

05 Sep 2017 – Tuesdays’s Truth – Educate Friends and Family!

Those T2D numbers are great!! I'm striving to attain those regularly!

*01 Apr 2017 – No, this is not an April Fools lark – having a wee dram or three won’t kill you… on the contrary, it may help you be a tad happier… and in so doing help prevent CVD! Yes, read here… you may enjoy the education as much as I did!

Nothing like a bit wine to while away the blues... or inspire the next tale...

30 APR 2017 – So, you want answers. You also think you have questions about fat and the negative effect it has on our health. Think again before believing everything you’ve been trained to believe in the last decades! Here’s a short clip that answers many of the questions in a simple way!

05 AUG 2017 – Here’s a juicy little share featuring a number of familiar faces… and roll models! As Prof Noakes says… “Just don’t fear fat!!”

09 SEP 2017 – Need to know why so-called medical specialists keep spreading “fake news”?? This rather enlightening explanation will reveal more…

The MIGHTY Dollar Rules, OK!!

01 NOV 2017 – You suffering with re-flux?? have a look-see here!


Maybe it’s time we look at the cause and effect of cancer drugs versus going LCHF to fight the evil!

18 Nov 2017 – Here’s a snip lifter off Twitter! This is so true!!

* Do scroll up to the entry for April Fool’s Day 2017… for the chuckle. Yes, I have, on occasion, really wound my good lady up by quoting the esteemed Dr Malcolm Kendrick… the very man who published the Great Cholesterol Con, some years ago. Yes, it has been proven over and over that high cholesterol and the CVD link is a myth! So… I’ve again visited the blog of said Dr Kendrick and here’s the link to a post all about diet and heart disease. Below is a graph I borrowed from this very post… showing FAT intake  SEP (healthy animal fat) vs CHD.

It is quite a read but at the end of the post Dr Kendrick succinctly and accurately sums up the theory that fat in the diet is bad for you… sweet and simple…

“I just felt the need to let people know that IT IS ALL COMPLETE AND UTTER RUBBISH.”

Please do yourself a favour… read and investigate, educate yourself – for the sake of your health and peace of mind!