Tuesday TUNES!

24 AUG 2018 – Last week I posted the first Tuesday Tunes entry. However, I have long held the opinion that music is such a powerful tool… it can bring us together. I have also long held the dream of being a late night rock DJ… something I’ve posted about before. So… I went back to my post about the Three Bob’s. That post will have much relevance to the Tuesday Tunes posts as I listed many artists in that post.

I’d like to continue along with the list of artists and bands mentioned in the Three Bob’s. However, I have also evolved my tastes somewhat… and can include many artists I didn’t mention then. So, I will alternate… one week the Three Bob’s lists… the next week an artist or band not mentioned there. Ultimately, this page will turn into my who’s-who of great music!

OK… as we’ve now established what the first set will be… yep, Free Bird will kick off the show.. I’ll leave you with the a few paragraphs from the Three Bob’s… just so you have an idea of what you can expect… at least 50% of the time, that is. Here we go…

The lessons were going nowhere… I’m one of those who when asked if I play an instrument reply with the standard ’Yes… the radio!’ I love music… I grew up just too late to be a hippy… my formative years were the seventies. We had the Floyd, who else did we need? Well, Supertramp… The Who, Clapton, the Thin White Duke… Led Zep… Nazareth, the Eagles… Deep Purple, Bad Company… Uriah Heap… Black Sabbath… and then some of the throwbacks from the sixties to boot… George Harrison… Ringo, no… I wasn’t the world’s biggest Beatles fan… love me do… or not?

Frank Zappa, Billy the Mountain… ELO, it’s a living thing… roll over Beethoven. Chicago… all the lads with the very long hair and bare chests… tight pants. Peter Frampton. Only the occasional glimpse of sexy backing singer to be seen… decoration, nothing much more. Sigh, where are they now? Thin Lizzy… 

I’ll populate the page with random photos of artists who will feature… they will all be photos taken by me… at shows we’ve been fortunate enough to attend! Why not start with a legend, who is unfortunately no longer with us… the inimitable Mr Leonard Cohen…

Right… enough talking… time to get the links listed…

The Three Bobs – the beginnings of my musical posts…

Free Bird & Co – the first set!

Wish You Were Here – The Floyd forever!

Myles Kennedy – New hero!

The story of the 3 Bob’s continued

I’m a Supertramp! Promise!!

The Who, Clapton, the Thin White Duke… YEP, THREE IN ONE!

All eclectic… The Feat & Co!

Fresh young English blues – Joanne Shaw Taylor rocks!

That man Ian… of the J-Tull!!

Three Johns… cool boogie…

06 NOV 2018 – A slightly new approach. Now we’ll do Tuesday Tunes & Trees

… beginning with Guy Clark 

As autumn is in full swing I’ll throw in a pretty tree picture… used for one of the posts, promise!

Trees? The mighty Peter Gabriel shaking one!

Now… real autumn… All the Leaves are Brown… and Beautiful Grace!

21 Questions – hard work but fun!!

Terrible Tune? Fairy-tale of New York!

Trees and tunes – more Waterboys!

Tunes and Tides – CSN’s Southern Cross!

Yellow!! — Donovan sings!