Wildlife Wednesday – The Hawk

Yep, the Hummingbird Hawk Moth… quite a character. Do click on the link to learn more. I’ve had the opportunity to capture their flight on a few occasions and to say the least, those wing-beats are just a blur… even when I set the shutter speed at 1/2000 timing!

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Numerals – The Lucky 13

Ailsa’s challenge this week has given me the perfect excuse to promote my short story collection! Yes, sorry… I know I’m being a pushy opportunist!

The Lucky Thirteen… 13 diverse (and sometimes a tad off the wall) tales to enjoy by all!

And… here’s the catch… all for less that the cup of coffee you’d be buying at the take-out coffee shop! Yes, $2.99 can get you real enjoyment… long after the taste of coffee has gone! So, free your mind… come travel along with the friends you will make on your travels through The Lucky Thirteen!

Travel, they say… broadens the mind! South Africans and Americans at Kilmichael Point, Co Wexford, Ireland!

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Dunk the Apple!

One would’ve thought swans would love apples! That’s a bit of apple they’re all staring at. No… they didn’t… all they were interested in was playing with the apple chunks we threw in. Oh well, you win some, you lose some! Have a happy Monday… do enjoy your week!

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Silent Sunday – an Itch to Scratch?

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