Aqua Relax

OK… I know I’m really milking this week’s challenge. Milking? Maybe more like watering, I’d say. However… I’m sure you’ll agree when I say sitting at the waterside must be one of the most soothing, therapeutic pastimes on the planet! Relax… yes, even having a quick look at the photo could get you in the mood for an aqua relax!

The aqua relax... simply the best way to sooth the soul!

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Relax a Little Longer!

Yes… I’m so at ease with the idea of a good ol’ relax that I’ll keep going with this week’s theme. Why not change tack and head down to the beach for a bit of fun and frolics? You’d have to agree… apart from eating a bit of sand once in a while… the beach is a place for a full-on relax!

They frolic on the Arklow beach...

PS – Ja… ek weet, daai wit Ierse bene soek meer sonskyn! Nogal ‘n skaars kommoditeit hier by ons! Maar, soos hulle sê daar ver onder in die Kaap…

So is die lewe, so is die lot… oogies vol trane, neusies vol… whatever!!

PPS – For my English speaking friends… I challenge you to a Mrs G-less translation! Have fun!

PPPS – If you’re wondering about the dirty smudge(s) – water drops on the lens… my excuse.

PPPPS – Cheer up… it’s almost midweek… soon the new weekly challenge will help me focus again!

PPPPPS – Mind you… maybe that trait has lapsed… for life!

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Too Relaxed??

I’m sure you heard of folk who are so relaxed they’re actually horizontal. Well, this photo sprang to mind. I was thinking of lazy summer’s days… relaxing on those few and far between warm summer’s days. I’m sure you’ll agree… this may just be the height of relaxing!Did they drop from the sky? Seems a tad surreal... two sleeping cyclists against the backdrop of a cricket game...

OK… I know I’ve used the photo before… but we’re fast approaching the shortest day in the northern hemisphere… meaning I need bright, warm reminders of summer!

Update 07 Dec 016 – Jut per chance, my favourite online cricket site posted this take a day after I posted my take on relaxing!

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‘Tis Monday… the day to be cheerful! Yes… believe me… Monday is happy day! Just think… in four Monday’s you’ll be on the road to recovery… after your overindulgent Christmas day! Happy days… happy, cheerful days!

OK… there are many of you who don’t quite want to know about St Stephen’s Day yet… that’s Boxing Day for those of you who are wondering. So… I’ll find something else cheerful to show you. How about a wee gallery of fun-filled cheerfulness?

Cheer up! No need to be gloomy… it is Monday… the day for new challenges! Enjoy the cheer!!!!

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