Sunset Splendour… Fire in the Sky!

Winter has distinct advantages… especially when it;s not cloudy or raining. We’ve had two stunning sunset evenings in a row. A wee while ago I put together a Photo Print Ideas page… this one, and a few of its mates are going to be saved there… just in case you’d like a print. Just ask…


The good lady and I have taken quite a few pictures lately with the fence line as contrast… I keep saying to her… there’s a painting or three hiding in there… waiting for me to attempt!

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Macro Monday – Cheating?

How do we define the content we use for Irene’s Sunshine Macro Monday posts? Getting as close as possible to the target? Using camera settings or lens adjustments to effect closeness? You tell me. So, that’s my dilemma today. I own a very manky* 300mm lens, which I hardly use. I had it fitted while trying to get amongst the seagulls… to get closer to their squabbles, as illustrated by yesterday’s post.

The above mentioned lens has a macro setting, so does my camera. At some point I kicked one of the empty shells into the water… no, it’s not pollution. That got me thinking, suggesting that I try capturing the moment the shell hits the water. The lens was set to macro… and the result seem to suggest I got close to the action. However… you’ll have to let me know if the photo qualifies for the challenge… or am I cheating?

PS – I’ll place the ping-back link as soon as Irene does today’s challenge post… done!

PPS – We enter the last month of the year… where did it go?

PPPS – At one point I toyed with the name – dimples?

PPPPS – Happy Monday…

* Manky… a juicy word used here in Ireland – to signify:

broken/ useless/ not working well/ less favoured/ on its last legs…/ stuffed/ whatever… 

Happy Monday… OH, I’ve said that already…

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Silent Sunday – Gully Morsel…

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Seaside Saturday – Wait No More!

A week or so ago I placed a Waiting post… and included a YouTube video I’d made up specially for that post. On the day, I was waiting for a wave or two to top the breakwater. I only managed a wee smidgen of a break. So… we were down at the same spot the other day… and to my joy, the passing storm had left a fun sea in it’s wake… literally!

So, I’ll entice you to watch the video… by sharing a photo of the action… and yes, you have to watch to the end to see where this pic fits in the sequence…

I’ll explain some of the haziness… it was almost dark when some of the video and stills were taken… the camera and phone worked overtime!!

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Friday Family Fun – Airborne!

When big brother is part of the winning team and little sister arrives to celebrate with her hero!

Yep… little sister’s outfit testifies to the temperature on the evening… cold, very cold!

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Thursday Thought – Quid Pro Quo…

Quid Pro Quo,
quid pro quo
do I

Am I dunce…
am I slow?
Do please tell
quid pro quo

Seems to me
no longer
on show
what’s this all about?
Quid pro quo

Quid pro quo,
lies and rumour,
on the grow
all in the name
Quid pro quo

Quid pro quo,
no, don’t believe
it’s all woe
very soon,
will rise from its low

lo, oh lo
quid pro quo
will just

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Wordless Wednesday – Autumn Glow…

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Tuesday Tree – Technically Knot!

Yes… today’s tree is really only a bush, a shrub or a weed, depending on your point of view. So, how dare I cheat and plonk it on here? Easy… as I’ve been prone to say… this is my blog so I can indulge my fantasies as I please. If, by any chance, you haven’t read this blogs “Rules of Engagement” yet… I place a link here… please feel free to enlighten yourself, at no additional expense! (The link will take you to the About page… just scroll down… you’ll soon arrive at said rules… promise!) OK… so, why did I really post a pic of a shrub? Because I am hankering for butterfly weather again… and for warm sunshine… and bright skies… simple!

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