Shine ON!!

Shine ON!! Dublin Bay October sunrise! Beauty!!

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Friday’s Flower

So… Friday has arrived and we’re still moving house… at our leisurely pace. Let’s just say we hope all should be completed before the weekend winds down to it’s quite Sunday night. However… before we get there I need to do a few posts. Today I give you an image of a field poppy. Many folk would’ve walked right by but I spotted the lone poppy among all the beautiful roses and other bedding blooms at the Irish War Memorial gardens. Yep, I didn’t see another poppy so this little stray was special!

The lone star poppy! At the Irish War Memorial...

Happy Friday… may all your plans for this past week have been completed… successfully!

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Thursday’s Thought

On Monday, while driving the first load of household goods to the new place, I noticed this bit of rainbow appear. The bright sunshine almost overpowered the happy colour bow. Fortunately the rainbow was on the passenger side so I got Junior Son to use my camera. He’s a bit of a natural… must take after his mammy! Anyway… you’re wondering what today’s thought may be. Easy… the timely showing of the rainbow put me in a good place… a sign that the move would go well!

The rainbow... the sign... all going well!!

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Wednesday Wildlife

In keeping with the daily themes, I’ll show you a photo I have posted before… why not? I mean… it is an enjoyable pic!

The move is progressing relatively well! Thanks to all of you for your good wishes and support! Today, hopefully… will be the last bulk move. Hopefully, by the time the sun sets this evening we will be more that 85% done and drenched!! Right, now for the acknowledgement I promised yesterday.

A bit of robin aerobatics??

The good folk over at Murtagh‘s Meadow gave me the idea of the themed days… especially Wednesday Wildlife. So… why don’t I give you another robin photo? Just for good measure!

Gimme my food, won't you?? A robing giving me the full show!

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