Drop Out?

Has the sky dropped into the drop or the drop dropped out of the sky? I don’t have a clue. What I do know is that I have a thing for trying to get drops in focus so when I do I don’t care if it’s a drop in or drop out!

The sky in the drop? Yes or no?

Happy Friday… have a great weekend and remember… don’t do what I wouldn’t!

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Feather Bed!

On occasion you get a few photos you really weren’t expecting. I spotted my first blue damselflies of the season and stationed myself next to the pond, waiting in vain. Then, as things go… you get side tracked by other activities. That’s when I spotted the pond skater darting toward the feather.  So… there I had a new target to concentrate on…

Pond skater rests on an impromptu feather bed!

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Silence Blossoms…

There’s a lot happening in our world at the moment and it’s difficult to put everything into perspective. I’m not really in the mood to say too much because of all the uncertainty but here’s the song that’s rapidly forming the soundtrack to current happenings. If ever I’ve enjoyed a cover of an already powerful song then this must be one of the best ever!

Yes… the words are familiar. I wrote them for the silence post of a few days ago. That evening I had serious PC problems so I did two posts to see which one would work. I was about to delete this one when I realised that would be a waste. After getting the PC sorted (rebooted) I thought it would be good to attach the original S&G song…

The blossoms... so temporary... so like life!

Cherry blossoms… so fleeting! Life… so fleeting!

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Tuesday’s Travel Tip

Grab your bags… we’re going on a holiday. The only problem… where do we go? No… that’s not the only problem. Maybe we need to consider more sturdy luggage, won’t you say?

Choices, choices and more choices... where shall we go?

PS – Yes… I know the focus is slightly off but sorry, I couldn’t resist!

PPS – I wouldn’t mind a month or two in each of those destinations… black bags and all!

PPPS – Could wedding/ honeymoon be classed as a destination or beginning of the journey?

PPPPS – Who cares… I need a holiday, that’s all I know!

PPPPPS – Yes, you’re correct… the young one was taking the trash to the bins located in the alley beside the building

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Pensive Moon!

Imagine… sitting alone. Sitting alone on a deserted beach. What thoughts would go through your head? Care to share??

Pensive moon... beach reflections at Greystones, Co Wicklow

Happy Monday… may as many good things happen for you this week that I hope are going to happen for me!

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Sunday’s Silence…

At the end of the rainbow... no, it's not a leprechaun but it is Irish! I think...

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Sometimes, life throws an old dog a bone. Two days ago I ran an errand and at the station I was supplied with this week’s challenge photo. No, I didn’t know the topic was going to be bright and fun-filled jubilant. How could I? What I do know is that these three very happy folk attracted my attention.

Their spontaneous laughter chimed brightly on the platform. Then, they shared the carriage for a portion of the journey and all the while they rode along the mood in the wagon was buoyed by their jubilation! There was absolutely nothing excessive or loud about their actions… just simple pleasure. I was tempted to ask for more photos but resisted as I didn’t want to spoil their mood.

The jubilation of clowning about!

What a pleasure to have a totally unexpected happy surprise! Thanks to these three for letting their jubilant attitude spill over and make those who were there smile!

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There’s a lot happening in our world at the moment and it’s difficult to put everything into perspective. I’m not really in the mood to say too much because of all the uncertainty but here’s the song that’s rapidly forming the soundtrack to current happenings. If ever I’ve enjoyed a cover of an already powerful song then this must be one of the best… ever!

Stunning rainbow over the Irish Sea... north of Wicklow Town, 19 May 2016. An unexpected bright point along the way!

A stunner… fleeting but beautiful… like life? (Photo taken through a dirty train window… )

Turn up the volume… close your eyes… LISTEN!!

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Every Cloud…

I wonder… does every cloud have a silver lining? Maybe… maybe not! However… on occasion clouds can do more than provide the hint of promise… they provide a bit of moisture… or, more importantly, they provide a stunning backdrop to photos!

Every cloud... no, sometimes they only provide the backdrop!!

