Wordless Wednesday – Gate Views…

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Tuesday Tunes – Colours

I’m having an issue with winter blues… and it’s not even officially winter yet! I think there is an uneasy melancholy going around… for some or other strange reason we must get excited when government officials announce that we may have Christmas in the company of family members. I think I am missing something… about when did we need government approval and/ or permission to spend time with our loved ones??

So… to try and drag myself out of this mood of mine, I went off to find a happy tune to share – and it all went well, until the last verse…

Oh well… I’ll leave you with a pretty picture and the tune…

Colours – contrasts – clashing concepts… freedom… gone?

PS – Thank you Donovan for allowing me to use your words and music… I will ask forgiveness if you should object…

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Monday Memories – The Samuel Beckett Bridge

This photo is almost a year old – taken last December – in a dim and distant time where one could jump onto a bus and travel into Dublin City without restrictions. Mmmm yes, I wonder how many people got onto that bus carrying a flu virus or common cold infection that they passed on to fellow passengers?

Anyway… it was a chilly, bright day so the bridge stood out well against the blue sky. Also note how high the water level is beneath the bridge… the result of a spring high tide, if I can remember correctly.

Right so… that’s my Monday Memory for today – from a time when freedom still played a part in our travel plans.

PS – If you feel like sharing a Monday Memory – then why don’t you use the #MondayMemories tag and for the fun, place a back link to this post – as I said, for the fun!

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Silent Sunday – Autumn Promise…

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Seaside Saturday – Hazy Memories…

Yes… Saturday again. Time to reflect on the summer past? Why not? After-all, it wasn’t much of a summer but at least it was somewhat better and brighter than what is fast becoming the winter of discontent!

You got the winter blues? No? You got the summer pinks? Maybe. Whatever you have – I have some great reading material to add to your weekend pleasure… the November issue of the magazine has hit the virtual shelves… just click on the link below… and enjoy!

SAFFER Worldwide – November Issue

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Friday Flappers – Prepare for Landing!

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Thursday Thought – I Smell a RAT!

Let’s get the formalities out of the way, if I may, please? I was going to have a bit of fun with today’s post… because I saw a rat… and took a few snaps of said rat. You can see an image of Rattus Rattus below…

Mmm… lovely! Anyhow… as I know people are not fond of friend Rattus, I thought I’d give this species a bit of airtime… to spread a bit of fun propaganda on the rat’s behalf. However, I found the video clip below just yesterday and thought… let’s put some illumination on some of the REAL RATS infesting our planet… those rats who want to take our freedom for themselves… and those rats who think they need to control even our minds.

Yes, yes… call me a conspiracy theorist – I have taken to accept that label, with just a smidgen of pride. Why pride? Because, as our ancient Greek friend Socrates was known to postulate – question everything! Therefore – I feel, if I challenge you enough you may want to do your own research… and find the real conspiracies threatening our freedom!

PS – That may well not be of the Rattus Rattus species above… but, Rattus Rattus has a great ring to it, don’t you think? So, let’s just call the fella in the snap Rattus… one thing I do know for certain… I smell a rat… and the rat I smell has evil intent beyond comprehension! No… I smell many rats…

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Wordless Wednesday – More Spring Memories… Why Not?

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