Alternative A to Z – Large Limbed Lumber Light!

There are so many options to choose from that I’ve confused myself into rolling four into one. I’m sure you’ll spot all the option in today’s pic! Have fun… and if you see any other “L” options… do let me know! No… I don’t see the loony in there… cause he was taking the photo!

I seem to be stuck in the Seventies when it comes to the music. Should that be a problem? NO… categorically NO! Anyway… my South African pals should recognise the song for a particular reason! Reason or no reason… enjoy!

Over 25 million views… do read the comments… they say so much!!

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Alternative A to Z – Kite

Friday’s are usually flying flapper days… so, why don’t I give you a snap of a kite? A red kite, that is! OK… here’s today’s B&W image…

And so, what will we have for a song today? We’re going back to the Seventies… again! Remember Kiss? I bet you do but you don’t want to admit that you followed their antics… yep, the painted faced lads… them! All the theatrics didn’t grab my fancy much but beneath the layers of fluff and paint there hid four half decent musicians.

Ah well, no fine… it’s Friday and the weekend is almost upon us. Yep… grab yourself a ray of sunshine and smile… it will do you good! I think I’m going to follow my own advice!

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Alternative A to Z – Jump!

Lighthearted today… and also back to the hairy days of R&R!!

My good lady doing what she does best… mess! Yep… this jump needed another showing. Ah well then… we might as well jump!

Here’s your Thursday thought… life is only as complicated as you make it! Relax… have fun! Jump for joy… even once a month… it helps!

PS – My good lady… the jumper above… mentioned something about some other jump song… by some Skewston screecher… sorry, not on my show, never! Mind you… she only mentioned… but still, sorry… never!

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Alternative A to Z – Infinity…

Today’s topic is inspired by one of Irene’s posts – Stretching to Infinity. I love taking photos when it seems almost impossible to separate sea and sky… giving a feeling of never-ending space. Here’s one in B&W… the adaptation seems to add something… I hope! (Update: Pardon… I put in the wrong link, fixed now!)

The song comes from a Journey collection named Infinity. So, you see… I can connect the dots! I’m giving you a “live” version… you’ll just love the tights… and the chests… and the hair! Just by the way… Neil Schon is rated as one of the best guitarists of that period, and later – if Chris Prior, The Rock Professor, says so it’s true!

Happy Hump Day! Yep… sometime today it will be midway to the coming weekend… and you’ll be over the hump! I think I’ll leave you another photo… one with an industrial tinge…

If you’d like to hear the song on the radio… do drop over to Sandbag Times Radio… ask nicely and I’ll play it when I’m next on air… just for you!!

PS – If you’re wondering… seems I’m drifting into an evening show routine… nothing definite yet but you’ll most likely catch me doing my Friday evening “Scratching the Itch” show at 19h00, Irish Time!

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Alternative A to Z – Health!

Today, I’m going to chat a little about our health… body, mind and soul. However, I’m going to challenge a few widespread myths. Myths pushed by the political systems who dictate to us… via the highly toxic and skewed mass-media platforms! Ask your kid’s teachers a question about what they teach in schools and if they differ with you on say, weather related issues or mono-culture farming, they will class you as a denier… even an outcast.

So… here’s a question and answer dialogue I shared with a fellow blogger. Here’s the link to the post (UPDATE: 10 APR 2017 – Sorry… the post seems to have been removed… the blogger seems embarrassed by the tripe he was spreading… good lad!)

Something about the Arctic and saving something and something about climate change. OK, time for the Q&A, starting with my first comment:

And the response:

Killer-argument? So… if you ask a question of me… you will get a straight answer!

NOTE: This turned into a bit of a marathon so, I’m throwing a song in here… mono version, fits well with the month’s theme…

Yep… pardon the slight slip with the *happen. My reasoning prompted more dialogue… which is great! Note: I mentioned our minds, souls and bodies!

And here’s my reply, a tad long but honest again, just after a mono pic! My breakfast looks bleak in B&W!

And here’s the final snip I’ll post. I really enjoy the flippant answer about the barber… and wonder what else we need to know about the immigration woes in Europe? (If you want to know a bit more about the mess left by the EU immigration policies… PM me, I’ll share off-line…)

OH, if you’re wondering… I wished my blog buddy a great day!

So, where did today’s healthy exercise take us? Well, I hope it helped focus our minds on arguably the most important answer I can offer!

We are, each and every one of us, responsible for our own health and well-being! No, don’t blame the doctor or farmer for poisoning you… blame yourself for NOT educating yourself! Don’t believe what the mass-media are selling! They have only their pockets’ interests at heart! Don’t believe everything the political classes offer up. They earn a cushy living by postulating the shite they so liberally expect us to believe! Hint – carbon tax?!

Question, question and question again!! Ask about everything… after all, it is your health… mind, soul and body! And yes… fight pollution at every level… if anything, only for the sake of your own survival!

I’ll leave you with a song I have loved from the first time I heard it… way back when the climate change lot were trying to sell global COOLING…

And yes… I’ll share the colour version of my brunch… for the fun of it!

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Alternative A to Z – Green!

Ireland is the place of green! So… how can I not do green? Only thing is, as it’s mono month… I have to give you a B&W version of green, won’t I?

OK… so, to make up for the mono mode, how about I get a tad bold and share this video? It has green in the title… and colour of a different kind! Imagine… back in the day, this would’ve been deemed wildly outrageous… enough to turn the agony aunts green with jealousy… or envy… or rage… or migraine! Boy oh boy… them shapes would turn any auntie of that era off CCR for life! But, as we’re now all liberated we’ll enjoy the music and memories… even if the kitsch leaves us a tad green!

Ah well… as it’s Monday… and it’s Ireland… I’ll just have to share the green version of the pic too… I mean, it is mono… so I’ll bend the rules!

Happy Monday… remember, don’t set those goals too high… then you’ll likely only be setting yourself up for a disappointing on Friday afternoon – surely not the way you want to start your weekend!

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Silent Sunday –

This gallery contains 3 photos.


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Alternative A to Z – Friends and Friendship

Today’s photo choice is inspired by Joe Cocker’s classic Woodstock version of With A Little Help From My Friends! He gets a tad noisy toward the end but hey… it’s Saturday so noise is good! Well… good noise, that is!

As Joe says at the beginning… this title puts it all into focus! Yep… some days we need more than a little help from our friends… we need a tow… and fair weather!

I too can tell of friends coming to my/ our assistance. Many years ago the NSRI and others came to our rescue after our chopper landed (crashed) in the sea off Cape St Francis, South Africa. Eternal gratitude springs to mind! OK… talking of friendship and flying… how about another Joe Cocker song… this time a duet with one of his friends.

This song alerted me to the talent of Jenifer Warnes… she sure can sing!

Don’t get too soppy now… enjoy the flying bits… and the song! Not all the kissy-kissy stuff! At least not before breakfast… it won’t do your digestion any good!

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