The Calm… After The Storm!

Yes… calm has returned, for now, to Arklow’s South Beach. I promise, it would have been highly risky to venture during Storm Ophelia where I was standing yesterday morning to take these photos! The storm surge came over the sea defences in places. The photo that’s showing dune grasses was the highest point I stood yesterday. The sea rushed past that spot at times during the storm… submerging the car parks and roads immediately beyond. For now, we can relax a little… apparently for not too long because there’s another Atlantic storm predicted to arrive closer to the weekend. So, we wait for Brian with bated breath…

Thanks for all yesterday’s well wishes! We were inconvenienced at worst with the loss of power. I’m sure many in Durban, South Africa suffered a much worse fate last week during the floods than we in Ireland endured!

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Storm Ophelia.. She Came, She Conquered!

Yep… she hit Ireland with a vengeance! Can you imagine a red alert warning for a whole country? Well, it was totally justified! OK, I know Ireland isn’t massive but the storm was! At one stage, it covered the island of Ireland totally…

I began taking photos out of the bedroom window at 10h22 when the wind was just a breeze and the sun still shining. At that stage the storm was already raging along the southern coasts…

I kept taking photos… the wind getting stronger and it beginning to loud over… at 10h31

The first signs of rain at 13h16

The power goes at 15h22…

The storm raged on for many hours… even when the radio suggested the worst had passed Arklow we were still grimly hanging on!

So, what do you do while waiting out the storm? Me… I grated apples (before the power went)… to try a simple cider recipe! If this brew has kick I’ll call it Ophelia’s Magic Muti!

So… when we had enough of Ophelia cabin fever we snuck down town for a quick look. WOW!! Any yes, we were at a very safe distance!

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Monday Mayhem!

Today Storm Ophelia strikes… one of the worst storms to hit Ireland since recordings began. The Met Office are predicting large storm surges and very high winds so I hope we’ll be able to get some crashing wave photos! For now, I’ll leave you with wishes for a happy Monday… wherever you may be. This mild squall was snapped in June, at the height of summer. Pretty.

Update: Ailsa has got a jump on us and used storm as this week’s challenge title… so, I’ll do a belated link while we’re still in the calm before the storm phase at 09h00 this morning!

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Silent Sunday – Scale…


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