Rather SORRY Than SAFE??

DISCLAIMER: I know CoViD is a REAL issue – manmade and real. I do not profess to know it all but I DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO QUESTION. I understand that there are folk who have been negatively impacted by this virus – so, I do not want to make light of the pain caused to folk who have suffered. I thank the Living God that we, as a family, have been spared any long term issues – thus far.

It seems to me that mankind has been forced into an irreversible situation.

Either you do, or if you don’t, you’re also at risk.

Yes – for many years it has been rumoured and reported that mRNA research has been slow and difficult because of the adverse effects associated with this technology – and this was only during animal trials. Previously, these trials never reached the human stage of testing.

Why then has big pharma been allowed to spread a potentially toxic cocktail – a cocktail that’s been forced through the system based on emergency legislation – as a “cure” for a virus that’s got a plus 95% recovery rate? Note: I use the low percentage – some will say the recovery rate is way over 99% – depending on your age and general health.

Yes – I know… the flu is also a virus and there are vaccines rolled out each year to aid in the minimisation of flu effects. However, the flu shots don’t (yet) contain gene therapies. Yes, that’s what mRNA jabs are. They are not vaccines – they are gene therapies.

Where am I going with all of this? Basically, I’m asking a few questions, questions I believe every sane person should be asking for themselves:

  • How many of us have been negatively affected by being in contact with people who have previously had a vaccine or medication injected? (Pre CoViD.)
  • How many of us have previously had injected medication that could cause irreversible damage
  • How many of us have been happy to line up in the past to take a medication for something that you may still catch after getting your jab? Tip – think contraceptive here – as an analogy.
  • How many of us have been told that you will lose your job if you don’t comply?
  • How many of us have been browbeaten, in the past, by friends and family to take a medication? Why?
  • Why are doctors quick to claim that side effects are not related to this vaccine? Suddenly, you have gained a strange new ailment – days or weeks after getting an experimental medication.
  • Are you aware that these so-called vaccinations are still in varying degrees of trial phases – those facts are found on FDA and CDC websites – search.
  • Why are so many women’s issues being reported? No… rather, just why are so many adverse issues been reported – period!

Also, why are people who ask questions on social media removed from big tech platforms for asking? (How long will it be before WP shuts down my blog?)

Worst of all though – the dissention caused between friends and family members. Infighting about the information and misinformation. One friend quotes a certain line… usually taken from a mass media outlet and when another asks for proof, then the two go head-to-head. If the narrative is to be believed then the population should have decreased by tens of millions, after all – it is a real pandemic, is it not? If we were living in year two of a real pandemic, then we would all know numerous people who are no longer with us. Again, I know the virus is real – but the numbers of deaths just don’t merit the draconian measures employed by governments world wide. Also, if the numbers are what they really are, why are we expected to take a vaccine that still won’t protect you from getting the bug?

Don’t you wonder what happened to the seasonal flu in your country? What happened to deaths from natural causes? Why did all co-mortality deaths not get accurately recorded? Was it all about pushing the narrative?? However – have you noticed a subtle change in the reporting at the moment? Now, suddenly – people are again dying of heart attacks, and flu… and pneumonia – and diabetes – and dare I say, old age. Now – when an elderly person who has had the vaccine reports to the doctor with aches and pains, they are diagnosed with some ailment they have never suffered from before. Rotator cuff syndrome and arthritis are a few that I’ve heard thrown around lately.

I can go on… I can tell you about a lady who gave her own mother a foot massage – and literally a day later she broke out with shingles. This lady is BIG into living natural and using non-toxic products – so, why the sudden outbreak? I’ll add – she’s not healed yet… more than a month after the issue began. I can tell you about the painter who got the jab. He couldn’t work for a week – he was that ill. Who pays a self-employed person’s wage when they are negatively affected by a medication that is supposed to prevent illness?

What is also worrying are the reports that insurance companies will not cover any illness or deaths related to these so-called vaccinations. Shrewd, you may say – but big business is not quick to throw away their shareholder’s cash, that is for sure. That sort of leads me to ask, who really owns the global underwriters and insurers? Yes – most likely the very same billionaires who all have a stake in vaccine patents… and big pharma.

OK… or maybe not OK – basically – what gets me is that we as a society seem to have lost the ability to think rationally. We are no longer permitted to think for ourselves – if we don’t follow the narrative we are automatically labeled as conspiracy theorists who are insensitive to the needs of others. We get accused of wanting to cause death – by spreading a virus that is barely more virulent than the flu bug. What happened to living life and dealing with the risks in a logical fashion… like we did all our lives, preceding 2020?

What has happened to common sense? What has happened to the old saying – rather be safe than sorry? Yes, if you suspected you were coming down with the flu, you stayed away from your elderly family members – yet you carried on living life – without wearing a mask or running to get a potentially dangerous jab, didn’t you?

