My Weekly Challenge – G for Gate

I’m reminded of all the gates I’ve snapped since I owned my first digital camera. Many walks… many entrances seen and many photos later I now have the opportunity to put together a gallery showing you a few of the variety I’ve taken. I’ll add… those big things made of wood and metal that are used to restrict and control the flow of canal water are also called gates… so, that’s why you’re seeing a few of them too!


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Play With Colour…

A few days ago, one of Olga’s posts caught my eye. Olga likes manipulating colour… so, on seeing her post, I decided to have a go with a bit of my amateur attempts of tone and hue manipulation! So… look-see… here we go!

Happy Hump Day… may your dreams for this day be fruitful!

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Those Trees!

The summer has really allowed us great photo opportunities… like venturing past this outcrop and seeing the beach beyond. I will let you in on a secret… one can easily get to the beach from the other side but the scenery looks so much better from this side… as proven by this photo! Sunshine, sunny skies… beaches and in this case, the trees… what more does one need for the perfect photo? My main number one GLW model… of course… and maybe a small splash for effect… of course!

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Monday Memories…

Yesterday, we had a few misty drizzles. I don’t think it was sustained enough to be called rain but I really hope the parched plants absorbed every drop they could! These top photos were taken between 27 May and 09 June this year.

They were taken of the small patch of earth we call the front lawn… the spot of earth that I really don’t ever want to mow before at least October… and the spot I’m going to exhibit as a managed wildflower patch, thanks to Karina of Murtagh’s Meadow’s suggestion. Anyway… back to the post. Ireland is green for a very good reason… RAIN! So, when it doesn’t happen, this is what the front lawn now looks like! Yes… I enhanced the pics a tad… to emphasise the bit of green left to see!

Happy Monday… let’ hope this week’s dreams are as realistic as our need for rain!

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