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05 Dec 2019 – Green gone Gaga??

Today’s post

Update – 06 DEC 2019 – this clip arrived in my inbox after yesterday’s post… so, here’s a REAL scientist/ engineer/ specialist/ researcher agreeing and explains more… do please look-see… and keep fighting the UN lies!

21 SEP 2019

Yesterday, the cleaver folk who are spreading the climate emergency trash, used children to help push their alarmist shite! On Thursday, I asked a few questions of WordPress as they want us to support the propaganda.

WordPress post…

NOTE: To date I haven’t had a reply to my comment on the WP post… and they have also neglected to approve my comment. Makes me wonder!

Anyway, here’s a very enlightening video… it’s less than 13 minutes long and after you’ve watched this you’ll be armed with a better idea of just how insidious this climate emergency fraud has become! Tony Heller is a trailblazer… and so he is blocked and much maligned by the alarmists! He constantly challenges the likes of Mike Mann and his “hockey stick” lies. Lies spouted years ago and proven to be just that years ago… lies! Yet, this so-called specialist is still pushing his lies! But for now, I’ll leave it for you to view this and then continue educating yourself! Enjoy!

Here’s another angle… the church of climatology…

25 AUG 2019 

More truth emerges… do watch this through… the lies by the UN IPCC is spewing about life important CO2!

01 AUG 2019 

Here’s a short and sweet climate change truth

03 JUL 2019 

This page is a direct result of the post on this day.

Wednesday’s Wondering’s – Peace, Love and… Hate!?

Before I go on I want to include a snippet lifted from a short story I am working at the moment:

‘May I ask three simple questions, please?

    • One… you say we must fight climate change – how do you suggest we fight something that’s been happening since the dawn of time?
    • Two… you’re on about the rapid increase in the earth’s temperature – please tell us what you suggest the optimum temperature for the should be?
    • Three… people, plants and CO2 are inextricably linked – how do you suppose vilifying an essential element for life on earth will help humankind?’

I’ll leave a few links to past posts… where I have asked climate related questions or stated my take on things: The more interesting aspects of the posts are often the hate spew by some who feel the need to comment!

One can really have fun with the whole topic… especially when the gullible can only regurgitate the blatant lies they believe to be the truth!

Should I stick my head under my armpit? Maybe if I hide they won’t see me…

Wednesday’s Wondering’sSunshine Inspiration!

Alternative A to Z – Health!

I’ll also leave you with a few Y-Tube videos… watch them and then ask yourself where you stand and where you should be standing…

If you can stomach more… here’s a lad I’ve just discovered… he is a lone voice in the wilderness… his videos are short… life and humour… and truth, shine through!!

Our world… here’s another post – the last in the series of answers to Mrs Wayfarer’s questions. This time I talk about hate… and the remedy… keep laughing!

Wednesday’s Wondering’s – Keep Laughing… 

OK… here’s a clip about Darwin and in there marxism is also mentioned. These gents are really bright minds, yet they are often lambasted for the questions they ask… I mean… how dare you question Darwin’s lies and half truths, yes… how dare you!?