Don’t You Just…

Yep, don’t you just feel like flopping down for a quiet snooze in that bed of daisies? I promise, I was tempted. If only I could guarantee that no daisies would be harmed in the making of the movie I would certainly have lounged about in the lap of floral luxury. OH well, I dream… again. But then, by now you are used to me and my silly/ weird/ strange/ odd/ quaint dreams!?

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Close Shave… Missed!

Chinny-chin-chin… by the skin of your… your… tail feathers? Yep… missed magic moment? Do you occasionally, just occasionally, get the feeling you’ve arrived a second or three too late? Well, on this shot I didn’t only arrive too late… I was sporting the wrong lens. So why then would I be posting this photo? Because I like the effect.

Happy Monday… slow, easy goals for the week… relax, month end is ten days distant!

PS – Strange photo? Yep… my abstract artistic self getting the better of me. Why? Because I can!

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Silent Sunday – The Grass is …

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Out for a Walk!

Sometimes one wonders… why the umbrella? I love taking umbrella shots… I think, for man-made objects, they are sexy. Curvy… drawing one in. Seductive? OK… I know you think I’m getting a tad carried away. Wait till I tell you… I wondered about the umbrella.

I wondered about the group. Two lads… followed by two lasses. See the lads… they’re carrying backpacks. See the lasses… they’re also carrying backpacks. But, they’re carrying something else. Look closely, the lass on the right, around her right shoulder you’ll see a camera strap. The lass on the left… in her left hand she’s carrying a video camera.

I only had seconds to observe the group. I actually walked past them but wasn’t brave enough to take a full frontal shot. Well, actually, when I noticed what was going on I was too close to take a snap… 300mm lenses have disadvantages. So, I had to wait for them to move a suitable distance past before I could snap away.

But… the crux of the story? The umbrella. Yep… that lassie carrying the the protector was doing so for a reason. No, not rain… rather sun! How so, you may ask? My reckoning? She was stunningly pretty… and made up for a photo/ video shoot… so the complexion needed shelter… yep. Pity I didn’t manage a frontal snap… you could’ve judged for yourself!

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