Macro Monday Sunshine – Happy Memories

In keeping with Irene’s last challenge – I thought it good to share a butterfly this week. So… after doing a bit of a trawl through the 2015 archives, I chose this photo. Small Copper butterflies are not seen that frequently here in Ireland (well, by me at least) so why not show you this little fella and his friend?

OK… so, is that fine specimen a boy or girl? I don’t know… just using the “his” term loosely… I’m sure you’ll forgive me if I’ve got it wrong!

As always, I’ll place a back link to Irene’s latest challenge a tad later, when the new post is released…

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Silent Sunday – Light Me UP, BOW!

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Seaside Saturday Six-Word Story…

Junior Bokkies Winter Rugby Training Camp!

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Flapper Friday – Feed Meeeeeee…

I’ve been working my way through old folders – clean-out time. I’ve come across some great memories… so, in the next while I’ll be sharing some old fun! Here’s one such memory… brings back a late summer feeling, me thinks!

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Thursday Thought… Interlude and More!

Blog hopping pays dividends, I promise. I found this clip over at Andipad’s blog and couldn’t resist sharing it! I don’t know what’s more catching… the playing or the uniforms… or even the smiles? So, as the main objective of this blog is to raise a smile or seven… here goes…

I sure smiled… because you really can’t watch that clip without smiling! It’s just so good on a few levels… piano stool level too! OK… now, I have to compete with that… and find a photo to match? Maybe a bit of Ma Nature’s sunset serenade? Yep… that will be good!

OK, so… what would Thursday’s Thought be without a bit of controversy? I mean… is Ma Nature not allowed to do her own speaking? May I add… stuff carbon tax… it’s another government control measure!

OK… that’s almost it! Have you had a read of this month’s SAFFER Worldwide Magazine yet? No? Bad – you’d better get over there right away. Thanks!

PS – If you’re wondering about the cartoons… no, I don’t go looking for them, my GLW is on that bookface thing, when she finds good ones she forwards them… and on the odd occasion they add to my food for thought – so, I feel obliged to share!

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Wordless Wet Wednesday – Making Waves!

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Three Ships…

No… not the whisky kind! OK, that’s only for my South African friends… where a blended whisky of that name is found. If I remember correctly… it was supposed to be SA’s first locally produced/ bottled/ brewed/ blended/ whatever-ed whisky. So… here’s a photo taken the other evening – three yellows in a row… three twin hulls… making for six boats welded into three ships!

OK – talking of things South African – Issue One of the SAFFER WW Magazine launched yesterday! Wow, those who have left positive comments here and on other platforms, THANKS!!

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Monday Macro – Bubbles!

So… there I was, on the beach – feeling very guilty that I’d used a close-up for last week’s challenge… and not a macro. So, for my art, I stooped low, on a very damp beach, just to capture this image for today’s challenge. Now, I know Irene forgave me… and I know many others tolerated my entry for the sake of not hurting my feelings – but, today’s pic perfectly fits the bill for the Sunshine Monday Macro, don’t you think?

PS – You may ask, why was it so remarkable that I had to stoop low on the beach – it’s winter, and that meant wet knees and elbows… just for my art! OH, winter means cold… around 4 degree C cold, not taking wind chill into consideration – not easy on my old frame cold!

PPS – You may also be wondering what has happened with the yet to be launched SAFFER Worldwide magazine? It is due out later today so I’ll place the link tomorrow. If you can’t wait that long, then please visit the website after 12h00 GMT – I’m sure you’ll find it up by then!!

Well, ignore the paragraph above… the link arrived just before I set off for slumber-land – so… you can now access ISSUE ONE of the SAFFER Worldwide Magazine! 

Thanks to all my blogging friends who have helped make this issue!! Yes, you’ll recognise their names!!

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