Silent Sunday … Blossom Focus!


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To Focus or not to Focus!?

I said, not too long ago, that the camera’s sensor never sees what the human eye sees. We may think, when pushing the shutter release, that we’re gonna get a well focused, crisp photo, only to arrive back home and discover our crisp and the camera’s crisp are two mutually exclusive concepts. That’s why we’re so entranced with photography, is it not? We want focus… relentless focus but where do we aim? I think you’ll agree with me that the photo below illustrates my dilemma… a field of beauty and although I tried my best to focus on everything my eye could see, the sensor had other ideas!

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The Paragon of Total Focus Lost?!

WordPress, that paragon of blogging perfection may have missed the boat, just a tad. Or, on the other hand, I may well be making a total turkey out of myself for suggesting this. But, how so? Here’s my reasoning… I’m of the persuasion that two daily prompts in one day is out of the order.

However, my focus may just be a little off… after all, it is Friday so we can most likely forgive the good folk at WP for their seemingly innocent slip. Talking of prompts and challenges… how’s this for making you wonder what the lock is actually for?

Happy Friday… and, as always, don’t do what I wouldn’t!

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Focus… or not?

Is it only me but I think crappy lenses give rubbish out of focus photo resulted. However, good, crisp lenses help create great bokeh effects when the focus is dialled all out of whack! I’ve posted nighttime badly focused pics before so, for this challenge why don’t I show you just what I mean by going out of focus? OK… I know I cheated just a little but as I’ve been known to say… this is my blog so, please humour me!

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