Friday Fun – February Frolics & Friendship!

Yes folk… here’s the February issue… loads of fun for you to delve into… or, should that be dive into? You’ll recognise a few of our mutual blogging friends… and be introduced to the contributions from others. So… without further ado, here’s the link!

SAFFER Worldwide Magazine February 2020 Issue

So… just before you head off in that direction, here’s another fun look at the storm surge that passes last weekend. One fellow going to the rescue of another fellow’s camera!!

PS – Please spread the joy, share the friendship and let us know what you think of the magazine! Also, I’m having my fair share of fun with the magazine software, so let us know if there are any issues – desktop, laptop or mobile! Thanks!

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Thursday Thought – Trees?

I’ve been mulling over all sorts of ideas for today’s post. There is a whole lot going on in my mind… plus we had bits of darling duty the last few days… and a monthly magazine to get out today. The only thing – my post usually goes live way before breakfast time our side so, I’ll just have to add the link a little later. But for now, here’s my very deep Thursday thought…

… if you were a tree… name the species… and tell us why??

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Wordless Wednesday – The Fence…

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Tuesday Treat – Shower Time!

We watched these two… came walking right by – and we wondered, were they aware of what happens at the end of the breakwater? Well, as we later deduced – they were from out of town so they didn’t know what to expect! Yep… little did they know they were in for a wee winter’s treat – yep, a cold shower… or two!

So – why didn’t we warn them? Well, we really didn’t think they would keep walking… especially when a warning spray came over the wall. All we can say is that they got a drenching and that was all… no harm done, apart from dented egos and chilly wet clothes!

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Macro Monday – Shine Shine…

I’m always on the lookout for something different and by now you know I love taking shots through the car’s windscreen – of the rain and in today’s case, even a few pellets of sleety hail. You know the picture of a child with nose up tight to the store window… to see exactly what was going on inside… well, picture me… cameras lens in manual… almost stuck to the inside of the car’s windscreen… trying to catch a macro… just for Irene’s challenge today!

Something different – something red… something out of focus, that’s what I’ve just said!

PS – Last and final call for February magazine submissions! Thanks!

PPS – As always, I’ll place a back link to Irene’s latest challenge a tad later, when the new post is released… done!

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Silent Sunday – Splash of ???

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Saturday Six-Word Story – Contrast…

Contrast – sunlight illuminates – against threatening backdrop…

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Friday’s Fantasy Figment …

I may have told you that I mostly don’t drive – my good lady takes care of that. So, that allows me to expose the camera to all sorts weird and wonderful sights, like when we’re driving home at night, in the rain. I love setting the camera to manual and turning the lens far out of focus and snapping away – as the photo below illustrates. I was trying to set the break-lights of the cars in front out of focus and getting the raindrops on the windscreen more or less in focus – however, my good lady got her fingers in the way… so, that’s my excuse for today’s figment of red.

Cast your imagination far away… and think on the day that this is… do you see two hearts? No… I don’t either… but hey, my take on things matters little… after all, I’m only the backseat driver!

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