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The Southern Cross

I’ve been known to say I miss seeing the Southern Cross. Actually, it’s more a case of what is inferred by seeing the Southern Cross. Yes, I miss the wild, open spaces of southern Africa and all that is to be seen. I must do a lot more star trail photography and what would be better than to do that under the Milky Way as seen from a camp fire somewhere in the Kalahari?

However… it’s not always possible to live our dreams so… with a little imagination and just a touch of Lady Serendipity’s magic I can see the great constellation right here in our Irish garden. Who would’ve thought it possible to see the cross so far north? I bet, soon there’ll be folk claiming to have seen the North Star down south in a Cape Town garden… quite possible I suppose. After all, dandelions are common there as well!

A rare sighting... the southern cross as seen from Co Kildare, Ireland...

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T – Junction!

There comes a time in life when one gets to a junction… which way should one go?? Left? Right… or straight through?

Where to now?? Left, right or straight through??

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Happy Monday!!

And so another week begins. And so we keep working at this thing called life! Here in Ireland spring has eventually arrived. We’ve had quite a few days of glorious sunshine and blue skies. It’s a great place when the sun drives the spring blues away. Have yourselves a great week! Make the most of your time and remember… have fun!

Happy Monday... happy spring!!

PS – I’d like to again mention that I’m not visiting your blogs as I should… please bear with me… things will become easier soon…

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No words needed!! This face paints the pictures!!

The face!! The one and only!!

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Smiley FACE!!

I love smileys. Yep… I love drawing and painting them. I love doing them of frosted windows or wherever I can do one without doing damage. A few years ago I worked at the Dublin HQ of one of the larger tech companies. As is the way in the modern office… there are whiteboards and flip charts located all over.

If the inspiration hits you then you’re supposed to jot down your idea or draw a graph. Well, inspiration works in strange ways. I turned into the phantom smiley creator. I have to confess… my smileys caused a few raised eyebrows but I believe many more smiles. At one point I even had one of the office coordinators pay me a visit to ask if I’d help her solve the mystery of the appearance of the happy faces. Me? How on earth would I have a clue?? Just how??

PS – I’ve thrown in the two plaster masks I’ve spotted in my walks along Dublin streets… al la Cheri at WP – just for the craic!

PPS – Yes… they worked out that the smileys were my fun but it took a month or two…

PPPS – Even the full moon joins the fun!

PPPPS – SMILE!! Life’s good!

PPPPPS – True!!

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The April A to Z Ouch!!

It was my first go at the April A to Z. Will it be my last? No… I’ve already put a few ideas away for next year. One of this year’s challenge posts may have a spin-off… or, indeed 26 individual episodes of spin-off. Fun in the making and even if I may say so… fun you may enjoy as much as I will enjoy doing the posts.

However… that’s for the future. This post is about sharing my A to Z experiences and what I though was good or not so good. OK… I began somewhere around 1552 on the list and by the end my number progressed to 1052. Yes, I did a whole 26 posts without missing a day and here’s a few of my thoughts…

  • I became just a tad too involved, spending far too much time researching and doing individual posts
  • Maybe I also became a tad too personal but as my blog is a diary for posterity it may not be such a bad thing. As many of the posts were recollections of past memories I placed easy links on my About page as a quick reference.
  • I met a number of new friends… a few who may well become long-term cyber pals, if they feel the urge. Toward midpoint I realised I shouldn’t try too hard to expand my friend circle much past the ten or so regulars I’d met but I couldn’t resist the temptation of meeting new folk…
  • One thing I didn’t enjoy… reading posts that turned into a daily grind. Why? Negative vibes. I tried sticking with a few but eventually didn’t bother returning. Life’s too short to become bogged down with the troubles of others when you have your own set of hassles. My humble advice? If you expect others to stick with you keep it positive… well, at least most of the time… too much heartfelt angst and pain becomes just that… too much!

Thanks to all of you who have visited my posts. My aim will always be to spread a smile or two. Thanks to the good folk who administer the challenge and especially to Damyanti who twisted my arm to do the challenge! So… before I go… I’ll leave you with a gallery made up of one photo from each day of the A to Z.

PS – I mentioned on Monday that there is a lot going on in our lives at the moment… please accept my apologies for not paying you sufficient attention at this time!

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