Feed and Fly!

I managed this sequence on Sunday after a sharp shower. I’ve mentioned before that the behaviour of crows and magpies fascinates me. The crows descended on the outfield and began their hunt for worms. There’s that old theory that stomping on the surface attracts the worms to the surface so it seems to me the drumming of rain has a similar effect. That must be why the birds arrive as soon as the rain relents.

What I’ve also noticed is that when a crow finds a morsel that they protect it at all costs. So, as soon as they pull the worm free they hop away or get airborne while gulping down their prize. No, these birds don’t share easily.

This sequence was shot in only a few seconds on rapid fire… fun!

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Welcome … Do Come In!!

Step into my parlour… said the spider to the fly…

Welcome to my parlour!!

Aha! Happy Monday again… may your week be great… I have a feeling in my water things will happen this week… positive things!!

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Sunday Stroll – aka Blog Hopping!

Have you ever stopped for a brief while at the point where you are about to hit “like”? Do you occasionally look to see if you recognise other avatars? Well, I was doing it the other day when a random thought struck. I often do web hopping when I’m researching something. Clicking from link to link to see where the path leads. In that way one occasionally finds an interesting fact or stat hidden on a page one would not have found with a direct search.

OK… back to the random thought. Why not spend an hour on a chosen day of the week and hop from blog to blog using the path of the “likes” on fellow blogger’s posts? So, here’s a way to begin.

When you open your inbox on the given morning you’ll see all the “like” notifications. Select the first or last or tenth of third or whichever one you desire. Open that mail… click on any of the suggested posts to visit… read that post and if you hit “like” then randomly select another blogger’s link… keep going for an hour… recording the blogs as you go.

Complicated? Not really, you’ll have to agree. Here’s how I started. I can’t fathom why but Inspiring Max drew my attention so I clicked on his notification mail… and boy, was I well rewarded by the sights of wild Australian scenes in the off-season.

So… after clicking “like” my eye settled on Lola’s bright flower… I clicked, followed the path to her blog and scrolled down to see the pigeon swooping down at me. I’m honest when I say I didn’t recognise any of the “likes” so I shut my eyes and clicked!

In Cahoots With Muddy Boots? Yep… it’s amazing where the path leads. Funny thing… in the post I selected muddy boots had changed to dancing shoes… in Brussels!! So, not only does one meet new blogger’s but you get to enjoy diverse experiences and new places.

OK… here’s a few things I learned while doing my first blog hop;

  • don’t go by time… do three hops as I did here. If you have more time then do more…
  • sometimes the avatars take you to profiles that don’t have active blogs… trial and error
  • it’s fun… give it a go!!
  • if you do give it a go then why not add the links like I’ve done… in that way you can build your network of friends!
  • oh… be random…

So… there you have it… something to occupy few minutes of your day, once a week. I’ll leave you with a Dublin city scape… the port area as seen from the North Quays, looking out to sea. No, I couldn’t resist getting my favourite Dublin landmark in… the Poolbeg Chimneys!

Dublin port reflections... nice!!

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the entry to our souls…

… walk into the front door of any home and soon you’ll realise just who live there!! I’ve done quite a few “doors” posts but it will always be special to do another!!

Here’s a quote I used for one “doors” post…

Not all doors are made for going through… some should be avoided… or at best only peeped through.


What a challenge! I love what the concept of a door’s post offers, so when this week’s edition came about I left the above comment. So… how’s this for finding a front and back door in a strange place? Somewhere along an Irish country road… imagine the thoughts that a sight like this conjures…

Back door?? Front door? Where should we take our doors today??

Away we go… looking for the perfect place… the perfect view… the perfect door to welcome you through!

Good to see you!!

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Happy Friday!

Here’s a week-end note with a bit of a difference! Needless to say, after reading a job spec, the note was prompted by the little fella who sits on my left shoulder…

Hi A-M,

Lady Serendipity led me to your company’s website. 

I’ve attached a CV for your records and hope that you may find a fit for my skills, knowledge and experience within your organisation. 

I’m not quite your run of the mill individual and take pride in being different and allowing my creativity to make me a more contented person. In so doing, I add better value in the workplace because I’m prepared to ask questions where others don’t.

I’m loyal, enthusiastic and practically minded. Some may think I’m a tad too enthusiastic at times but my positive, can-do attitude often brings a lighter moment or two, thus building stronger team interaction.

I’d love to hear from you as it looks to me that your company employs keen minds and resourceful characters which allows you to stay ahead in this cutting edge industry.

Kind Regards,

There you have it… a Friday note with a difference. So, as per usual, do enjoy your day and may the sun shine for you the whole weekend. Don’t let life’s currents get you down too much!!

Beware life's cross currents!!

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Butterfly Blue??

Well… I think this little modification by software escapade is forcing my hand. I’m going to give it a decent go. Then, on the other hand… I could have given this post a totally different name.

GLW Rescue Services.

After all, it was her kind-hearted rescue mission that provided the photo opportunity. Blue cup to move the Speckled Wood from kitchen to outdoor sunlight…

Butterfly rescue... blue cup to the fore...

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Mauve Sunset!

Sometimes one sits back and thinks… and comes to the conclusion that modern software has uses, if used sympathetically! I tweaked this photo in Lightroom. You’ll have to agree… the results seem to suggest that the results are well worth the effort!

Mauve sunset... in Lightroom... nice!!

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Variations on a Theme?

See the blog’s long time banner? Yep, today’s photo seems to be a variation on that theme. Why not? I mean… if the bumblebee wants his photo taken then surely I must find a decent setting, should I not?

The bee posing... again! Banner copycat?? Who know?!?

Month end… please wish me luck for today I submit a few short stories to the annual Moth writing competition…

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Sunny Summer!!

One of the camera features I enjoy using most is the panorama function.  Yesterday we were in Skerries, north of Dublin, for a short while. I’ll leave you with this shot of the harbour and bay… as they say in the classics… nice!!

Skerries panorama... happy summer!!

Do click on the photo to get a better look… and… by the way, happy Monday!! May you enjoy the week!!

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A Thumbs Up!

I was mildly surprised by the response to yesterday’s post. Muse! So, why don’t I give a very positive thumbs up to the muse… colour!!

A thumbs up to the muse!! Bring on the colour!!!


I’ll have to add… this colour blitz began in January… Jackson Pollock being the man who provided the inspiration…

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