A Pair in the Hand!

Yes… a pair in the hand is better than one in the bush! I couldn’t resist taking this pic… please excuse the long nail… some people just don’t learn!

Two in the hand...

Happy Monday! Do enjoy your week and let’s hope all your plans for the week work!

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Pairs… yes, twos… one and one! That’s the past Ailsa wants to go down this week. Pairs! I gave it a bit f thought and realise the good lady had omitted Dublin’s most famous pair! Yep… the Poolbeg Chimneys. How could she dare to forget about them? Oh well… seeing as she slipped up I now have an excuse to show you the two darlings… from a few different angles. Why not? You know I love a gallery!

Mind you… I showed you a few pairs just days ago…

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Cherry on TOP!

Just days ago I featured my good lady nicking cherries off our one and only tree so when this challenge arrived I had to go searching for something else. I scratched around in a few galleries until I came across this photo! I reckon you have to agree with me… sometimes it’s what’s below the decorations on the cake that’s really the cherry on the top!

Yep... sometimes it's what's below the cherry on top that matters!! ;-)

Maybe you agree… the bubbly in the background should’ve been open… maybe that would’ve been the cherry on top!

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Friday Fact – Gold Rush!

Fine… I’ve got your juices flowing, haven’t I? The mere mention of a gold rush will get many a heartbeat notching up a beat or twenty. So… if I share a few details about a gold rush in Ireland’s Co Wicklow you may be one of those getting a tad excited. However… as is always the case… there may be a bit of dirt in the drinking water. In this case the rush was over many moons ago! But, and here’s the big Friday fact big but… that doesn’t prevent me from sharing a photo with you… taken through the dirty train window…

The remains of the buildings which once formed part of the Avoca gold rush... Co Wicklow, Ireland

PS – For my Afrikaans friends… drol in die drinkwater… it sounds so much better than dirt in the drinking water!

PPS – Happy Friday! As always, don’t do what I wouldn’t!

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There’s a Thief – in the Garden!

Weeks ago I showed you the promise of our annual cherry harvest. Well, a week or so ago I actually caught the cherry thief red-handed… cherry-red handed! Yes… I was on watch duty. I needed to see where the little cherry bombs were going. I promise… I wasn’t disappointed with the results of my stake out! Her good lady self at the fruit! No one better to enjoy the rewards!

The GLW... nicking the cherries!! Just reward? Yes!!

The hazy effect? Caused by snapping away through the window and abundant summer foliage outside that window!

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Summer Fun!

Yes… indeed! Here in Ireland… when the sun shines people do strange things. Like rolling in the meadow to get a buttercup from below. Not any kind of people… people who are well passed the suggested midpoint in life. Note… I say suggested… for who am I to think that fifty odd should be the midpoint? I mean… that will get me past 110, if all goes well!

A Summer study in B Major... buttercup against the blue!!

A summer study in B Major… buttercup against the blue!!

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Pond Details

Yesterday, we had a glorious summer’s day. Well, for most of the day. So, instead of me doing what I was supposed to be doing I went slinking around outside with the camera in hand, hunting details. Why not, I hear you ask… yes, why not… I hear me reply!

Dragonfly details...

The pond is always an attraction so… when a flittering butterfly lured me in that direction I followed. The butterfly kept going but I didn’t, instead… I concentrated on the butterfly’s distant cousins… just for the fun of it. However, I couldn’t make up my mind which photo to post so I gave you two…

Damselfly details... it's in the reflection as well!

PS – I’m not sure which details I enjoy most… the reflection or the actual??

PPS – Flittering… yes, I know I’ve twisted the English language, again… but I think you’ll agree… the word suits butterflies!

PPPS – let’s hope we have a bit more summer today… I like chasing flittering butterflies…

PPPPS – and flittering dragonflies…

PPPPPS – and flittering damselflies… especially when they fly united!

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Details in the Hands!

Sorry… I can’t resist doing the double, combining the two weekly challenges. This photo fits the bill rather well. You may have noticed yesterday that I enjoy getting snaps of my good lady snapping away with her phone. I usually try getting a crisp image of the details she’s trying to capture. Today’s pic is no different… once again, I’m trying to capture the details of the image she’s holding in her hands!

