My Michelangelo Moment?

When I uploaded this photo there was something vaguely familiar about the scene. Yes, the lady in the shot is more than vaguely familiar… she’s my better half, so… no, I’m not referring to her. Fine, you may say… it then has to be the view. Yes, I’ve seen it before but that’s not what caught my attention.

The title should be the give away. No, I’m not claiming to be even 10% as talented as the great master… all I’m claiming is that maybe I’ve captured a moment which reminds of the paintings in the Sistine Chapel. To be more precise… the moment reminds me of the “Creation of Adam” fresco. Once again Wiki-P offers the history so all I’ll do is show you my photo.

Something interesting down there? Who know? Howth Head walk, Dublin, Ireland

You may wonder? No, I can’t remember what the good lady was pointing at. A butterfly? A boat out at sea? A seagull hovering on the breeze? A whatever!

PS – the photo was taken from Howth Head looking south toward the Wicklow coast in the distance… the Irish Sea is the bit of water you’re looking at

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3 Responses to My Michelangelo Moment?

  1. says:

    I love it and nice to see Mrs AJ : )


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