Tuesday Tree… Weeping…

Yesterday was a rather pleasant day – se we went for a walk. We passed this willow and it asked for a photo or ten to be taken. So, we obliged.

The weeping

I won’t say too much today – my latest laptop acquisition has dropped me in the dwang… the internet/ modem radio has decided it will not work and the repair shop has not got back to me yet – so, I’m using the old laptop… fortunately I haven’t tossed it yet!

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Sunshine’s Monday Macro – Yum-Yum!

I’m going a tad off course today… basically because I feel I need to share a longtime family tradition. I have, over the years, made this pasta dish. Let’s just call it a pasta dish – although, when I can get my hands on macaroni I will call it my favourite macaroni speciality. So… last weekend we cobbled together a video clip… because the children are always asking for the recipe… and then forgetting that we’ve sent it on before, they ask again.

There you have it… a real closeup of a bit of pasta… just for Irene’s weekly challengebut, I won’t go without sharing the secret… seeing as you may need some comfort food ideas to keep you occupied.

So… if you’re on a Low Card, Healthy Fat diet… keep going – unless you use no carb pasta. I comfort myself that all the other ingredients are safe!!

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Silent Sunday…

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Saturday Sizzler – Firewater!!

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Friday Family FUN!!

This photo was taken before we went into total lock-down. Social distancing was already in place – so, when this lady broke the distance rule we decided it was time for her to walk the plank! And walk she did! That was the last we saw of her… as she plunged downward… into the abyss. OH wait… this is not a pirate tale… this is a happy tale! This evening we’ll be trowing a few bits of meat on the coals… why not? After all… it is spring… and there is always something in life to celebrate!!

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Thursday Thought – Bored… or Not?

So… how is the isolation game going where you are? Still having fun? Still thinking up new games to amuse yourself… and those incarcerated with you? From my point of view… I have some fun to offer you! It is that time of the month… when I start harassing folk to send on content for this month’s magazine.

Yep… send on your stories… in so doing, you will help make another person SMILE… you will provide a lighter moment. And… the more moments we here at SAFFER Worldwide can share, the more you’ll laugh or smile in return! I can vouch for the fun – feel free to ask the folk who have contributed and shared their smiles!

OK… so, I wasn’t going to say too much today – especially after yesterday’s 1000 word essay but I feel the need to remind you all to go read last month’s magazine… click right here – and then, feel free to send on your happy pieces! Don’t forget the photos… we thrive on colour and happy! Which reminds me… I have to add today’s photo. How about a glimpse at one of our closest beaches? We have had official confirmation – the access road to this beach is now closed off! Drat… no midnight skinny dipping then… too far to walk in the dark!

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Wordless Wildflower Wednesday – 1000 Word Essay…

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Right… let me get this off my chest – I think I failed this 30 day test. No, let me rephrase that – I know I failed this test! However, last week I showed a tree photo and suggested that folk should be inspired by the photo… to do a drawing or sketch… or painting. I also promised I would do something similar. So, I’ll begin by showing the photo…

and then I’ll show you a few of my efforts… beginning with a simple pencil scratching…

Yep, very unfinished. Why? Maybe because I didn’t think much of my effort. So, I had a scratch with a pen… and then I experimented with pastel colours and a water spray…

Messy. But… the exercise spawned a different thought… being a little tighter with the colours – and only one tree… in spring?

I have a bit more work to do but here’s where I’m heading… looking out of my imaginary isolation window…

Right folk… that’s it for March 2020. Some say April Fool’s Day is cancelled due to lack of interest… but who know, maybe by the end of next month all will be fixed and we’ll be gallivanting all over the place again – waiting for the next surprise to be sprung on us!

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