Thursday Thought – A Mute Tongue…

I have come to the conclusion that blogging is long not as sexy as it used to be. Seems the much quicker operating platforms out there are taking over. OK, so… it seems all the effort people put into their blogs is becoming a time robbing inconvenience for others. Me, I am so busy with other things that I neglect you, my readers. SORRY!

Many of you know a few things about me…

  • I set myself a ten year daily post target… so, I have to keep going for at least another ten months…
  • I do occasionally speak my mind – and then, the daily visits drop off dramatically. So, it makes me wonder if a mute tongue is expected?
  • Thirdly – the SAFFER Worldwide platform is growing – and the monthly magazine is hitting the spot with many. That makes me wonder… if I continue there, will I still be reaching my ten year target? I’ll answer that myself – no… that platform serves a different purpose! However, I would love to hear your thoughts… and would also love to see you over at that platform!

So… for now, I’ll mute my tongue… I won’t say anything controversial about the impact on our freedom… but rather, I’ll raise a glass to your good health!

PS – If you do Facebook, Twitter, WeMe or LinkedIn… you’ll finds links over at the website to select – and then keep up to date with our action. But, why don’t I share a little more by video?

PPS – If you’ve not seen the May issue of the magazine… do so, I promise, you’ll find something cool to enjoy!

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Wordless Wildflower Wednesday – Wild Garlic

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Tuesday Tree – Pink Hawthorn – Me Thinks?

This tree is in bloom on the banks of Arklow’s Avoca River. We were lucky to catch it in full bloom, on a sunny May afternoon… which leads to another name… it may well also be known a Mayblossom… apt, don’t you think?

I’m of the opinion that this fine specimen is a crossed hybrid… beautiful but maybe sterile… I didn’t see much pollinator activity around the tree.

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Sunshine’s Mono-Macro Monday…

I was calling around at Photo Robert’s Blog – he really enjoys setting contrasting scenes. He also takes part in Irene’s macro challenges so, when I spotted his rendition of a dandelion seed-head I promptly went out and took a few snaps of my own… to try something similar – specifically for the Sunshine Macro challenge!

Please let me know what you think of my B&W rendition… is it tweaked too much or have I hit the spot? Thanks!

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Almost Silent Sunday – Sorry FOUR…

Almost silent – look back at the preceding Sundays to see the life and demise of these four tulips… and share in the fun I had recording the event!

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Seaside Saturday Six-Word Story – Passing Moment

Passing moment – wave over the wall!

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The Anatomy of a Wave…

Cool title, me thought – so, I’ll leave you with the image that inspired the title – and hope you spend a few minutes staring into the wave… much like I did too!

So, just before I go… we’re having our Friday evening party again this evening – feel free to join us around 17h45GMT – share the fun, lighten the load!

PS – I’m out on a hunch here – but, my German friend may call around again today – welcome, do let us know who you are, please!

PPS – 10h17 today – Aaaah… seems my German friend called around just before this post went live… so, I was too slow… again!

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Thursday Thought – Impact?

I’m going to keep this short – I promise. However, I think – as this infernal lock-down issue is dragging on, people are beginning to suffer different symptoms. MENTAL HEALTH issues! In the medium to long term, the effects on the population could be much worse that the effects of the virus. Already there are increased reports about domestic/ child/ spousal/ drug and/ or alcohol abuse.

Deep-ended? Maybe. I can continue – but do I really have to do so? Rather, I’d like to offer something positive.

May 2020 SAFFER Worldwide Magazine… 

Here’s a link to this month’s issue of the SAFFER Worldwide magazine – maybe you’ll spot something that may inspire a mini project of your own – thus relieving a bit of the stress you may be under. So, why don’t you take a few pictures and write a few lines – and submit a few of your thoughts for the June issue?

Stay positive, stay safe – be happy!

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