Day 1 – 5 Day B&W Challenge: Time Travel

The good folk over at de Wets Wild have bestowed the honour of making me the first target of their challenge. Target may not be the most appropriate choice of word but it seems just right in this instance. Really, I’m thrilled that they have chosen me above all others as their first choice.

Black and white is so good… if you have the correct eye for the job. I’m reminded of my experiments a few years ago with a real film camera. What I remember most about those experiments is the results of a misty morning black and white outing.

Into the mists of the future we go... my gratitude pic for the week...

Into the mists of the future we go… my gratitude pic for the week…

Let me show you a few of the pics I posted then… I’m sure you’ll agree with me that black and white can add its own moodiness to the landscape without us even trying too hard.

Lone tree in the mist... next to the canal... one of my forever favourite places.

Lone tree in the mist… next to the canal… one of my forever favourite places.

I think I need to dig that old camera out of the press again… maybe do a star trail or long exposure. Or, why not do more black and white?

Enfield Harbour in the mist... my B&W rendition...

Enfield Harbour in the mist… my B&W rendition…

I’ve retained the original captions…


There are only two rules for this challenge:

1. On 5 consecutive days, create a post using either a past or recent photo in B&W.
2. Each day invite another blog friend to join in the fun.

Who do I select to go first? At times like this, I almost automatically default to two ladies who have been supporting OMBH from the beginning. However, as my UK friend does not post daily, I don’t want to irk her so it has to be the lady over the pond in the icy wonderland north of the Great Lakes. Sheila has been a constant inspiration for almost four years so I sincerely hope she’ll take up the challenge. Even if she doesn’t, I urge you to visit her site, you’ll come away with a large dollop of inspiration, that’s for sure!

Misty Royal Canal... dream land...

Misty Royal Canal… dream land…

PS: It would be very rude of me to mention my UK friend and then not introduce her… as I said earlier, Sallyann has been a supporter of OMBH from the beginning. I do hope the good lady takes up the challenge but as I’ve also said, I don’t want to wind her up…

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Silent Sunday – Summer Dreaming…

Dreaming of summers gone by... and those to come!!

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Wait… wait a bit longer. Then wait some more? Yes, long winter’s nights and gloomy grey days get in the way but eventually the wait is over. The first sign of spring is the reward for another long wait… bring it on!

The reward is here... the wait is over!

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Friday Fun!

Yes… it’s Friday again! Nothing like that anticipation… soon the weekend will begin and all sorts of frivolity can take over our strained lives. Really? I’m constantly reminding myself that a life of only living for Friday to arrive can’t be that good… none-the-less, the allure of two days off has it’s merits, don’t you think?

So? What’s the photo for the day? well. I couldn’t really decide so while I was attempting to choose one of these pics I went a step further and tweaked a few… to do a light show gallery. Friday fun…

As always, have fun but remember… don’t do what I wouldn’t!

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Red and Blue

I enjoy the contrast of the colours as well as the reflective effect. The mirrored building on the right is to be found sitting off Earlsfort Terrace in Dublin. The red brick building is a hotel that always reminds me of  Jeffrey Archer’s “Kane and Able”. Could it be that the hotel name somehow reminds me of the hotel chain in the novel?

Reflections... red and blue! On Earlsford Terrace in Dublin...

I’m not too sure you may not think me a little off-balance when I say the hotel’s name is Conrad… and the fictional chain was named Baron. Is there a tenuous link there somewhere that my subconscious had jumped on?

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Dreadlock Holiday!

These lads were spied in St Stephens Green. The seated lad seemed to be rolling the smokes while the other two practiced their juggling. I kept the fountain’s water between us… for effect. The breeze was quite strong so the balls went their own way… often not where the lads wanted them to go. The fountain’s spray came my way on the odd occasion. Serves me right, some may say.

Fly balls... and spray. Juggling in the breeze is never that easy. St Stephens Green, Dublin.

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Spring Is On The Way… Maybe!

This is one of the fastest posts I’ve done to date. Why? The wind is roaring… our power supply is intermittent so while we have some this is going to the server!! I hope it gets out on time…

pink and blue... signs of spring? Let's hope!!

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Moody Monday?

This weekend gone by was one of those… a mini-milestone came and went. SA got dealt a thrashing by India at the Cricket World Cup and it rained most of Sunday but fortunately the weather remained good enough on Saturday to allow a braai! I tries a new chicken marinade recipe and thankfully if worked well. For those of you familiar with Nando’s Chicken you’ll have an idea of the taste. I’ve done a full post over on the food blog so feel free to go have a look.

Anyway… I’m off today so I’ll take a stroll into town to visit the camera shop. Maybe there’s something of interest for a relatively good price that I can get. I have my eye on a 50mm f1.8 to use indoors. Well, anywhere really but apparently the 50mm is good in low light so there is merit in using it indoors. On that note… I’ll leave you with a pic from the last time I was in the city… I somehow think you can’t get more Irish than this!!

How Irish can you get?? Ginger harp player busking in Dublin!

Really, I shouldn’t be too moody! Have a happy week… may the sun shine for you!!

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Silent Sunday – Perfection!

Perfection on display! A rose bought for Valentines Day a week later... much prettier!! ;-)

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Ailsa is so right… the past week surely has had a marked effect on moods. As the good lady points out… it seems as if suddenly the daylight hours are stretching… as if the new season flow of light is generating an energy all of its own! Fantastic! We’ve reached the turning point here in the north… we’ve left the dark, dank winter behind because when you go to work in the light and get home with a good glow still in the sky then life must be better!

Sandymout sun! The energy of promise?

How about a bit of sunshine to entice a few diehards onto a stretch of sandy beach? How about seeing the sun playing tricks behind the clouds? Or, should that be the clouds adding effect to the rays? Whatever? Then, while looking around we can see the results of man’s endeavour to create energy. Power stations tall and short… turning fossil fuel into electricity… for light and warmth.. and fun!

Man made energy! Power station to lamp post!

Have a great weekend.. whatever you do, be thankful for the energy you have to do these things you want to do!

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