Hey Humans… I Wanna PLAY!!

We watched this fella dig his own stick from the sand… while his humans kept heading for the car park. He trotted past us… his look becoming more anxious as he headed after his humans. He really wasn’t ready to go home. I wonder if his humans allowed him to take his stick home?

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It IS Easy Being Green – Again!

Thank you all for your kind comments. I’m afraid I shouldn’t be cheeky and stay on the green wagon much longer but then you know I can’t resist a gallery. So, I’m gonna do another one. However… just to offset all the green I’ll throw in a few other colours as well… if you’ll forgive me?! By the way… happy Friday!! Don’t forget to have fun this weekend!!

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It IS Easy Being GREEN!!

This is Ireland! Green galleries are only a pleasure… a BIG pleasure… so, without much further ado, I’ll give you a green Irish gallery!!

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Wordless Wednesday – The Fly Past

The fly past... twins!


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