Semi Silent Saturday!

Yep… I’ve been chasing Red Kites for months! This is the best I’ve managed… only days ago!

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Fleeting Summer Solstice Magic – Transient Memories!

Fortunately we have DSLR’s these days. Imagine clicking away with a film camera to get the best shots. I almost missed this challenge… that’s just how transient moments can be.

However, we witnessed our first Arklow summer solstice sunset the other evening and when I did dig this week’s challenge out of the bin I was again reminded of just how fleeting magic moments can be! See the jet-ski fast approaching in the photo above? Moments later he tore through the sun’s reflection… disturbing the scene. But… as we all know, water soon returns to its own state of normal… forgetting the transient passage of seconds ago…

As we drove away we noticed the sun dropping behind the tree… gone was another summer solstice… now confined to mere memories!

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This comment below, was in response to a post on LinkedIn. The young lady doing the posting is a “Millennial,” worried about generational stereotyping. The lot made me think of our roots… of where we’re from. Without seeds, there can be no roots!

Ah well, no fine, says me, tongue in cheek.

All this pigeon-holing is just preparing you for what’s still to come when you cross other significant milestones. I’m a pale-male, well over the 45-year-old barrier. Oh, did I mention I’m South African, living in an EU country. Can you imagine all the labels I’ve had attached to my extremities?

Life is life… people are people… have fun, enjoy life, you only get one shot at it!

I couldn’t choose between the two photos so I gave you both… I hope you don’t mind!

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Wildlife Wednesday

I have a friend… in South Africa. He goes by the name of Dries de Wet and his blog is where I’m often to be found when I need Africa. Needless-to-say, I miss the African bush and the wide open spaces but that hasn’t stopped me from exploring the Irish outdoors. I’ve tried, as best I could, to educate myself and to share some of my discovery moments. So, when we were driving down a hill in the Vale of Avoca and movement caught my eye, we stopped.

Red Deer? My first confirmed sighting of wild red deer! Then I noticed the clump of weeds in the middle of the field… but, I most likely wouldn’t have taken further notice of the patch of nettles if the doe hadn’t stopped to have a sniff.

She obviously instructed the hide-and-seekers to get out of their hiding spot… because a human had seemingly compromised their safety. If only they’d known I was only shooting away with a camera they may have come my way!

PS – I wonder, do red deer do twins?

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