Friday’s Flights of Fancy Flying!

Imagine being able to do this… flying along merrily surveying the sea below… and then, just for the sake of it, doing a neck 180 to see if you could spot an early star!

Happy Friday… as always, remember, don’t do what I wouldn’t!

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Weather… weathered. Here in Ireland the concepts are very much entwined. The weather weathers… almost anything and everything! But then, so does old age and fair wear and tear weather almost everything! So, why don’t I just throw together a wee gallery of worn and weathered stuff… just to prove that old can still be beautiful, or charming… or worth another look!

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Happy Winter Vistas…

We went for a short walk-about on Sunday afternoon. It was a rather bright day and if the trees didn’t give away the fact that it was mid-winter I could almost have been able to convince you that it could’ve been a balmy summer’s day! We were on the leeward side of the hill so it was rather pleasant out in the sunshine!

I mentioned we went for a short walk-about… well, mostly short because by five in the afternoon it’s almost dark! However, by moth end we’ll have gained a good hour’s sunshine per day… if the clouds don’t spoil our fun too much!

PS – if you’re wondering about the structures in the bottom right hand corner… remains of old mines in the area…

PPS – Can you spot the snow?

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Snack Time!

I’m trawling the summer archives… to brighten up my winter just a tad! This bird asks me to be seen…

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