The beauty of a gallery… I can throw anything into it and claim I’m rising to the task! The challenge! I’m proving that I can ascend above the daily grind! Yep… I’m taking liberties… that I am! However, in each and every photo is something on the up. If something is on the up then I have captured the moment of ascend, haven’t I?

Pardon my more tongue in cheep approach to this week’s challenge… I just don’t want to go down the heavy road of human rights… not when people are being murdered by the millions on the African continent and the western world watches silently! Not when many of the western countries sponsored terrorists, the same terrorists who are now in power in many African countries… still murdering innocent victims… as the sponsors of yesteryear turn a collective blind eye! Evil and sad in equal measure… as they pat themselves on the back, congratulating themselves for helping to liberate the oppressed!

If you’re wondering what sparked this post, do please read this week’s challenge, about a visit to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights!

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SAD Theory!

The first few years after arriving in Ireland weren’t easy. Especially the winters. How so? Well bringing a family from the warm southern hemisphere country of South Africa really impacted our lifestyle, especially in winter! Did I say especially in winter? I found myself watching endless wildlife programs in winter. And southern hemisphere sport. Especially in winter! So, after a few years ,I realised there was something called SAD. An interesting theory or reality?

Reality, I think. I have learned to deal with it a little better. Find ways to divert the mind. Write, blog… look back at summer galleries and process the photos. Then, get out of the house as often as possible! Just go sit at the beach for an hour or so! The mood lifts, the sad bit of SAD goes away until the next time! OK, I’ve now almost spoken myself out of my own theory… but just to prove your spirit can lift, I’ll show you a few happy, bright, summer’s photos!


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Tuesday Tree!

This pic was taken somewhere in the foothills of the Wicklow Mountains. We took a drive to see if we could get good snow photos but as you can see, the snow didn’t really get this far east! Oh well, we shouldn’t complain… we got rain!

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Happy Monday!

Yes, today is a happy day for me. My first day at the new job! New challenges and promises of positive outcomes if I’m successful! Now, me… I don’t intend to fail! This new role came out of the blue. After almost 17 years of hard work in Ireland the break came because of past hard work. So, I’m in a celebratory mood. It’s been a very cold, wet weekend so why don’t I give you a few summer moments to brighten up your morning?

It’s going to be a hectic period up to the new year! The next two weeks I’m working three days a week at the new job and two at the old! Commuting, travel in the dark! Fun! So, if I’m a tad scares and don’t get to reply to comments and likes, please don’t be too miffed! Life is getting the way of blogging, again!

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