Stick or Twist – Solitary Saturday?

You get days when you want to spend time in your own company. Days to rest… to regroup, to consider the options. Maybe one should look back while looking forward… there always seems to be a ray of sunlight to illuminate the dark moments!

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There are days when Ma Nature throws her greatness at us in spectacular ways, especially when the day has been grey and damp. Then… as the sun sets, she unfurled her splendour… just for our enjoyment!

Have a great Friday… remember, this weekend, don’t do what I wouldn’t!

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OoooH… Shiny!!

Butterflies… yes, they make me go OOOOH! I love them… I love chasing them and recording their activities, as best I can! But then, you know that! So, this week’s challenge isn’t really a challenge for me. It’s an excuse to show more butterfly photos! However, most folk show off their photos of pristine specimens. I have taken to snapping away at tattered and well used butterflies… often adding the caption…

Life’s been good!

So… let’s see if I can dig out a few for you…

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Oooooh, Shiny!!!!

Hands up… who wants to see butterflies?? I mean, Andrea couldn’t have asked a more difficult question of me for this week’s challenge, could she? Butterflies? Me do butterflies? NEVER!

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