This week Krista’s topic of choice is inspiration. After reading her post I was left dithering. She takes a look at the new Canadian Museum of Human Rights so, as a South African, the first person to crossed my mind was Nelson Mandela. I think you’ll have to agree, a sentence containing inspiration and Madiba just seems correct.

However, we no longer live in SA so I can’t give you any photos of monuments or buildings associated with the great man. That got me thinking… how do I represent inspiration in one simple image? After all, life and all it throws at you is inspirational, is it not?

Two days ago I showed you a smiley painting I’d done especially for Thursday’s post. The enjoyment of doing that colourful snap of life has got me going, really going! As I mentioned on Thursday, Senior Son annexed the smiley so Junior Son, not to be outdone, commissioned his own copy.

So… if I really have to look for inspiration I don’t have to look too far to find it! A smile… yep, what’s the old story? A smile can sink a thousand ships!! A smile, especially a smile inspired by my family, is worth it all! We’re not going through the easiest time at the moment yet we are substantially more fortunate that about 90% of the global population. So, come to think of it… a smile is not so difficult to conjure up, is it??

Happy days!!! Junior Son's smiley...

SMILE! It’s easy…

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Friday Feathers

We’ve seen quite a bit of action at the garden pond in the last few days. Magpies, a heron and some mallards. Fortunately I’ve managed to get a few photos of them all so here’s a little gallery.

Friday again! If your day isn’t going too well just look back at yesterday’s post!

Happy Friday… enjoy the weekend and as usual, don’t do what I wouldn’t!

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Smile… Yes, You!!

Got the winter’s blues? Feeling a tad down?? Then maybe it’s time you take a moment to smile!

Happy smiley!! Have a great day... and life!! Keep on smiling... its better!!

Surely, if I can find a moment of gratitude and a smile then so can you!! Let’s all smile!!

PS – The inspiration for the fat lines and bright colours comes from the very vivid painting of a friend! Click here to visit Orla’s FB page… there you’ll find links and contact details!

PSS – This little beaut was commissioned by me for me, specifically for this post. Senior Son saw me working on it and immediately claimed it! Another happy costumer…

PSSS – Now Senior Son wants me to paint in a spliff… says Mr Smiley looks like a stoner!! The youth of today… sometimes the make me wonder???

PSSSS – If all else fails, revert to rule one… SMILE!!

PSSSSS – If you’re wondering – 40cm x 50cm acyclic on canvas = FUN!

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Blog Hopping Fun!

A few weeks ago I did a blog hop and in so doing discovered three new blogs. So why not do another hop beginning at “In Cahoots With Muddy Boots” most recent post. Why not visit for a few relaxing moments before going off on your own hop?

My cursor settled on Becca and Alex – how does a bit of roaming wild and free sound to you? Do yourself a favour though, don’t just skip along at full tilt. Stop off here and smell the wild outdoors… these folk know how to get about in style… well, sort of!

Fortunately Becca and Alex have a large following so I had 100 likes from which to choose my next hop. One or two didn’t work out but by the fourth attempt I discovered Leanne of NIHONGOJAPANGO. Yep, that’s a mouthful but it matters not. You’ll be richly rewarded by your visit.

Lekker!! The word is as South African as biltong, Springbok and protea can be! Yes, if it’s lekker it can be anything from sweet, juicy and flavoursome to a vista of Table Mountain on a hot summer’s day. It can be and is most likely one of the most used words in SA… from natural beauty to having a great time… if it’s lekker then you’re likely to really enjoy it!! Your cherry could be described as being lekker… but there’s not much more lekker than when the SA cricket or rugby teams beat the Kiwi’s, Ozzies… or Pomms!! (By the way… if you’re a boy child, your cherry is your lovely, sweet, seductive partner… but that’s a story for another day.)

By now you must really be scratching your head but it’s easy to explain. My last hop for the day landed on gfchopstix! I chose the like because of the Gravatar logo caught my attention and when I clicked into it the word lekker was about the first thing to catch my eye!! Go… you’ll have fun reading and learning about gluten-free… and other things.

So? What on earth do I give you for a photo? Well, it’s still close up week so why not give you a common thread that may be found in all today’s featured blogs. Food. Yes, even mine. Gluten free, not intentionally but as it has no wheat products associated it must be. The makings of a great lemon, herb and honey chicken marinade!

