Friday’s Liquid Lunch?

I’m wondering… shall we have ourselves a liquid lunch today? I mean… Friday’s are good days for this kind of carry-on, won’t you say? Not that I endorse the consumption of alcohol but just in case… here’s a few options you may consider…

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Liquid – Riding The Rainbow

I must say… Ben has really done himself proud this week. I’ve been waiting for a few weeks for an excuse to use this photo. How lucky we were, to catch the action at just the right time of a sunny afternoon. The jet-ski whizzed up and down, the rider really throwing the machine about with happy abandon. As our luck would have it, at certain moments the sunlight caught the spray at just the right angle… and the fun began for us… trying to catch the moment on camera.

OH well, I’ll lie if I say I only managed one photo. So, I’ll (reluctantly) share another liquid moment. This was a rare double rainbow shot! I’m sure you’ll have to agree… I was either lucky or just blessed that Lady Serendipity threw me the perfect set of conditions to capitalise during our few minutes down at the coast!

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Wildlife Wednesday – Northern Wheatear – Part II

Last Wednesday I got a bit of a debate going when I challenged my South African friends to see if they could spot a Northern Wheatear. I shared the IUCN info that suggested Northern Wheatears don’t make it as far down as South Africa. However, I thought that they may make it down that far south and my suspicions were confirmed, first by Perdebytjie, and then by Dried de Wet, when he accepted my challenge.

Perdebytjie shared the Afrikaans name, Europese Skaapwagter… that translates to European Shepherd. OK, so… why on earth would they have been given the name of shepherd? Are they commonly found among sheep? I really don’t know but if you’d like to share your thoughts, please do so. Just by the way, do visit Perdebytjie’s blog… her Kalahari and Namib photography is stunning!

Back to my sightings – this week I’m showing you images of a male bird, taken in the same location as last week’s photos of the female bird. Could my suspicions be justified? Do we have a breeding pair right on our doorstep? We will keep a close eye and report back. The female was nowhere to be seen and if you’re wondering about the quality of the shots, the male wouldn’t allow us half as close as the female did so my poor lil ol lens was working past its maximum best. This last photo… the lil darling came straight at me… really testing the auto-focus!

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It’s Been A While…

When was the last time I posted a Grand Canal Dock photo? When last have I showed you the buildings around the dock? When last did I say that more than five years ago, I ruled the roost in that pretty building in the distance. Well, I wasn’t the CEO, or the COO, or the CCC… or anything with a corporate title. So, how could I claim to have ruled the roost? Easy, I was the only mechanical building services engineer looking after the building… so, if I say I ruled the roost then you’ll just have to believe me, won’t you?

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