Overworked? No more Walking, I Promise!

OK, OK… seems the walks I’ve taken you on these last few days has got you a tad agitated! Seems I may have overworked the theme… and you! So… I’ve decided you won’t have to go walking today. However, if you’re feeling sorry for yourself after all the energy you’ve expended I know just how to cheer you up. I’ll show you what you could’ve looked like if you were really overworked!

Overworked beyond repair... a sorry state of affairs! Down Arklow Harbour way...

Mind you… you would’ve had to be a fishing boat to get this overworked!

OK… I’ll leave you be… but not before I remind you the weekend is almost upon us… then you can freely rest your overworked bones!! Happy Friday!!

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Come Walking – Again!

On Tuesday, I took you for a walk along the Royal Canal… but, the aficionados won’t forgive me if I don’t take you for a meander along Leinster’s other great waterway. Yep, some say the Grand Canal is a much better and prettier ribbon of water. I’m a tad biased so you can’t rely on my word but I will say I really enjoyed the walks… purpose driven… as a fund-raising endeavour for Midlands Simon… a regional homeless charity that can always do with a little extra help! (Do please click here to visit their site… you may even be blessed by sharing a few euro with their worthy cause!)

Thanks again to Ailsa for this week’s theme… I hope I haven’t worn you out yet with all this walking!

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Walking Dublin Streets…

OK, today I’m going to re-ramble the urban landscape… more precisely the Dublin streets. Now that I come to think of it… I have a Dublin Streets tag… and a street photography tag. So, once again I have an excuse to cobble together a gallery… for my fun and hopefully your enjoyment. OK, nuff said… do come walking with me, if you don’t mind!

Thanks Ailsa… your challenge this week has really given me great reason to go figuratively walking!

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Let’s Go Walking!

Right from my early days of WordPressing, I’ve had walking as both a category and a tag. Because, just because. I noticed Ailsa’s challenge for the week with glee and thus the idea for a few walking posts took a hold of me. Yeah, yeah… you guessed! I’m going to jump onto the topic because it gives me the perfect excuse to throw together a few galleries. It also gives me a fantastic opportunity to revisit a few old haunts, in the spirit, that is. One of the first features of this blog was documenting my walks along the Royal Canal so, that’s where I’ll begin… by showing you a random collection of happy snaps taken while walking along this beautiful Irish waterway.

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