Silent Sunday – From the Archives – Sunrise Splendour

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Seaside Saturday

I don’t know what it is about this photo… is it the boat? Is it the low-hanging ominous clouds… yet the sun is still shining? Maybe it’s just my warped perception but I enjoy this image a whole lot. This lad was heading out to go and do an afternoon’s fishing but he has since moored up here in the harbour… I think all the storms drifting by has prevented him from setting sail for his home port…

Heading southwards… but you were soon back! This boat has a great name… Southover Gemini!

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Friday Feathers…

Last Friday, I blithely proclaimed that if there are still butterflies about then summer is still here with us. A few of my southern hemisphere friends didn’t take too kindly to my suggestion that summer was lingering here a tad longer… denying them of their spring for a wee while longer. Well, that was last Friday. Since the beginning of this week lil ol Ireland has been bashed and battered by a succession of storms. Yes, I get the distinct impression the full might of southern hemisphere wishes turned against me… and willed an early winter on us.

Anyway… what has that all to do with feathers? Quite a lot really. The good lady and I braved the gale the other day… and stood watching the waves braking on the rocks at the breakwater. We also had fun watching the seagulls manoeuvring just above the torrents… picking scraps of food from the very frothy surface. But, before I get to showing you a few feathered friends… if you didn’t believe me about the gale… see here what the sand thought of your doubts…

That blurry stuff you see on the ground… or above the sand, that’s the loose sand blasting along. Yes, my legs were in the way. Fortunately I was wearing a tracksuit… but my bare arms got a few stings… promise! OK… let’s move speedily on, here are a few of the feathered friends taking on the sea’s might…

Right… that’s my story… and I’m sticking with it! Happy Friday… and as always, don’t do what I wouldn’t!

PS – If you’re wondering… the blue sky didn’t last much longer. In fact… while taking these photos I had my back to the fast approaching rain! We made it back to the car just as the first lashing hit… that was Tuesday… I don’t think we’ve seen much blue since then!

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My Weekly Challenge – P is for Party… or Pretty… or Pedestrian…

So… “P”… what do we do with P? I really couldn’t make up my mind so here’s a mishmash of ideas… thrown together because I can’t make up my mind! I do like capturing pedestrians on the walk… in the name of street photography. I also like a party… especially if there’s a bit of Pinotage flowing. Yep, I enjoy a wee drop of South Africa’s finest… only occasionally! Then… I’m sure you won’t begrudge me enjoying the pretty in life? So… I’ll throw together a totally random gallery… using the above search terms in my media folders!

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