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Tuesday Trees – The Landing!

We were stopped at a roadworks traffic signal when I spotted the trees on the slope. Trees and me have a thing for one another so I naturally grabbed the camera… and then spotted the lonely crow approaching. I think … Continue reading

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Muddy Monday Moves

Somedays I can sit and watch waders and other sea birds do their thing for hours. The tide was well out so the birds were free to forage all over the mudflats. I especially like trying to get puddle reflections … Continue reading

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Friday Flights!

Yep… the weekend is upon us but boy, was the first month end at the new job hectic!! I’m finding my feet and just as I think I’m doing OK a wave comes and sweeps me off my feet… again! … Continue reading

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Friday’s Flights of Fancy Flying!

Imagine being able to do this… flying along merrily surveying the sea below… and then, just for the sake of it, doing a neck 180 to see if you could spot an early star! Happy Friday… as always, remember, don’t … Continue reading

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