Ropey Clouds

Sunday saw mixed sky conditions… rain, rain… a bit more rain and then about midday we saw snippets of blue! I thought I saw a small blue butterfly flitting around a holly bush so I took station. This meant I was looking upward and lo… the clouds parted! However, it looked to me as if a few were reluctant to let go…

Ropey clouds... attached to each other??

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Thanks… But No Thanks!!

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I’d be keeping the posts brief because I’d set a target to get a few short stories completed and submitted to publishers before the end of April. I think my personal target was three publishers. I managed to get two submissions away so I feeling chuffed with myself. There is much to still be done but one of my targets for May has already been met, allowing time for a few other activities.

The weather allowed time to spend catching up on blogging duties and homework. The “About” page has had an update. I’ve managed to catch up on visiting many fellow blogger’s sites. The results have been fun, leaving comments and likes as well as reading and seeing interesting places and posts. I’ve also gathered a few ideas for posts to do, inspiration comes from many different sources.

So, why the title? Well, to say thanks again to all the creative folk out there who provide hours of entertainment and enlightenment. It is great to see how you do things in your part of the world. The reciprocal visits have opened now friendships, some will hopefully last as long as I keep blogging.

However, and this is a BIG however, the visits to other blogs irked me sufficiently to prompt this mini-rant. As hard as I tried, there were some blogs where I just couldn’t persuade myself to press the like button. I would spend anything between five and fifteen minutes flicking from post to post before giving up, so please don’t accuse me of not trying.

You ask if there is a common theme? Yes, beauty and fashion. I specifically put beauty first. I’m a MAN! In many eyes I’m an OLD man. Don’t get me wrong, I love the female human form! So much so that I have a now-not-so-secret-desire to paint a nude… or heaven forbid, to photograph a nude! No, not a denuded plucked chicken… a real life, live sexy nude of the fairer species! There you have it, I have fantasies about strange things. Please note, I’ve not used the word obsession for fear of being branded a dirty old pervert.

OK, back the the beauty blogs. I don’t like makeup! My good lady almost never wears the stuff because there is NO NEED for her to do so. You know why I say that so bombastically? Because very early on in our relationship I told her so. She’s no miss perfect super model but I’ll tell you what, I would never have taken to her if she’d been caked with the stuff in the first place!

You know the old saying about beauty being only skin deep? Well, under the layers of stuff that saying goes out the window. How can you see the beauty if it’s covered up?

OK, I know there’s gonna be an outcry. The PC Police will hound me for being sexist and mean to the fairer sex! Sorry, just the opposite. Be natural, be yourself, a bit of lip gloss here and there won’t offend but the layers of brown muck some apply is a downright turn-off. If you want to disagree and say women in the workplace must look their best then I’ll say this to you…

I work in an industry where makeup is forbidden in the factory. Yes, microprocessors cannot work if even the tiniest speck of the stuff falls on them. The results? The women, all sorts of women… all shapes, sizes, colours and colouration, all sorts of skin tones… they’re all natural! Guess what? It enhances their looks!!

Another reason for not liking makeup? Many years ago… long before marriage, I kissed a very pretty girl on the neck. I still taste the utterly unpleasant toxin to this day! I spent the whole night throwing all sorts of drinks down my throat trying to get the stuff washed off. Neat whisky seemed to be the only antidote. Needless to say, our friendship was very brief.

OK… enough baring my soul. I cannot find any joy in looking through pages filled with images of little bottles and advice about the application of their contents. If that’s all you blog about then many folk, both men and women, may visit once and never return! Good, you may say. Then so be it!

Just before I spew my final spew on the matter. The fashion and beauty blogs that show the odd photo of a cup of coffee/ tea/ water/ lemonade/ whiskey/ whatever… or a knitting pattern, or some other angle to femininity will get more visits and even likes from the likes of me.

Quod Erat Demonstrandum!! 

To smell well, that's a good thing... is it not??

Yes, of course my good lady likes to smell well, hence finding something to take snaps of!

PS – Does this photo now qualify my blog to be classed as a beauty blog??

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Where Have All The Spring Days Gone?

In remembrance of all the long-lost spring days… here’s what it could look like if you had a few moments of it to appreciate!!

This is waht spring could look like... if the clouds go away!!

Happy Monday, especially if you’re having a Bank Holiday Monday!! May spring spring eternal where you are, even if it’s autumn or if the rain is pouring down!

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Silent Sunday – Red Beauty

Red beauty! Dampp red beauty!!


More intricate beauty!

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I must have spent at least two hours looking through galleries to find a photo for this week’s challenge. Why? Because I was enjoying the look back as well as wondering what I should post. So, because I didn’t want to stay up all night I chose this photo.

Why again, you may ask? Simple… Mother Nature offers us so many options. Just look at all the patterns to be seen in the photo. I’m afraid man cannot recreate such unique intricate delicacy. Yes, man can make machines that can manufacture minute detail, like the insides of a microprocessor, yet he cannot create life. No, sorry… man isn’t up for such a challenge!

See the patterns... look at God's creation! Man cannot ever produce such intricate beauty!

See the lines and patterns… some say only God could create such intricate beauty… I’d be one of those…

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The Eye of the Storm?

Yesterday’s belly flopping resulted in me having to get up again. So, why not take a few photos while on my knees? How about this for the eye of the orange storm?

The eye of the orange storm!

Happy Friday again… here in Ireland we’ll be having a long weekend and as it’s month end/ beginning there are fun events at work as well… changes that could affect the future, short and long-term!

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Belly Flopping!

There are time when one needs to get low to the ground… real low. So, belly flopping becomes a requirement… as when I took these photos.

Tulips in spring... belly flopping style!

I couldn’t decide which of the two I prefered so I’ll leave you to make up your mind… thanks!

Bit of belly flopping required to get these views...

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Rest a Minute?

There are times when random thoughts strikes. Like when I saw this bench perched on the grass bank. Inviting for sure. So, who could blame me for resting my legs for a minute or two?

Let's sit a minute... or two..

This bench is to be found in Blackrock, Dublin. The view overlooks Dublin Bay… out toward Howth in the distance… hence the header!

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Something miffed me at work the other day… so, I sat wondering about my disgruntlement. Then I sat wondering about the word disgruntlement. Does it even exist or have I disfigured the English language… again? A quick search in the Big G revealed that I’m OK… I’ve not caused The Bard to do another revolution in his grave.

Next, I thought of using the word as a title for a post. I didn’t have to think too far to find a photo. I can spot quite a few reasons why objects in this photo should add to the disgruntlement…

  • wires
  • unsightly spray paint on the walls
  • unsightly walls blocking the views
  • rail lines next to the beach, spoiling the views… yes, I know they have to go somewhere and yes, it allows for a nice view while commuting…

Those tracks... they sure add to the disgruntlement index, don't they??

OK… I know we have to get on with life but sometimes it’s good to have a wee rant about the issues that add to our disgruntlement indices!

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Blue Monday?

No… not really. This was taken yesterday and when I see my first bluebells of the season then all is well. Let’s hope summer arrives soon and that it’s another good one!!

First bluebells of the season!! Happy!!

Happy Monday… do enjoy your day and may the week bring all things good!

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