The A to Z – My VINYL!

On Sunday, I gave away a few pointers to the how’s and why’s of the fun I plan for this year’s challenge. Music, yes… memories, yes… and the promise of leaving you guessing the next letter’s outcome.

So… here’s my reveal. I’ll be doing…

“My Vinyl”.

Yep… last year, I did V for Vinyl and that got me thinking. I have a few special bits of black plastic hidden in the attic so I may as well use the artists and/ or titles as cause and effect generators. I have a feeling I’m going to have fun with the process and if I can effect interaction and maybe even a few smiles them my mission is near perfect!

So, for a few basic ground rules. I’ll add, almost a year’s worth of dithering about the exact content has left me dazed and confused… to borrow a famous phrase. However, each post should look something along these lines…

  • at least one artist/ band/ gathering and/ or show, beginning with the day’s letter. I will note that I’m particularly fond of the live shows dating between the early seventies and the nineties.
  • at least one music video to add to your daily dose of entertainment.
  • maybe a photo or three… random, depending on my mood while putting together the post.
  • I’ll leave you with the a vague clue… well, you already have the letter for the next post so, maybe I’ll be really mean and not leave you with any further clues!

Kilpatrick Beach, Co Wexford... looking out toward the Arklow Wind Farm. A special moment!

There will be many bits of music that will not make it into the A to Z. You can well imagine why I dithered so over the who and why. Let me qualify… I used a famous line a little earlier. I wonder, will that band get a look-in? See… a clue but also a conundrum.

OK… my last bit of information, for now. I live a very full life, so… if I don’t get to visit all your blogs too frequently, it’s not that I’m lazy or distracted, or careless… I can only fit so much into my 25.693 hour day! I promise, I’ll visit your blogs, as often as I can!

OK… here’s the clue for “A”… a band, not a solo artist. Difficult times springs to mind?

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Sun, Sea, Sand & Self’s Shadow…

As it’s been a bank holiday weekend here in Ireland you’ll have to forgive me if I’m still in festive holiday mode… or should that be mood? Oh well… Monday has rolled around again and it’s back to reality! Have a great day… may your week be filled with fun and frolics!

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The Time Has Come… Almost!

Yes… after almost a year of waiting and wondering the time for this year’s April A to Z is almost upon us! What will I be offering you? Well, I’ll begin the saga by giving you a few clues. Last year’s challenge introduced me to a new set of blogging friends. I learned a trick or two about this and that but mostly I enjoyed the interaction with the folk.

I’m incorporating a few ideas from lessons learned and other’s blogging habits for the structure of this year’s posts. I really enjoyed the way Susan planned for the next day. Her posts invited us to guess the new location. So, I’m going to use Susan’s ploy. Each day I’ll ask you to guess my likely choice for the next post. I reckon, toward the end of the challenge there will be many who have worked out my thought processes. Mmmm… so much for the magic of mystery!

Then… before I go further, I’d like to introduce Thom Hickey. Thom likes sharing his musical experiences and how or why these experiences have created his personal memories. Thom’s Jukebox spins enthralling songs of doom and delight. Destiny and demise… melodies of memory… misty musical myth. Thom always shares something special so I’ll borrow one of his good habits. I’ll use music video… why not?

Memories and music. Music and memories. I hope I’ll leave you each day with a smile and a melody. Twenty six days… to cram in almost a year’s worth of ideas. I wonder?

I don’t quite want to give it all away just yet… but, I hope there will be something for us all to enjoy in each post. For now… I’ll leave you with a tantalising tit-bit…

This one’s for you… oh Special One!

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Luck of Four?

The luck of the Irish is a concept that’s renowned worldwide. However, how do you define luck? Based on finding a plant that’s decided to has four leaves instead of the usual three? I’m not too sure about basing my life’s philosophy on the deviant genetics of a plant, are you?

Therefore… I don’t believe in luck. Then, by association, I have to conclude that the Irish are just as likely to find a four-leafed plant as anyone else on the planet!

Lady Serendipity has on the odd occasion allowed me to spot four segmented stuff… like the mushroom above. I spotted the rare find in Ireland. Does that mean I’m lucky? Mind you… I’ve also spotted four-leafed clover in Ireland…

Then… one day I was out walking along, when I spotted something else of worth… more plant fun. There are four leaves there? Must be… four leaves even decorated in the ancient Irish tradition. Five leaves? I don’t know it that little one qualifies as a real leaf so I’m sticking by my story…

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