The GLW holding the details in her hands... again!

There we have it again! Happy Monday… may your week be as full of fun as I wish mine is gonna be!!

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This week Ailsa has handed us a fun challenge. Yep… we have to hand it to the good lady! So… that got me thinking… I have a few good photos at hand to show you. Another gallery? Why not? Mostly… these photos are of my good lady’s hands. Yes, I love catching her taking photos. Or… holding birds. Mind you… I enjoy taking photos of anyone doing anything…

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I’m gonna have a field day with this week’s challenge. No… make that a field week! I mean… who wouldn’t want to get as close as possible when they take photos. OK… photos of harmless or inanimate objects! Imagine getting up close and personal with a pride of lions… all just to capture the details for a photo or ten. I’d rather not think of the consequences. So… I’ll give you something less gory to savour. Count the drops… the winner may get a framed copy of the pic! Yep… there’s detail in the devil… or is there?

There's a few details to appreciate in this photo...

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Friday Fun Fact!

If you look down at the water, while standing next to your better half… and you have a camera to point down, then feel free to take a happy snap. That, friends… is my fact for the day. Well, a combination of ideas I’ve rolled into one sentence which I now claim is a fact.

However… the main fun fact for the day must surely be that it’s Friday again and that you should have a great day… and weekend! Remember… don’t do what I wouldn’t!

Self portrait of a pair! Looking down!

I’ve named the pic self-portrait of a pair… I’ll leave you to decide … a pair of what?? 

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Beauty – Reason to Look Up!

I can’t seem to shake this week’s challenge. Yes, I was on my knees when I took this photo. I had to look up to get the effect. Yesterday, we called around to the Irish War Memorial because I had a hunch that the gardens would be in resplendent state because Saturday past, there had been a wreath laying ceremony commemorating the 100 anniversary of the Battle of the Somme.

We got there just as a rain squall drifted south so we actually had a few moments where the sun poked its head out behind the clouds. I kept trying to take photos facing in a northerly direction because of the clear blue sky in yonder direction. I think you’ll have to agree with me… it paid me to get down on my knees and look north!

Down on my knees... looking up... special!

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Still Looking Up!

I’m really enjoying this week’s challenge. Yesterday’s fella lying on his belly looking up was liked by quite a few folk, even a few who called around here for the first time. Thanks again to you all. So… what happened when the fella rejoined his group for the photo shoot? This is what happened… the camera, propped up on the wallet. No, I didn’t Photoshop the green… here in Ireland that’s what you get when you mow the lawn often. GREEN!

The camera and wallet... left in the green world. Well, not left for long... I promise!

PS – I can think of a place or seven where that camera and wallet would’ve gone walk-about before the fella got his group photo!

PPS – the little black job so reminds me of the LBJ I owned when OMBH was born… the first year’s worth of photos were taken with that little beaut! Memories…

PPPS – Mind you… you have to mow the lawn often… it’s a symptom of the liquid Irish sunshine…

PPPPS – mowing and sore back fits in the same sentence… fortunately it’s not my lawn!

PPPPPS – OK I’ll go now… enjoy your day!

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Looking Up…

Continuing the weekly theme and staying at Trinity College. I spotted this fellow… flat to the ground, well… turf, trying to set up the camera to do a group photo. He had to contort his neck quite a bit in the process, so… to make things a tad easier… he propped the camera atop his thick wallet. His angle still wasn’t the best… he still had to look up but at least he managed to get the camera set up in delay mode. He made it back to the group in time!

When you're laying flat on the grass you have to look upif you want to get the shot!

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The Sphere…

We went off to Trinity College on Saturday to watch one of the sons and his team play cricket. The college is Ireland’s finest and the cricket club has been in existence since somewhere in the mid 1800’s. Fortunately we had pleasant summer weather so the afternoon was most enjoyable.

I’ve walked around on the campus before and shown you the sphere on the odd occasion but never with a game of cricket on the go. I’ve never really been one to understand photo composition and the technicalities of snapping away but somehow this photo says to me that all the lines and angles add value to the scene…

The Sphere at Trinity College Dublin... with cricket in the background!

Happy Monday! Have fun… and do enjoy your week… as much as you wish to do!

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