Hot colours... all gluten free?? Chilly and garlic... the way to go!!

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A Close Up of Winter… in Summer!!

I kid you not!! Yesterday I shared a spring photo… because I wanted to cheer myself up. Why? Well, if you ask me… we’re having a summer’s worth of winter. It’s not even that warm… and it’s wet, windy, damp… dark… I need say no more!

The only thing that betrays summer is the plants. They’re all mostly trying to act normal… to make like plants must do in summer… to flower and grow. At least they’re not suffering heat stress!

Wet bells... against a very dull, grey sky!!

Here’s another close up. I may as well keep going with the weekly challenge… why not?

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Melancholic Monday?

July has almost wound itself into the history books. Within days we’ll be wondering where the first seven months of the year have gone. July has not really brought much summer to Ireland. In fact, cloudy, grey skies… rain, wind and more cloud seem to have hung about for most of the month. That’s why I went looking in May’s folder for something bright… something to remind me that we did have a bit of spring… and it’s associated promise of a summer!

A happy blaze of spring colour...

Another close up to go with this week’s challenge… a close up of spring! Happy Monday… may you have an astounding week!

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Subtle Sunday – Grasses

This week Ailsa goes really summery! After all… when do we see grasses at their splendid best? Seeing Ailsa’s photos reminded me of a few I’d taken last year in mid July. The grasses in the meadow were tall… at one point I thought I spotted movement so I stopped and got the camera ready…

Tall meadow grasses? Is it safe to go there???

Was something there? Was it my imagination? Or… could it be a grass monster? No… I think it’s human… yes, maybe even a human child!

Is that a human child in there???

But what was the human child doing? Was he lost? Was he even a he?

Yes... he seems human... a real life human child!

Yes… seems he’s a little boy. But what’s the fella doing?? Is he in trouble?

He's got something!! Yes... something pink!

Aha… he’s armed and dangerous!! Yes… he’s shooting at me!!

Hands up!! I'll get you oupa... I'll get you!!

Now that’s what summer meadows can throw at you! Pleasant fun… to be enjoyed and savoured…

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Close Up

The comment I left for this week’s WP photo challenge…

Macro’s are both therapeutic and challenging. I’ve been caught lying flat on my belly trying to get the underside of a mushroom. Yep, caught by a group of strangers… embarrassing fun… all in the attempt of getting the perfect close-up!

Yep… I’m sure you’ll have to agree with my take on macro’s. Fun to the nth degree. So… when Brie Anne chose to show a very close-up of a dragonfly I knew I’d have to find another topic because just days ago I posted a close-up of a dragonfly on FB.

Fortunately we had visitors… fortunately I had a willing participant to join in when I wanted to do a bit of a different close up! I think you’ll have to agree with me, again… Little Miss N sure inspires a close up session!

Little Miss N!! Some macro target!! FUN!!!!

Yes… it’s a macro! I’m lucky that one of the lenses has a macro mode to help with close-ups…

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Mellow Yellow!!

Friday is Friday… life is life and so we’ll carry on! Why don’t you have yourself a great day… maybe it’s pay-day where you are. Anyway… whatever you do… have a mellow weekend… as always, don’t do what I wouldn’t!

Mellow Yellow... bog style!

This is another example to be found in the bog land… a summer blooming Bog Asphodel.

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Stirrings of Progress!

I’ve been wanting to use this photo for quite a while. The last time I featured this building was as long ago as August 2012! Yes, then I took a few photos of a young French lady doing a graphic of the shell. Now… after all these years there’s a crane swinging over the concrete. Yes, the construction industry has taken an upward trend… the economy is on the up, resulting in a much more positive outlook!

Reuse... renewing the building for the new offices of the Central Bank of Ireland, along the Liffey's Quays in Dublin.

I went to have a look at the post I mentioned earlier. I enjoy this photo enough to place it again. Why not… soon the shell will be forever covered and the only proof of the dark days will be that sketch… and my photos!

Marion Chombart de Lauwe drawing Dublin...

There’s another reason why I’m showing you this building today… later this afternoon I’m taking a call to discuss a possible project management role with a company associated with the project… who knows, I could have very good news tomorrow!!

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