No folk – it has become evident to me that the vast majority of mankind seems not to care about common sense any longer – people shrug their shoulders and say – OH, we’ll do just fine… don’t believe the stories – no, wear your mask, it protects others… get your jab, so granny will be protected. Yet – granny got the jab (and may now be suffering adverse effects) so what does she need to be protected from?

OH – you’ll be protected from CoViD when you’ve got the jab. Really? Then why are there numerous reports of fully vaccinated people landing in hospital with the dreaded bug? Also, if this vaccine (read gene therapy) is so effective, why do you have to have follow-ups and then later booster shots? And then you can still get the virus??

No folk – it makes no sense… but it sure does enrich the big players – while puppet government lackey “leaders” keep doing the bidding of their globalist masters – the masters who pull the purse strings – the masters who prop up failing financial systems with their blood money. The masters who get richer by the day – while we, the minions, have our freedom eroded in ever increasing increments.

The choice is yours, well… at this stage it still is… do you want to rather be safe than sorry… or do you care so little that you’ll accept the consequences of being sorry – even though you still won’t be safe?

I’ll add a few links… Tucker Carlson at Fox News (yes, that right wing propaganda machine that is still allowed on air – to question) asked just recently about the jab effects… do click here.

When you research anything about mRNA using the big tech search engines, you mostly only get positive pages displayed. However, you can adjust your search criteria – change the date range to pre-bug time – say 2019 – and find interesting results. I include one link here about one of the big tech players and their difficulty with mRNA research. Yes, I know the article is dated 2017 – that leads me to wonder – was a miraculous fix found or did research allocations land in some decisionmaker’s pockets?? What changed – to allow mRNA to suddenly become so widely accepted??

PS – I’m reminded of the 1973 movie “Soylent Green” – it is set in the year 2022… go say! (Maybe we’ll discuss this movie in the next installment on this blog… )

Yes – we are allowed to cherry-pick what we choose to believe or not – that’s mostly the way mankind can discern between truth and lies!

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Today – I Felt Like Blogging – So What?

I’ve been mulling the prospect of writing the odd blog post again. After 10 full years of daily posts, I took a break… and the absence turned into almost a month and a half. Now… I KNOW I will not return to daily posts. Let me explain, just a little…

  • On returning to this WP blog of mine, I found that the changes the lot over at the so-called WP happy place have made the act of blogging cumbersome… for instance… where’s the bullet point function?? I found the bullet points by fluke… but the indent won’t work… so, the formatting looks poor – in fact, pardon my French… or Greek or Afrikaans – the formatting looks SHITE!!!
  • See if you can justify the whole text in one go… I dare you! Gone of are the days of Ctl A and hitting justify… gone.
    • Yes, feel free to point me in the right direction, if you will. However, my point is that it used to be easy and simple to put together a blog post – and now, in the last year or so, the happy people have conspired to make the users unhappy!
    • I have also long decided that the people who run WP have turned woke… and maybe that’s their agenda… to make it difficult for us old timers to blog easily… thus, if they drive me away – they have driven away another person who does not believe in the current woke narrative.
Fresh air – crucial for mental health!

Right so… onto a few more complaints… no, I’ll refrain. However, I have really been mulling the need to blog, again. You see – the above mentioned narrative is weighing heavily upon my heart. I’m the family’s elder statesman now… father and grandfather. In days gone by – when it was accepted that the older generation pass down their wisdom – it would’ve been perfectly acceptable for me to do just that. But – alas, now I’ll be regarded as a patriarchal tyrant if I dared speak. Yes, Christian, white, male – you get my drift, don’t you?

So… many who cling to the new narrative’s lies and deceit, want me silenced! It’s as simple as that. No longer is healthy debate allowed – it is now the new normal to cancel anyone who even dares to question the supposed science of the narrative.

When I say that the so-called pandemic has caused more hate and anger than a war could, maybe you will have to agree with me. Family members falling out over the need to wear a mask – even on the beach, with a heathy breeze blowing and the sun splitting the stones. I ask you – if I’d told you two years ago that it would be normal – you would have had me confined – in a white coat that ties at the rear… now, celebs advertise toxins you are expected to take – as a “cure” for the bug going about.

Two years ago, you would have told me it is ludicrous to take experimental medication that has NOT been FDA approved because it was still in the clinical trials phase – now people are being bribed with chocolates and spliff rolls to queue for said gene therapy. And the byproducts of said therapy are becoming very evident.

Just months ago – everyone was dying of the dreaded manmade beer-bug… the flu was gone, no one died of old age and/ or heart attacks and all the other serious illnesses associated with a lax lifestyle. Even car crash victims died of the new plague. Now, the more people who get the jab, the more reports of heart attacks and other long term illnesses are being reported. How convenient that all the real death causes have been reintroduced?

I have to ask questions – I also have to point out a few things – and lead by example. My friend Socrates told me to question everything. And folk, that I do – all the time. However, I’m not suddenly wondering – for you see – those who feel that the big pharma companies are noble and beyond reproach – open your eyes – do simple searches – you’ll soon find out that for decades there have been class action cases against many pharma companies. That is where my mistrust began.

