Seaside Saturday – Bliss!

We had a stunning sunset panorama last evening – and I took phone video and photos… and promptly lost all said content!! Needless to say… I am rather miffed with myself because I wanted to use one of the pics for today’s post… and some of the video to make another metal detecting video! So… just because I want to spend a whole blissful day on Saturday down at the beach, I will share another gallery of old pics with you… I’m sure you don’t mind?

OK so… you may notice I have a reoccurring theme going here… and a reoccurring model appearing… that’s only because… should I dare taking photos of other models I may land in hospital… so, as to save on medical expenses… I shall rather just feature this model! Once again, I’m sure you don’t mind!

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Flapper Friday – Flypast at Sunset

Flypast at Sunset… golden!
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Thursday Thoughts – Moral or Immoral?

Many years ago, I wrote a piece and shared it on LinkedIn – asking questions about the morality of working for a Big-Pharma company that – in the name of improving health – creates chemicals that are harmful to mankind. Do click here – you’ll be able to go and read my take on things. So, why am I revisiting the questions I asked then? It’s simple. You see – the company I was on about then is one of the companies that is now making this so-called vaccine. I say so-called because it is actually more than a vaccine… these new drugs are actually gene therapies. Yes… that is it… stuff made to mess with the human genome…

Therefore, I will ask again, is it ethical to work for a company that is harming people? I have an issue with working for ANY chemical manufacturer… be it big pharma, big soda, big food and/ or big agri. All these manufacturers willingly produce products that harm humans – and are mostly protected by governments worldwide, who allow them to continue producing because the governments rely heavily on the taxes they fleece off of these companies.

I went looking for an image of the drug to share here and found way more than I bargained for! I’ve underlined one small detail. The shocking thing about this all – the whole myth that cholesterol causes CVD has been proven to be a manufactured myth… so that companies that produce the toxins can keep selling their products to the unsuspecting masses! (Visit the Our Health page of this blog for more information.)

OK… so, back to the current state of affairs. Should you blindly trust the manufacturers of said gene therapies? My simple answer: NO – NEVER! I’ll fall back on the simple Socrates maxim…


For me, the worst part of this whole crazy scheme to inject mankind with toxins is the fact that it doesn’t protect individuals against said plague that’s supposed to have the world in it’s grip. Yes, it is a real illness – manmade and real – yet, it is NOT a pandemic if more than 99% of the population will recover just fine, should they catch the beer-bug – as I call it!

My question to you… have you taken the time to do elementary research? Are you just going to let them shoot you up with a chemical cocktail that may have devastating effects down the line? Lastly, you may have to take your research away from the mass media and tech giants’ emporiums… so, as a start, I’ll share a video link here – it will take you to one of the alternate sites… happy viewing!

OK so… what do I give you for a photo? Green fields… big agri at it’s best… mono culture used to raise a product that could well be produced in a much better way if the natural way was followed.

PS – Ten months to Christmas!

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WOW – Word One Wednesday – Cloud

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Tuesday Tunes – Blue Moon…

Sometimes the ideas come from vary different places – like the idea for today’s song.

Yep… the sunset glow drew us into the harbour… and lo-and-behold… the idea arrived! OK… I’m sharing this version… I never liked the fellow who sang the most known version… or, shall I say that kind of music never grew on me. However, those of you who know Tommy Emmanuel’s music will know he changes the ordinary to the extraordinary with ease and style! Enjoy!

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Monday Memory Maker – The Lady and Her Mini-Me!

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Semi Silent Sunday – More Galleries…

OK… so, we’ll keep going with the galleries… until you are bored or I get fed-up. I’ll see how I can easily select photos I have used in the past for Silent Sunday posts… so, wish me luck! (I’m having laptop issues… so wish me even more luck, please! OK… here goes… another gallery!

PS – Feel free to send me ideas and/ or keywords for posts, yep… your help will be appreciated!!

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Seaside Saturday – On the Beach

As mentioned yesterday – we’re fast approaching ten years of daily posts – so, to keep up with our usual Seaside Saturday theme… why don’t I throw together another gallery? However, I’ll ask again… please feel free to send ideas – and/ or keywords to help me put together memory posts. Thanks!

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