Tuesday Tree – Drenched!

Last week, I shared a few photos taken on our ride back home – leaving Dublin after dark, on a very wet evening… during rush hour traffic! That means, me the passenger, had loads of photo opportunities. So, here’s one of the pics… just to illustrate that it was indeed raining…

Fun in the sun?? You bet!!

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Alien Eyes – Sunshine’s Macro Monday

My good lady pointed out that aliens have inhabited the children’s kitchen windowsill… promise! I scoffed, until she showed me a photo. So, the other evening I called in to have a look-see… and to take some snaps, just to prove her right… and to share a few images for Irene’s Sunshine Macro Monday challenge.

That is as close as I dared get to our alien friends. I was afraid they may turn me into a blobbery mess with laser rays radiated from those eyes… and then they would lap up my remains with their sticky orange polka-dotted tongues… yuck! OK… so you say I’m off my trolley… aliens don’t exist. Yes… but I almost had you fooled there, didn’t I? So… just to prove I’m not totally insane… I zoomed out a tad… to reveal the truth. Yes, just orchids… or as one of the kids loving refers to them… orchard. Orchards of alien eyes!

Happy Monday… do enjoy the week… don’t let the stress get to you too much this week… don’t let end of year targets prevent you from having a bit of fun!

PS – I’ll place the ping-back link as soon as Irene does today’s challenge post… done!

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Silent Seaside Sunday Stroll… Serene Seduction

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Saturday Song – Lonely Looking Sky!

I can’t help but share this image…

… and the song! Enjoy…

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Flippant Friday – Small Things – 🏆🏆🏆

I’m sure you’re well familier with the very old saying…

small things amuse small minds…

Yes… I know, we teased each other as kids with that one. Only thing… I was scarred for life… and now I want revenge! So… just before I get to the revenge bit, here’s another take on the small things angle. As mentioned yesterday… homeward on a wet evening, I put my camera to use. I took this snap as we were passing beneath a footbridge… and later noticed the corona effect… which I like. (Corona effect… maybe halo effect??)

I’m not sure if a mono version will work better… but once again, I leave the choice up to you….

And now for my revenge… I’m gonna share another internet beauty. Pardon the slant, pardon the semi-vulgar word… but boy-oh-boy, I enjoy this image! For those of you who don’t know the back story, this did the rounds after South Africa beat (rather read thrashed) England in the Rugby World Cup!! Yes, we were supposed to be the losers… the one-dimensional, unimaginative team playing well out of our league.

PS – Note… the Queen was speaking Afrikaans… that’s why the spelling looks a tad off… just as well!

PPS – OK, I know… I’ve used we/ our… as in we won the WC. Yep, I’ll always be a South African, where ever I may find myself in this world of ours.

PPPS – I wrote a piece about the lessons learned from this world cup winning team… you can click here to read. Please do, and let me know what you think about the commentary… thanks!

PPPPS – Did you really think I wasn’t going to say something about being triple world champs?

PPPPPS – Happy Friday… as always, don’t do what I wouldn’t!


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Thursday Thought – Traffic Management Plan

What happens when you get stuck in home-time peak traffic on a wet, cold, dark and miserable evening? Well, you can either let your road rage get the better of you or you can look for a different route home… which will lead to worse roads, a longer travel time and guaranteed road rage. Or, you can sit back and relax… listen to great music and take happy snaps.

Yep, I’m lucky… I’m not the driver… I’m the passenger so I get to strap the camera around my neck and play… while softly trying to sooth my good lady driver’s nerves! Yep… the good lady occasionally gets het-up and irritated at the traffic… but generally she just takes the situation in her stride and drives on… getting us safely home. Thank you good lady! You may wonder why I don’t do the driving but that’s a long story… for another day! (Think of my blog’s name…) Therefore… because I had fun with the camera I’ll throw in a colourful abstract… just to prove I have an abstract side to me!

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Wordless Wednesday – Abstract A or B… Your Choice!

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Tuesday Tree – Reminders of Summer

Once upon a time, there was a tree… that now reminds me of warm sunshine. Well the photo does!

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