19 SEP 2019 – In this day and age when confused leftist identity politics is encroaching rapidly on our freedom… here’s something to think about:

    • Some people always find something to be ungrateful for!

I’ll expand a little – it seems to me, people who believe in the rights of the individual over those of the group will smile, grin and bear it and find something to be grateful for!

More Twitter…

Another problem I have… sometimes, the two typing fingers I own are too slow for the few brains I own… when the word torrent begins I run out of finger magic!
Well, make that quarter brains… don’t want to sound high and mighty!!😂🤪🙄

Work this one out, if you may… (in response to a twitter tweet… 140 characters… )

The more often you see the dawn and not only the sunset.. the better your life will be! To live.. you have to join the dawn chorus! LIVE!

PS – If you can work it out then please explain to me what I thought I was saying… Thanks!

Here’s another Twitter inspired 140 characters…

Adversity & strife stimulates writing! Not ideal conditions!! Sometimes, even anger is good! Boiling blood translates well into crazed words!!

Seems to me, in this PC day and age, an opinion is often turned into conflict by those who need angst to motivate their agenda! Sad, really!

On the effect of the unknown of a black holeIs there such a thing as a light-hole? I’d rather be dazzled than sucked into darkness!

Just occasionally – barking up the wrong tree bears fruit – if someone in the neighbouring tree is eavesdropping!

It is what it is… because it is what it is… as the reality is that there is no reality… because it is what it is!

It is often the moments of silence that strengthen the friendship between two people. When friendship is bound by companionship… intertwined with love, secured by mutual understanding…

Man’s ingenuity always seems to help him rape the land… faster!

Mossy beech V... remind you of anything you've seen before? ;-)

Inviting us to peel away the layers obscuring our imagination…

20 Dec 2016 – I suppose this will be one of my last moments of the year!

Don’t you feel you get value for your day if you’ve actually watched the sun rise?

Watching the winter sun rise over the Irish Sea... that's the way to relax!

16 Dec 2016 – Please believe a blow-in.. once you start chucking your engineering heritage you start losing your cultural soul!

Trees and travel - you choose!! Taken at the 12th Lock Harbour, Royal Canal

Yes, it is possible for the virtual to have a real effect on the real! It called JOY! The visible proof is the smile!!!

Happy days!!! Junior Son's smiley...

My quests fuel my dreams… my dreams fuel my quests!!

07 July 2013 onwards – I’ve threatened to do this for quite a while. I was updating the About page and spotted something in the Rules of Engagement list which reminded me that I occasionally say things which could be used later as a quote. No, I’m not claiming my words will eventually change the course of history, all I’m doing is keeping a few of the succinct one liners together. OK, enough chit-chat… let’s hope you see something to smile about. Or, why not even something to frown about? Here we go… life’s lessons in a few words…

01 Jul 2016 – On criticism…

There is nothing constructive about criticism… it’s always negative! Uplifting advice, on the other hand, is a rare thing of beauty!

06 Mar 2016 – this page has no colour. Yep, I know it’s all about words but why don’t I throw in a bit of colour… just for the fun of it?

Phoenix Park deer... they don't read the signs to stay 50 meters away!

You can’t look a gift horse in the mouth… but for how long? I mean… how often can the self-same gift horse bite you before you start looking?

Alas… there is so much hatred in South Africa, it stems from ignorance and its flames are fanned by the so-called leaders of democracy! Sad…

Gratitude and reconciliation… two phenomena that will go a long way to helping mankind out of the mess he’s dumped himself into. Dare we dream?

I love a good rant… it’s the prerogative of the mature’s wisdom!!

Aaah, the rock pools! If only we’d pause more often at the rock pools of life… we’d come away much more enriched… every time!!

We should watch out that our expectations don’t drive us to the edge… rather, let gratitude drive away the negative impact of unfulfilled expectations.

Freedom is a privilege that can only be appreciated if you’ve ever been subjected to the fear of living where basic human rights are robbed from you daily.

Don’t let your talent go unused because of the past… let your future be better because of it!!

The colours of spring refresh a tired winter soul! 

Is the concept of freedom not another mask we hide behind?

Early April 2015 – The line below popped up while we were chatting about the mess that is on the go in South Africa. It seems the eternal excuse for everything is that horrid “A” word…


It seems the perpetual wallowing in self-pity, sickness and poverty will inevitably ruin a once fine country. Why? All because the people have no vision. They simply cannot escape their situation because they don’t want to find reason to move on. They want to act the underprivileged… always in need of handouts to keep them alive

People with no vision blame their present on the happenings of the past!

