Seaside Saturday – Lucky Sheep!

Imagine… being a sheep and living here! Yes, I know what you’re thinking… but hey, we’re all heading that way… inevitable, I’m afraid!

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Friday Flapper… Blue…

I really enjoy getting pics of people taking pics. In this case, my good lady getting as close as possible to the Common Blue to get her shot. We were fortunate… the butterfly wasn’t in the least bothered with us… well, for about 15 seconds, that was. Look closely… you’ll see the butterfly is on the wing… getting well clear of the two mad humans who can’t resist a good butterfly hunt!

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Thursday Thought – Morning or Evening?

So… here’s a thought. If you could choose, when would you have your daily quota of rain, in the morning or evening? The question was inspired by this view… taken close to six in the evening…

If I say it was drizzling on and off for most of the day…

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Wednesday’s Wondering’s – Sunshine Inspiration!

NOTE: Some content may not be for sensitive souls! If you’re not up to alternative reasoning or debate then maybe this post is not for you!

Mrs Wayfarer invited me to do the Sunshine Blogger’s Award. Now… let’s get this straight right from the start, I don’t do awards as I feel it’s never fair to nominate people. Why? Because I fear insulting those who I don’t nominate and may even chip off those who I do, because they may not want to join the procession.

However, I really enjoyed the questions posed by Mrs Wayfarer… so while still wondering why I don’t answer them, my friend Khaya dared me to do the challenge. Therefore… I will take the opportunity to answer the questions.

But… here’s the deal. I’ll do a series – answering two or three questions on Wednesdays – until I get to the last post in the series… when, I may or may not set my own questions for those who feel like joining the fun! Totally voluntary! However, to be fare to Mrs Wayfarer… I’ll place a link to her initial invitation in each of my posts. The rules of the challenge are contained there… so, if you feel like doing the full thing… then, be my guest!

OK, so… here are the first two questions…

  • Where do you find the inspiration to write your blogs?
  • When was the last time you’ve done something for the first time?

Number 1: Everywhere… outside in nature, inside, family, life… ideas, thoughts – safety related incidents that get me thinking and also, like I’m doing now… reaction to other blogger’s posts. I’ve been doing consecutive daily posts since 16 MAR 2011… so, at times I fall out of love with blogging – then I push through… posting mostly just images. I began blogging to fill a gap and to try and raise awareness about my other writing.

As time went by, the blog took on more of an open diary function. (See the tagline above.) I also say that in a few generations’ time my descendants will have some form of social record about their distant past. That’s one of the reasons why I keep going! The other? I have the desire to put smiles on the faces of others. If I manage to do that just once a day I have achieved one of life’s purposes!

I don’t think I always succeed… especially when I rant! But then, life issues inspire my posts too – so, they form part of this blog! A few BIG rant topics for me:

  • Climate change – yes? So when hasn’t it changed? Stop all the political and pseudo-science bull spread by the mass media. Ask questions – don’t believe the dogma
  • Carbon Dioxide – simple, without it we all DIE! The more the merrier, I say… up to the levels where the planet will thrive. Fight carbon tax – you’re already paying enough tax for every litre you put into your vehicle or every unit of electricity entering your house.
  • However, cut the pollution… of body, mind and soul! Pollution is the issue, pressurise your politician to sort out your local issues and work from there. Some pollution issues that need addressing:
    • Chemically propped-up, mono-agricultural practices – often encouraged by taxpayer subsidies
    • Large-scale toxin production by Big Pharm, in the name of improving health! Just think of the myths spread about cholesterol and the wonder drug statins. Toxins that kill people yet they aren’t banned because people simply believe the lies, spread by the multi-billion dollar profit companies producing the stuff! You need more? Think prescribed opioid deaths… worldwide.
    • The large-scale abuse of sugar and carbs – just ask why so-called lifestyle diseases are rife? Type Two Diabetes, cardio-vascular disease, cancers, dementia and gastro issues. Not to mention obesity and the rapid increase in childhood issues related to sugar. Sugar is addictive – fight advertising and the willy-nilly use of the drug!
    • Mental pollution – the indoctrination of our children in schools and universities – almost force-feeding the above-mentioned propaganda down their throats. Mass media are equally to blame…

OK… I’ll stop now! I’m sure you’ll agree I really don’t need much prompting for blog post inspiration. I’ll be somewhat briefer with the next answer, I promise!

Number 2: Just these last few days! Promise! I tried my new lobster pot… and lo-and-behold, I was successful at the first attempt! Although the lobster was undersized and returned to it’s home I didn’t have to wait long for success! Yes, the second attempt proved successful and I can now boast that I have done something for the first time… in my sixtieth year! And… more importantly… I have proof!

PS – If you’re wondering about my take on climate change and the rest – I’ve lived through the ozone-layer hole propaganda and in the seventies when the rage was global cooling! Also, who remembers the fuel crisis in the seventies? Then they said by the year 2000 we would be in the dark because all reserves would be gone! And as for catastrophic flooding caused by the massive sea-level rise… well?

Yes folk… when you apply pseudo-science to further your own agenda you can make any data work for you… something along the lines of…

lies, more lies and statistics…  

These days Lies masquerades as Truth far too often…

PPS – Flip… this turned into a marathon… I hope you found something to smile about!

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Tuesday Tunes – Blue…

This image inspired the song choice. I was out applying my new-found lobster fishing skills when the little boat cruised by. The clouds and sunlight adding effect to the seascape. Blues of any hue you can imagine…

If you’re wondering about the fishing success… there will be an update tomorrow… promise! For now… here’s a classic for you to enjoy!

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Join The Dots…

We stopped off in Bray last Thursday – we needed to find something to do between appointments so a stroll along the promenade was in order… just for fun. We thought joining the dots would keep us occupied for just long enough… before setting off to our next venue.

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Silent Sunday – Flying Through…

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Saturday Second…

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