You see – there was a point when I wanted to work in pharma – I wanted to do something to help mankind. However, when an astute doctor diagnosed that I was being poisoned – by statins – he instructed me to do some research. You see… some doctors know what is going on, but if they say it outright, they stand to lose their licences – and thus their livelihoods. So… they point you at self education… and it has benefits.

Thus began my quest for truth. I soon realised that statins are toxins – that kill many people and then the deaths are written up as the results of CVD. I have written and blogged about it for years – feel free to use the word statin as a tag in the search here at OMBH – or just visit the Our Health page. So, do you think I should trust the same company that held the statin patent and enriched the shareholders, when I see they’re one of the leading lights in this new vax game?? My simple answer…


I’d like to share one more bit ot anecdotal evidence. Ireland has been in the grip of lockdown fever almost from day one – in mid March 2020. We’ve been forced to stay within a limited radius for almost the duration. The general public are fed on a daily media propaganda diet of death and doom and gloom. People have been radicalised without them even realising it. If you speak out, you are treated as a pariah. You are judged and all sorts of labels are attached to you. Thus, I am now comfortable with the conspiracy theorist tag… because at least that implies that I theorise about something.

OK, let me get to the point – we have walked the beaches, the streets, the shops – we have interacted with many folk while in the process maintaining a sound outlook and building our immune systems. So… when I tell you that about six weeks ago, I caught the common cold, would it not surprise you that it wasn’t the so called deadly beer-bug? I mean… if said beer-bug was so virulent and contagious, should it not have felled me?? Yes, folk – the common cold still exists – and I am happy to say, I’m now fully recovered. A side note: I’m supposed to fall in the danger zone group… an over sixty T2 diabetic. Makes you wonder…

For more than a year, we’ve been speaking with the same shop assistants – no, they say… none of their coworkers have become ill – no, they say… they don’t really know anyone who has contracted the plague. However, I bet that they’ll soon begin telling you about folk who have had advers effects after taking the jab. Yes, I have spoken with a few folk in the last week… who are suffering fatigue – and who have had, or are having, painful advers reactions to some degree.

I better head on… but before I do – I know many folk won’t read this post – or, if they do they won’t leave a like. Yep… woke pressure has turned normal, freedom loving folk into silent bystanders. Me? No – I need to speak – it is my God given, freedom loving right! In passing – I’ll leave you with something one of the sons said the other day – if it’s been “fact checked” “debunked” and/ or censored by mass media and the internet giants, it is most likely the truth!

Beauty – and freedom – attributes that feed the soul – not lies and hate, they destroy!

Makes me wonder… how soon WP will go the same way…

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Welcome… Please Have A Look Around

Hi All… after the climax of reaching my ten year daily posting challenge to self, I’m taking a wee social media break. Thanks for stopping by – do please feel free to look through the pages and scroll through some of the archives. Select a month of any year and go and have a look-see. You may find something to make you smile… even if it may be a bit dated!

Thanks again for your support… have fun and stay in touch… I’ll crawl back into bloggo-sphere at some point! Anyone for a gallery? Why not – it may stir your interest! PS – I’m pinning this post to the top for now, so do scroll down when you call around – otherwise you may miss something…

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Happy St Patrick’s Day!

May the leprechauns and fairies be with you…

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With Gratitude!

There we have it… today OMBH hits a massive milestone – for me, at least! Ten years daily posts! And, it is only because of you… you have supported me and made my blogging life a pleasure! I have said it many times… if I can share a smile then my day has been a success.

This blog started life as a one year challenge to myself – during difficult days – to find some routine, something to do each day – to add a bit of focus during turbulent times! Now, we live through even more turbulent times but my focus has changed. I mentioned last week that I want to take a break from social media… a total break!

However, I will be back at some point – and then, I will want to incorporate the dormant Saffer Worldwide project. Your thoughts and ideas will be most welcome, please and thanks! OK, so… all I would like to reiterate at this stage is my gratitude – I thank you all for plodding along with me on my fun ride! So… why don’t I just end off this post with another random gallery… a photo or two from each of the ten years?

Wow… that’s just a small sample of the first few years… so, maybe in the future I’ll share more galleries… if not, why not?

OK… off I go now… but remember, there is ten year’s worth of content for you to search through… at your leisure and for your pleasure – I hope you will find a smile… that will then perpetuate my mission in life!

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Monday’s Many Memories…

This photo took me back to the Algarve… a place I could really, really call home! However, this image shows a tiny world… of water sculpting sand in an ever changing way. That, is what memories are made of… the waters of time sculp our perceptions to form mental images of past happenings… the good, the better the best. All just snatches of what once was…

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Silent Sunday – Remembrance…

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Seaside Saturday – Castles in the Sky??

Happy Saturday the Thirteenth… is today any more or less lucky than a run-of-the-mill Friday thirteenth??

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