History – a few Churches?

Yesterday’s post gave me the idea to go look-see in the galleries for churches. They’re typically all old… some of the ruins featured today are many hundreds of years old! The captions will reveal the names and if anyone of them grabs your fancy, do a wee Big G search to find more on the history!

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History – a Dublin Glimpse

There are places in Dublin old enough to take more than one look at. Christchurch Cathedral is one tourist attraction that never fails to impress visitors. There’s much to be found in the on the net and in the travel guides about the history of the place so all I’ll do is share a few photos…

Happy Monday… may your week be as rewarding as you wish it to be!

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History is relative. Yes… if you’re from a “new world country” then your perception of history, as based on western norms, could be slightly skewed. I often have to remind myself, especially when walking along the canals, that living in the “old world” adds a depth to our perception. I’ve spent countless hours along the Royal Canal yet, as a man-made feature it is really an ancient addition to the landscape. I’ve often mentioned that the Royal Canal reached Kilcock more that 20 years before the 1820 Settlers arrived in the South Africa’s Eastern Cape.

I’m grateful to Ailsa for this week’s challenge as I will be away from home for a few days. That means I can prepare three or four day’s worth posts, so… please don’t think I’m ignoring you. Life has just been getting in the way in the last few days…

PS – Yes… I know I’ve milked the Kilcock Harbour photos but hey, I’m sure you’ll forgive me…

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To frame time… to capture the moment for as long as you want the moment to last. That, to me is what framing a photo is all about. I’ve taken a wander through the archives to find a few frames to show… and, as per usual when I can’t make up my mind which image to use for the weekly challenge, I’ll lump you with a mega-gallery-frame!

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Friday Fact – Summer Sunshine!

Yes, it’s a fact –

When the sun shines, butterflies fly

when butterflies fly, little boys want to see

when little boys want to see… they get bold

bold little boys want to catch butterflies


then… the butterflies fly away

so, that means the sun must be shining

if the sun and the butterflies are out

then… it must be summer


when summer arrives the adults want to play

when they play the kids want to join

so, we can all watch the butterflies

and enjoy the few moments of summer


as we enjoy the few moments of summer

we must be grateful and happy

also, we need to teach the children

to enjoy without touching … to let the butterflies fly!


Look oupa... a speckled red!! Summer sunshine fun!!

And so the nostalgia set upon me… as we took photos of butterflies what the grand-kids were having fun watching. We were blessed… we counted 3 Peacocks, 2 Red Admirals, 3 Small Tortoiseshells and a Meadow Brown all on the clump of yellow flowers. We’s also spotted 2 Small Whites and a Common Blue en route to the butterfly haven. We teach the kids the names… sometimes they remember… sometimes not so well… as when you hear…

“Nanny nanny… look a peacock tortoiseshell…!”


“OUPA… look, a speckled red!”

Mind you… speckled red can’t be such a bad name for some of the red butterflies…

Happy Friday!!

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Lift Off!

Sometimes, one manages a photo just at the split second of action… like when these two bumblebees were irritating the daylights out of each other. I’ve noticed that they very often don’t take too kindly to one of their own attempting to share their flower. Well… I suppose I’d not be too happy either if someone else wants to eat the food off my plate!

Bumblebees competing for feeding rights... the joys of summer!

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Weather – Spring Memories

I keeping with our weekly theme, I’ve decided to go to a happier time of the year. This must be about the only photo I took of bluebells this year. I recall the day… because I was sitting outside, at the braai. The coals were hotting up so while I waited for the correct temperature, before slapping on the bits of meat, I kept myself busy with the camera. This is a little corner of the garden that reminds of just how special spring can be here in Ireland… when the weather permits!

Bluebells in May! Is that supposed to mean a good summer ahead? Well, judging by the past summer... the answer is NO!!!

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Here’s a comment I left a few days ago on Osyth’s blog, Half Baked in Paradise.

