Subtle Sunday

I’m really enjoying these Subtle Sunday posts. Firstly… they make me think a bit. Yep, me, the loud one having to be subtle. Then, as I originally got the idea going due to one of Ailsa’s challenges I attempt to use her weekly themes in some way or another when I do my Subtle Sunday efforts.

This week Ailsa’s theme is tangle. I couldn’t do much better than show you a photo taken on Friday. It just so happened to have been International Biodiversity Day so I was out in the afternoon looking for a few new sightings. This was my first sighting of a poppy for this spring. The green tangle is the lush result of spring’s new growth but the red and yellow add the subtle flavour we need to confirm that spring has arrived!

Subtle spring tangle... delightful!

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I mentioned earlier in the week that I somehow missed putting pics in the drop box. Well, some serious searching and retrieval has resulted in me un-breaking the situation. So… why don’t I show you a photo that was in the lost folder and fits well with the theme? Broken… yep, slowly but surely everything in life seems to either get broken or turn to decay…


Weekend… do enjoy! May your dreams stay intact!!

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Pond Dragons!

The last two years we’ve had newts in the pond. I have tried, on the odd occasion, to get photos as they come up for a breath of air. They always seem to leave a bubble but getting them at the instant of breaking the surface is not as easy as it sounds.

They also leave lovely concentric rings so here we have the little pond dragon, his circles and signs of the bubble… about as good as it gets for the little fellows!

Pond dragon coming up for a gulp...

A smooth newt… the only Irish amphibian with a tail… fun to watch something that’s not seen too frequently on these shores.

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Red – Park Red!

Don’t you just love it when you’re out walking and the photos pop willy-nilly into your view? You point the camera here… you point the camera there and press the shutter release. Soon you have a card full of exposures.

Then, you go home and upload the photos to the laptop. You know you’re running out of space so you and transfer the pics to your drop box. All good. Yep, until you think of a particular photo and plan your next post. You begin  the post with the title… Red – Park Red!

When you go looking for the photo you realise your transfer to the box didn’t work and you’ve cleared if off the camera card and laptop. However, you like your title so much that you hunt for something vaguely red… hence the photo of a clock tower!

The Clock Tower in Rathmines, Dublin, Ireland

Oh well, you can’t win them all!!

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Irish Weather – Strange, but True!

On Monday afternoon I was off to Phoenix Park again… Senior Son and team were playing another cricket match in the lovely surrounding of the park. However, the May weather demons were out in full force. It was actually a significant achievement that the game was completed.

Between freezing rain squalls and the icy breeze the bright sunlight illuminated the sky… throwing bright colours through the moisture! Bits of rainbows formed on at least four occasions but for this pic I was fortunate to get a full, low bow as the lads were bringing off the pitch cover…

Rainbow in Phoenix Park, Dublin, Ireland... May madness??

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More Please Miss!

I want more… and I want it right now!! This young ram wouldn’t take no for an answer… he was first in the queue each time the young lady produced another carrot!

Gimme more! I want your carrot! Phoenix Park deer on the scrounge...

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Kiss Me Deer… No, You Kiss Me Dear!

I was privileged to be in Phoenix Park yesterday at the right time. This young lady was having a few moments with the deer. They’d come prepared… carrying a bag of carrots to entice the animals closer. I’ll post more pics later but for now I’ll leave you with this endearing moment!

Kiss me deer... no, you kiss me dear!

Monday… again, do enjoy your week!

PS – I’m wondering… should that be an endeering moment?? OK grammar police… I’m only messing!!

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Subtle Sunday

Last week Ailsa’s post got me thinking of doing a few Subtle Sunday posts of my own… so, when Cocoa up North commented that she liked the idea I committed to going with the flow. Finding something subtle is not that easy in my loud world and as this week Ailsa’s theme is “Hats” it took a bit of manipulation to get it right. Here’s this week’s interpretation… the little fly posting with his oversized hat!

Subtle blues... fly in oversized hat!!

Go subtle, go gentle… enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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I’ll tell you what… it wasn’t easy to find a photo for this week’s challenge. I’m not sure if the folk at WordPress want to make these challenges as difficult as possible or if maybe Krista has a wicked sense of humour but what would you do if you’re faced with enveloped as a challenge? I chose to go stick my nose in where it surely doesn’t belong… proverbially, that is!

Imagine if you could be so flexible that you could bury your head under your arm… or… oh well, I just got myself enveloped in the concept of the bizarre so you’ll understand if you treat this post with the disdain it solicits…

stick yer head where it belongs?? Enveloped in your own downfall?? Maybe...

Some days… I feel as if those around me are doing what this goose is doing… no, not hiding it’s head… grooming itself! You get my drift… I hope!

Greylag Goose enveloped in its own gyrations… or feathers… whichever suits you best!

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Happy Floral Friday Fun!!

We’ve not seen much of the sun for most of May. In fact, a week or so again some spots in Ireland were already approaching their May rainfall averages. What do we do then to cheer ourselves up? Show April blue sky photos? Yep… especially if they smack of spring!

Happy April spring memories?? yep... the sun shone... the clouds stayed away!! ;-)

Enjoy your day… and may the sun shine all weekend, wherever you are!

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