Only Black and White from Now ON!!

The latest trick of WordPress to rid us of our hard-earned pennies has gone a step too far! From now on I’ll be going B&W. On top of that, I’ll only be uploading small photos in the lowest resolution possible. Why, you may ask? Look back a few days to a WP post… you’ll be enlightened!

As the old story goes, read the T’s & C’s!! The fine print! You’ll may well be paying for every pixel… for every bit you upload! So, to counteract I’ll only be doing small, low res B&W!!  I truly hope you join my passive resistance on this one… let’s not get bullied into falling for this!

Missy in B&W... tempted?

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The last few days have been wet, windy, miserable. The rain has found a way through into my bones. So much for spring. I went walk-about for a short while on Sunday and the only bit of colour to cheer you up (away from planted gardens) was the gorse. So… to try and drive away the winter blues that seems to be making a strong comeback, I’ll leave you with a photo of the gorse in full bloom… mind the thorns and barbs…

Prickly situation the spring colour! Bright gorse against a grey sky!

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Get Out!

Yesterday I watched this swan patrolling his beat. When I first noticed him he was flying after one of the Greylag Geese. Then he took to chasing the geese out of the water. Bit by bit he cleared his patch… mmmm… puddle. Makes me think of Monday… back to the office, bosses chasing workers around. Have fun, don’t let them get at you!

Get out!! This is my puddle...

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This week Krista really gets the thought processes going. Do visit her post to see how she’s captured a fleeting image created by sunlight colouring her wall via a few coloured bottles. The image of the short-lived effect took me back to an October day last year when I went out in the mist to hunt photos. The sun’s rays break through the mist… the trees add their colour and yet you know that within seconds the whole mood will change as soon as the sun burns off the mist…

That moment! That split second when you realise you've just captured something that is so fleeting that it will never be seen again!!

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Ailsa has been reminiscing about the great wild wide open spaces of the outdoors. Sometimes the outdoors can be quite restrictive, like when the lad is trying to cross the stream… along a fallen branch, using the other timber as support. He made it across without getting his feet wet but more important to me is there we all were, in the outdoors, enjoying a bit of fresh air instead of being stuck in front of some or other electronic device…

GSK doing the outdoors! Crossing his Rubicon! ;-)

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This week has shot by again… now, after all the doom and gloom of the cricket and well as being ill, why don’t I leave you with a happy blue spring view. The two buzzards were engaged in their spring mating ritual. Pity I didn’t get a video to show you.

Spring watch... over Kilcock

Well, enjoy your Friday and weekend, as always, don’t do what I wouldn’t!

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Your Guess!

A few week’s ago we drove trough the grounds of one of the internationally renowned golf estates here in North Kildare. We were chasing snow pictures as it had just begun coming down heavily. I’ve shown you a few before but as there were so many good sights to be seen I’ll show you a few more in the coming days.

The estate is currently displaying a number of outdoor art pieces… one or two are rather striking but a few others are just… displays? I don’t know but here’s one that really stimulates the thinking processes. The name board was rather revealing… I challenge you to guess what the name of this striking creation was!!

TAP?? Maybe...??

Once again my cropping software played a trick on me but you know what? This version adds a little drama and mystique…

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South Africa Undone – by a South African!!!

I’m in mourning. Yesterday’s wish and prophecy that SA would nail the semi-final has come to nothing! South Africa were undone by… you guessed, a South African who is now playing for New Zealand! He is their hero now… he kept his cool and in the end we will just have to shake our heads and acknowledge that 12 South Africans just didn’t balance the books!

To say I’m disappointed would potentially be the understatement of the decade but let’s hope that the hope that springs eternal can rectify that disappointment before the decade is up. On drat… another four long years to wait for the next world cup…

Bowled him!! Out!! Like SA... out of the 2015 World Cup!! Oh well, you win some!

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Today is one of those days! I hope that when you read this South Africa nailed their place in the final of the Cricket World Cup!! However, when the post goes live they will still be nailing their opponents firmly to the losers bench!!

No offence anyone but it’s just that I’ve been waiting about half my lifetime for SA to reach the finals… so, today they are getting that step further… that’s my wish and prophecy!!

Nailed!! SA nailed their opponents to the losing bench on this day... to reach the final of the CWC!!!

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Marvelous Monday!


Whooppee! Another Monday! Another week’s begun

Back to work we go… for another full scoop of fun

Much better for us than laying about in the sun


Nothing better for us than at work’s pleasure to be

Imagine the mischief if we’d been allowed to run free

Instead, in the office we’re merrily blessed to be


So, whatever you’re doing at the grindstone today

Be grateful you’re alive on this marvelous Monday

Your rewards will sponsor next weekend’s play!


As I’m in such a cheerful mood today I’ll leave you with this pic… taken in vivid! Just for the fun… do enjoy your week!

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