Gosh… I’ve just read this again! I hope my children will say such pleasing things about me when I go… for I love trees as well!
I call trees “God’s Fingerprints”… each different, each unique… each beautiful, whatever species they may be!
One day… when I grow up, I want to live in a comfortable wooden cabin in a woodland… near the sea… oh, how I dream! Oh, I would love to build the cabin, from the abundance of the surrounding woodland! With love and care, and appreciation for the trees that allowed me to create a home…
OH… how I dream!

As I write this I’m reminded of reality. We face uncertainty… we’ve been given notice by our landlords. Their son wants the house so we have to move on. Easy, some may say. No… I’m still out of work… rental properties are almost like chicken’s teeth and because of that they don’t come in the below budget range. However, my words above reminded me of a walk in a Wicklow wood… and of my words when I later showed my good lady the photos…

“Now there’s a spot where I could build us a log cabin…” 

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Grey Weather…

Yes, it’s summer… you can see that by the flowers and the green of the trees. But… I think this time the grey misty swirls add a tad of atmosphere to the scene. That’s the Wellington Testimonial in the distance. The rowers on the River Liffey are the ones who’re in training for the next Olympics… or maybe they’re just having a bit of fun… whatever the weather throws at them!

Dublin's River Liffey... a summer's day row?

Happy Monday… may all this week’s goals become reality!

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Rare Weather Moments

So… when the rain comes down… and there’s no sign of a rare glimpse of summer or the sunshine supposed to be associated with said summer, what does one do for amusement? Long for sizzling a steak to rare perfection on the braai? No… the weather isn’t warm enough for a spell outside. In any case… the rain will wet the fire and douse the coals.

But, as I found… the rain is just warm enough to allow me to open the side door and sit inside the house and take photos of the great happenings out in my tomato patch. Do bear in mind that I should be with my nose in the books but hey, capturing the rare moment when the drop begins its downward travel, is fun!

And there you have it... patience pays off... the rare moment when the drop falls!

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I think Ben has to be a mind reader because he’s got this week’s challenge just right. I mean… summer and rare in one sentence? Yes… we’ve had another season of confirmation that the earth’s warming is a myth stirred up by the scaremongers who have nothing really concrete to do with their time. However, that’s a story for another day.

For today I’ll stick to the results of the global cooling phenomenon. Yes, with no real signs of summer the insects that need the sustained warmth have become rare. Bees and butterflies are scarce. I reckon, if I compare my recordings for this year, that we are more than 60% down on sightings. So… when on a dull grey day I spot a Holly Blue I get excited!

Rare sighting this year... Holly Blue out on a grey day... yes, they need to survive somehow!

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Wet Green Tomatoes…

So… when the summer hides behind the rain clouds, should that prevent one from snapping away at the bits and bobs about? My response? No… take the camera outside and take photos… at your peril, that is! Keep it dry and you could get pretty pictures… just like I manage from time to time.

In the summer rain... wet green tomatoes!

Here we are again… happy Friday… may all your weekend fun be good, clean and fresh!

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Sunset Splendour!

OK… I’ll not tell you that it rained most of yesterday and that summer’s blue skies have gone into hiding again… I’ll just pretend all is well and show you what an Irish summer sunset can really look like…

August sunset splendour! Ireland at it's best!

PS – To my South African friends who are all suggesting that they’re catching early warning signs of Lady Spring… thanks for rubbing my nose in it!

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Wednesday’s Wonderful Word!

Summer! That’s this Wednesday’s wonderful word! Yes… we’ve had a wee glimpse of summer again. I think it’s the first few days of summer we’ve had in two months. Not a few sunny hours or a pleasant afternoon… a few days worth of blue skies and warm weather.

Summer bliss... a Red Admiral feeds contently.. amazing what the summer brings!

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Travel Tuesday – a Splash of Colour

One evening last week, I had to run and errand to a nearby town. The appointment was for eight in the evening but I eventually got to see the fellow around nine. I’ve long learned that punctuality isn’t such a strong character trait of many folk so, I just take the laptop along and use my waiting time constructively. However… the delay resulted in me being blessed with a rather pretty sunset… for the few minutes that the fading light painted the wispy clouds with a splash of colour…

The way home... the fading light paints the wispy clouds with a splash of colour!

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