Tuesday Tune – Who’ll Stop the Rain

I was sitting in the car, waiting for the good lady who was in the shop getting our winning lotto ticket (for tonight…). Anyway, the window was open a tad and a fresh rain squall notified me that it was aiming at me. I looked up… and the thought process went as follows:

Camera ► manual focus ► set out of focus ► Who’ll Stop the Rain…

Simple – until I say the movie had a profound impact on my life. So much so that I will watch it again… soon. I have previously threatened to tell the tale but it takes a bit of doing for me to do so. You see, one night I’d gone with Ronny, a friend – to watch the movie when it first released. We’d gone on his bike so we could get parking close to the movie house. When we came out of the show it was pouring… and we had to get back to the residence – before the doors closed at midnight… so, we couldn’t wait out the storm… we had to ride in the rain.

Two nights later we were to go visit friends in a nearby suburb and then from there we were going to see the movie again, with them. Again, we were going to get to the friends house on Ronny’s bike… for ease. It was summer so it made no sense sitting in rush hour traffic when we could jump on the bike and zip there in no time. However, after class I’d just felt in the mood for a quick snooze.

I’ll remind you, this was in the days when mobile phones were not yet even a twinkle in father communication’s eye. OK… Ronny had, apparently, come into my room to wake me… to no avail. The next morning I woke and when I left my room to go off I noticed Ronny’s room light was on. I tried the door… locked. No sign of him in the food hall. I recalled the planned events of the previous evening and thought immediately that he must have stayed over at the friend’s house.

However, our first lesson for the day was maths – in this class Ronny’s desk was the one just to the left of mine. The desk stayed conspicuously empty. OK, I thought – he must’ve overslept and then got caught in the traffic. However, I had an eerie feeling. I wondered why I’d fallen asleep… why I hadn’t woken to go with Ronny. Well, it didn’t take long to work it out.

Halfway through the lesson there was a knock on the classroom door – our course leader opened and looked straight at me – a chill ran along my spine.

“Where’s Ronny… ?” I muttered under my breath… my hairs on end.

“He won’t be back – he was killed last night… a car slid in the rain, on the rail bridge in Lyttelton – into his bike… he was killed instantly. The people in the car following him saw it all – they were his friends.”

Yes, they were my friends too…

I got chills as I typed the story. Yes, folk – I have always believed that I was protected that night – and many other nights too! Yes folk – I should’ve been pillion that night…

I say no more!

I chose this particular clip as it has extracts from the movie… memories… and… reason for gratitude!

PS – I did a map search… the bridge is still there but it seems the road has been upgraded to a dual carriageway – thankfully!

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Monday’s Memory Moment – Two Clouds…

I must say, we’ve had some stunning winter’s days… and spent hours on the beach! I’ll include Saturday’s beach fun below but before that… here’s a photo taken on the way home. I think you’ll understand why I named it two clouds. Fortunately there were only two… because I struggle to count numbers any higher than three…

I must confess… I was driving, so the DD Son took the photo. Yep, it was my camera and I insisted that he push the shutter release… so, I have partial privileges in the life and times of said image… hence including it here. I will further confess… the DD Son was aiming to get the rail tunnel into shot… so, I suppose he didn’t need my encouragement. Thank you Son, for snapping the memory!

Right… please join us on our fun stroll… three generations spending a few hours on the beach!

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Silent Sunday – Family

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Six Word Seaside Saturday Story…

Northern winds bring winter’s icy glow…

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Friday Flappers – Sunset Flyby…

Geese flyby… quite the sight!
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Thursday Thoughts – Who Will Speak For US?

This question has been eating at me for months… as regular visitors may have realised. I began in October with a series of Thursday Thoughts posts… asking questions. I keep urging readers to question everything, a-la Socrates style. I mean, if a great philosopher could suggest such a course of action, then we can surely take up his plea?

