Royal Canal – Boats

21 Oct 11 –

I’ve had to split the RC Life page… looks to me only 25 links are allowed per page… so, I’ll leave RC Life dedicated to all the walks… on this page you’ll find the boats… the wildlife and other bits and pieces…

I do hope you enjoy your visit…

General Stuff, additional photo’s … starting with my encounter with The Rambler, her crew and the folk doing the new TV series.

13 Nov 11 –


WordPress have changed the formating of the galleries… now the captions don’t appear as they should and you can’t seem to click into individual pictures to view or enlarge them… drat!! I’ll have to start the labourious process of editing each and every photo! Please bear with me on this one… drat, again!  

The Rambler after crossing the Boyne Aqueduct…

The Rambler

30 Dec 11 –

My Rambler Experiences… a few links…

Nature, Walking… and Other Features


28 Jun 11 – MF & 31B host OMBH.  We then visit MF and 31B on a few further occasions… the links to these posts are also listed below the photo… resulting in quite a tale and some great galleries, even if I must say so myself… 😉

MF studies the lock situation at Ribbontail Bridge… from the sharp end of 31B

12 Sep 2011 – JT, BT and 4E host OMBH… don’t forget the cat!

4E’s new friend… how good can you have it? 😉

4 Responses to Royal Canal – Boats

  1. Excellent job! I really enjoy reading your posts. Keep up the awesome work!

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  2. Wonderful post!


  3. William Kiernan says:

    Did Jackson to kilcock and back today,soup and coffee in o’keeffes,50 mins each way ,cold ,windy and GREAT


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