Late Nov 2014 – The other day, at work, a few of the lads asked about the blog. I suggested they put “ouch” into the Big G search. Soon two lads were scrolling up and down… looking at the photos and commenting. Then, one of the lads noticed the “Wise Words” link to this page. There was a unanimous call of

“As happy as a pig in…  “

I was quickly reminded that the saying is my standard response these days when asked

“How’re you doooin?” 

They chastised me when I replied that “As happy…” hadn’t made it onto the Wise Words page. Get it on, they urged!

However, the quip offers up another conundrum. How do we even know if a pig is happy in the doo-doo’s? It matters little, the saying has stuck and I’ve been heard to use one of several conclusions to the utterance…

As happy as a pig in… shite, poo-poo… muck, doo-doo… mud, excrement or plain and simple…

as happy as a pig in shit!!!

Thanks to I&E… from now on things will never quite be the same when I walk into their bit of office space… mind you, I&E could be quite apt… Insults and Expletives? 

Mid Dec 2014 – as time passes more endings to the “As happy as a pig… ” surface. I’ll keep adding them as we go along… as happy as a pig in

… the dwang, on a spit… in fresh water, in its own filth… 


You can bring your donkey to the races but that’s no guarantee that it’s going to win!

06 Jul 2014 – Positive summer intent!!

Do enjoy your day… remember, look around the next corner for the beauty, you’ll be rewarded… and enriched!

On work and the management style so prevalent…

Microtocracy is micro management’s tool of choice, when evaluating workplace performance, for using while adjudging individual merit appraisal. It is the practice of applying the little black book of recorded indiscretion to negatively evaluate and thus to build on the successful character assassination of an individual who does not fit the exact profile of a subservient wage slave.

02 Jan 2014 – My motto for the year…

May this year be filled with accomplished goals and dreams… Have Fun, DO Better!

I’m often reminded of the thought that God has a truly great sense of humour… Mother Nature is His canvas… a few simple lines here… a few curves there… just to remind fallible man that his creations are just that… fallible!

“Blow-in” – A term of endearment used in Ireland to describe a foreigner… or a fellow Irish person who’s moved more than 10 miles away from home… or county. If you’re a blow-in from a country other than the US of A the endearment levels may increase or decrease dramatically. Mind you… I’ve been known to use xenophobia and blow-in in the same paragraph!


A man without Faith is a man without foundation.

Adversity is either the cause of your downfall or a stepping stone to growth!

Leaders lead… managers follow!

In Ireland it’s said that the job’s not done and dusted… rather done and drenched!

Skill is a virtue only achieved through patient persistence, the pursuit of truth and the never-ending endeavour for self-improvement, not by haste or the wiles of instant gratification

Rain versus sunshine… I know which will win every time, until you throw freedom into the equation!

On the other hand…

Freedom doesn’t hide from the rain nor does sunshine promote peace!

I didn’t lose the plot… the plot lost me!

We shall endeavour to endeavour… always!

Nostalgia is the symptom but the root cause is loss… loss of that indefinable moment or segment of our lives we once took for granted and now know we most likely cannot ever re-live again! 

Yesterdays… they are what we’re all about… aren’t they? 

My motto about sunshine… keep out if you can’t keep up!

Dream chasing is also a form of entertainment, is it not?? 

Everyone is entitled to an opinion… but you may only express it openly once you’ve earned the right to open your mouth in the company of others.

Not all doors are made for going through… some should be avoided… or at best only peeped through.

Please forgive my un-PC-ness… I’m having a mess…

It’s not enough to pray for peace… you have to fight for it, with the pen!!

True Faith heals! Religion, dogma and disbelief kills!!

Maybe if you go read the Bible yourself you’ll find out what is really written in God’s Book… you too scared to find out first hand? Why don’t you go off and slag a Muslim or two… you too scared of losing your head? Don’t tread on toes of those who believe… they usually don’t bother you! We all know there are crackpots out there… laugh at them… just like most Christians do… but don’t go off half-cocked at all believers!!

I’m not quite sure I know where I want to go but getting there is fun none-the-less!!

Tradition is a strong reminder and binder. It reminds us of home and binds us to what was once that home.

The distance of time’s separation brings us remnants of memories so ancient that most have been lost in the mists of illusion…

On procreation in 50 year’s time…

I’m sure they’ll still be playing some form of erotic games… after all, it’s the making that’s the fun, is it not? Fun and frolics… the results? Overpopulation! 

‘Human nature’ is man’s feeble attempt at condoning his wrong doing and sin!

Expect peace because we grant others peace? Could that be so difficult? Yes, because there’s nothing as destructive as human nature!

Being happy and striving for contentment works better if you’re firmly anchored in true belief!

Having Faith at your core stimulates happiness!

… the fears you have at night aren’t so bad when the sun is shining tomorrow…

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