Yes, question everything… including, when the giants censor the small man, who will speak for them? If we don’t agree with the restrictions on our liberty, where is the politician who will stand up for our rights? Those worried about the overreach of government powers seem to be becoming the minority… but, not long ago the governments were ramming laws down our throats that were specifically designed to protect minorities. Will our minority rights also be protected?


Therefore, I am seemingly part of a minority group. What happens when the officialdom begins pressuring us into complying with rules that are designed to invade our physical beings? What has happened to the rights of the individual?

Mind you, what I really wonder about is just how easily people are falling for the narrative about the vaccine. Barely tested, mostly unproven, potentially dangerous… yet, people are taking the vaccine in spite of so many questions about its efficacy and benefits. I mean, it is now a stated fact that the vaccine will not prevent infection. Apparently, once you have the first shot you have to take a booster within months… and then you’ll be subjected to a continued regime of shots, for the rest of your life?

So, why on earth would you volunteer to have a foreign chemical concoction inserted into your body – on an ongoing basis? Just say, each time you get the jab, they add another minute building block to the cocktail floating in your arteries. Over time, this MRNA puzzle – foreign to your body – begins causing cell mutations in your already weakened system. What then? Will you be able to get the growing threat removed from your body?

Why do we rather not stand up for our individual rights and demand more long-term testing before we must take the vaccine? Why do western world governments all keep spewing the same narrative? Could it be because they are simply puppets of the global elite? The IMF, the EU, the World Bank and mostly the UN and it’s puppet the WHO are the real players.

A side note – to clarify: I live in Ireland… a country that suffered heavily from the effects of greed that lead to the 2008 crash – a country that is repaying billions for taking unwise bailout money then… and a country that may just have no say in its internal affairs anymore. How many other countries are in the same boat? How many western nations are actually so indebted that they will never be able to chase the globalists away???? For that matter, how many third world countries and African realms ruled by despots have not sold out to that menace in the east?

OK, back to the above mentioned globalist organisations… a few names pop up all the time… names with links to all these organisations. Do the research for yourself – or, if you want the names, send me a private email. One more step – the C.C.P seems to have a finger in the pie of each and every organisation mentioned above – or at the very least, a connection with the elite powers who run these organisations. Makes you wonder, was this virus manufactured to overcome the last freedom loving societies on the planet… to turn the world into the unified paradise so longed for by marxists, leninists and moaists. Totalitarianism of any kind will be the death of individual freedom.

Yes, I know many people don’t bother to read my Thursday Thoughts. I have the stats to prove it! However, I will again ask, who will speak for you when your freedom is gone?

PS – I also understand that many folk won’t like or comment on these posts – because they fear being in any way linked with a conspiracy theorist or anti-vaxxer… simply put, they don’t want to attract attention to themselves. Once again – who will speak for them when their freedom is gone? Me – I will keep speaking – because I CARE!

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WOW – Wednesday One Word… WET!


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Tuesday Tune – Legs…

On the odd occasion I go with the good lady when she goes shopping. My duties are mostly relegated to that of trolley pushing – a task that can only accomplished with dignity after many years of training. A key element of the duties relies on being able to blend into the background while the said lady is browsing about. Another key element is to observe… and capture some of the crazy stuff that happens in the strange world of the ladies section.

It was on a day when I was really subjected to long waits and even longer queues that I spotted a pair of feral’s running… up-side-down. But wait… then I noticed more pairs… and really became agitated. What was happening here??

Was this some sort of an invasion? Were the legs coming for us? Were we still safe in the shop? Mostly though… why were the legs not wearing masks? Was this a plot to spread athlete’s foot to the unwitting masses or were the wee socks on each foot supposed to protect the public from said infection?? Now, I will say I tried to run… but I was rooted to the spot… in fear that the legs would capture my good lady. Imagine if they chopped off her lovely legs to keep for their herd!

Anyway… I’m sure you’ll understand my need to share a song going by the title… Legs, as performed by the mighty Texan band ZZ Top! I see their version also plays on the tongue in cheek… so, I must be one of them – bearded and bored – in my pursuit of the perfect trolley push!

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