Friday Flappers… Buzzing Beauty!

Bumbles have wings… so, by definition they must be flappers… so, why not feature them too?

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Thursday Thought – Colour Me Good!

Ireland is known by many names… most of them relating to green… so yes, it is a mostly green place – so, how important would colour be to you if you lived in a green haven? Yep… think of it this way, if you lived in the desert, would colour be important? I’m sure it will… so, if you lived in a green wilderness… would colour matter?

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Wednesday’s Wondering’s… of TV and Movies…

OK, I know I’m now really dragging out my response to Mrs Wayfarer’s questions. Just as a reminder… I’m not doing the challenge as such, I’m only answering the questions.

Right… here are the questions I still have to get through and as one or two will have very short answers, I’ll jot them all down. Maybe I won’t get through them all… but we’ll see.

  • What is your favourite TV show?
  • What movie can you watch over and over again and make you feel the same way every single time?
  • What is your favourite holiday destination?
  • When was the last time you laughed so hard you had tears in your eyes?
  • If you had the power to change anything in the world right now, what would it be?

Let’s begin with the TV answer – short and sweet: – I don’t really do TV. I will occasionally watch cricket. However, we cancelled our sports package so I really don’t even miss watching. As for all the cricket fans out there… the World Cup was a rather dismal affair… too many variables… too many games affected by either the pitch, the toss or the rain. That is not how a world cup should play out. No, I’m not a sore loser… I had very low hopes for South Africa… too many reasons but I may yet do a post about it all on another day.

What movie? I don’t really do movies either. Yep, I’ve been known to quip that I don’t do other people’s fantasies… I create my own! Would one class YouTube as movies? Maybe? OH yes… I watched a few Asterix and Obelix movies on the Tube, so… I suppose I do watch movies. Talking about the Tube… I have plans… so, watch this space!

Favourite holiday destination? ANYWHERE… and then back again! We live frugal lives… blame it on circumstance. So, we appreciate a drive down to a new beach like a holiday. We were away for a few days in May… and that went down like a holiday! While we were on that trip I worked out that we have now been in every County in the Republic of Ireland, in all the years we’ve lived here – I’d still like to document that too!

Here’s folk we stumbled upon in the Wicklow Mountains – this is what it looks like to take a holiday that fits your means!! Please share if you have a clue where the car is from! I’d love to know a little more…

No, alas… we didn’t stop! Stupid, I know…

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Dinsday Dinge aka Tuesday Things…

I took it upon myself to throw in a few introductions last Tuesday… sharing the links to some of my South African friends’ blogs. Well, I promised to share more links, so here we go! Or… as they say in good Afrikaans… hier gaan ons nou! Ja… lekker bly maar altyd lekker! Oukei… waar begin ons?

Let’s give Una a shout! This lady lives… and shares the laughter and heartaches accumulated along the way. From Bali to Harties and everywhere in-between – life, warts and all. I think I won’t be far from the core if I say Una’s family are the centre of her universe! But there’s pain there too… life hasn’t always been kind… or even just. However, Una’s faith has carried her this far… and I bet we’re gonna see a whole lot of bright laughter as time goes one.

Talking of family and the fun to he had… and of things South African… here’s something that reminds of the distant land…

OK… as we’re onto food now… our next stop is at Toortsie’s blog. (If you’re wondering – a toortsie is a small torch – shining bright!) Toortsie lives down in the Western Cape… a place after my own heart. I grew up in the region and know many of the places Toortsie mentions… well, knew them, back in the day. So, what’s the food connection.

Easy. You know I basically live a Low Carb, Healty Fat life. It has helped me reverse Type 2 Diabetes… and loose weight, and sort out my gastro issues… and have more energy… and love life better and have more fun… and, and AND! So what, you ask? Well, Toortsie has published books about the subject… and appeared on SA TV. Toortsie lives the same lifestyle but in SA it’s known as Banting. (There’s a story for another day…) So, if you need to know more a Banting and the great recipes… have a look at her blog. Yes, the books are available in English too!

Mmmm… that top photo has me hungry… so, I’ll hasten my longing for another braai and post another pic…

OK… who do we visit now? Yep… I know… we’ll take a spin to the one and only Rondomtaliedraai! Mirth, humour and just the occasional sad note… usually about an age related illness. Life is really for living – and sharing humour. Yep, I often come away in a much happier mood after visiting this great blog! The format is simple… humour, humour and a bit more for good measure! Thank you for always making me feel better… and for occasionally making me come away scratching my head.

Right… I hope you’re enjoying visiting the blogs… these folk share so much… it is well worth visiting their pages. I’ll mention more friends next Tuesday… just for the fun!

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Blue Monday… No… Blues Monday!

Summer called around properly this weekend… so, why should I complain about a blue Monday?

Rather… why don’t we celebrate with a blues Monday?

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Silent Sunday – Trotting Along…

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Seaside Saturday – Valentia Island – Boats and All!

A few months ago we went off to Valentia Island for a few days. Bliss, I tell you… especially because the Irish spring weather cooperated. The photo shows a National Geographic cruiser moored in a water space referred to as Valentia Harbour – jammed between the island and the mainland, to the north.

As you can see… we were way up along the one and only road… the electric lines running down to the distant out of shot lighthouse… so, here’s a fuzzy shot I managed… between the trees and shrubs…

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Friday’s Fruitful Farming Fun…

Yesterday’s post… view and all, lead me to have a look-see at some of the neighbours you’re likely to see from time to time… if you chose to live up there in the hills…

I’m afraid your choices are not that great… sheep or cattle? You’ll have to make up your mind yourself… me, I’m not biased.

We had to stop for the cattle… so, I assume you could say we were caught up in a traffic jam…

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