Zach’s Life

Zach was born during the bright new days of 2013. If you’re slightly confused about Zach then don’t stress too much, so am I and so are many others. Blame Zach, he is an enigma… the product of his unnatural upbringing in the faraway hinterland of South Africa.

Some say the African sun scrambled and fried his brains one day… others say his only known relative, Gertruida, who resides in Rolbos these days, jinxed him when he was little, sorry, when he was young, for little he still, in statue… not in mind!

The mists of time? No... just a small morning mist... It may well be beneficial for us to revisit the account of Zach’s birth from time to time… maybe in that way the mists of confusion could part a little more each time… (do please click on any of the links to be transported to Zach’s world… )

Sun dog over Kildare, Ireland

18 Jan 2013 –  On the odd occasion Zach must fill us in one some of the more mundane occurrences in his life. After all, life isn’t always about the fast and the furious… sometimes life is just about reminiscing…

01 Feb 2013 – Zach is really getting around these days… flitting between Ireland, France… back to good old SA…

10 Mar 2013 –  Mothers Day… a special do. Zach hears Steve’s very bad news. Find out about the inspiration for the story…

18 May 2013 – May is almost two-thirds past yet Zach’s holiday seems to be getting even more protracted. I promise, this is only a temporary inconvenience. The lad is busy beavering away at gathering quite a few details to turn into more exciting tales… he’ll soon make an appearance or ten again!


4 Responses to Zach’s Life

  1. storiesvangister says:

    Sakkie sal altyd die ruimtes van Namakwaland in hom ronddra. Daars niks fout met him nie 😀


  2. Mark Simpson says:

    Very interesting site, I enjoyed reading about the Royal Canal, I grew up near Whitworth Rd and spent a lot of time messing up there and falling in a few times too ! Love your photos too. Well Done on a lovely easy site


    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks Mark. The canal sure is a lot of things to a lot of people. I love being out along it, even in winter. I do hope you’re still having a bit of fun along it’s banks… just to keep youth’s memories fresh! 😉

      On 5 March 2016 at 20:00, Ouch!! My back hurts!! wrote:



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