Tuesday Tunes – New Blues Rock – Joanne Shaw Taylor

OK, here I go again. If it weren’t for Chris Prior, the Rock Professor, I most likely wouldn’t have known about this lady. She’s one of the new breed of blues rock singer-songwriter-guitarists who are enthralling the masses.

Well, those who appreciate real music, not pop shite! What makes her more special is that she’s from the UK… really keeping the blues alive for a new generation right here. (Now, I must say… I’m a bit miffed with the lady… and I’ve let her know this. She’s currently on a tour of the UK and select European stops… Ireland not being on the current list! I hope my pleas on Twitter will rectify the matter!)

I hope you’re suitably energised now… because I’m going to leave you with one of my favourites… this lady rocks, that’s for sure!

Right… there you have it! All souped-up and ready to rock! I’ll leave you with a restful beach scene… just because I can!

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Changeable – Lens-Artist Photo Challenge

If you have a look at Saturday’s photo you’ll see a pleasant sunny sky scene. Bliss, taken last Wednesday… however, by that night the weather began turning… by Thursday it was wet and cool and after a brief sunny spell that afternoon things really took a turn as Storm Callum swept across Ireland. Friday and Saturday saw yellow and orange weather warnings in our county and many parts of the Island. Changeable, to say the least! I was going to show you a few of the storm photos… until I saw my good lady doing a bit of beach graffiti. So… why don’t I bid you a happy morning?

And… just to show you how temporary things can be… the art disappeared before my eyes… now, that’s changeable! OK… Happy Monday… remember, don’t set your week’s goals too high… it just causes stress!

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Silent Sunday – Where to Now?

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Seaside Saturday…

Wednesday we had one of those days that remind of summer… almost no wind early on and then loads of sunshine. We went down to the beach quite early… and this is just one of the images I came home with!

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