Friday’s Fun Foto…

I could walk around New York’s streets for hours per day… and just observe. Now, I will include using the camera in the observation process! I think I’ll do a series for the next few Fridays… posting some of the quirkier pics I managed to snap while we walked the streets! How about beginning with a fashion shoot?

I’m wondering… will messing with the tone make the snap more appealing? Please let me know what you think…

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Thursday Thought – WordPress Joining Climate Propaganda Ranks?

Well, I dread this… I dread that I have to take on WordPress – because they have now joined the mass media climate propaganda ranks! I’m sure you all received the mail sent on by Jack Lenox titled Join us in a Digital Climate Strike (dd 12 SEP 2019). This sort of thing reminds me of encouraging children to skip school… also to promote the causes of fake science. Instead, rather encourage the teachers to pursue debate and truth… and not brainwash them!

Those who know me know I don’t believe in the hype… and I will continue to speak out as best I can – here’s the comment I placed for that post!

Stop spreading propaganda!

WordPress has been a fantastic blogging platform… don’t get dragged into this bull!
If you can answer these questions truthfully I may consider joining in… but, as I said… truthfully!

‘One… you say we must fight climate change – how do you suggest we fight something that’s been happening since the dawn of time?
— Two… you’re on about the rapid increase in the earth’s temperature – please tell us what you suggest the optimum temperature for the should be?
— Three… people, plants and CO2 are inextricably linked – how do you suppose vilifying an essential element for life on earth will help humankind?’

I’ll support you if you get a campaign going against pollution… but not if you spew the trash mass media want us to fall for! Fight pollution… of body, mind and soul!

I really don’t need to say more… apart from asking you to research and find facts… don’t believe the mass media skewed agendas… ask questions, educate yourself!

PS – I didn’t really want to add a link to the WordPress post… but freedom of expression is just that… giving access to the other man’s information too. However, if you like to see a bit more of my take on things… feel free to visit my Our World page… fun!

NOTE: When I last looked… the WordPress moderator(s) hadn’t bothered to approve my comment. I fear… silencing genuine comments is not freedom’s way of encouraging free speech!

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Wednesday’s Wildflower Woes

Yesterday I mowed the lawn. Well, I put the daisy destroyer to bad use. The daisy destroyer? That’s how I’ve christened the lawnmower. I don’t like lawns… I usually refer to them as green deserts. I don’t like gardening in straight lines… and I don’t like robbing wildlife of their food sources. Needless to say… lawn-mowing and me aren’t great mates.

The sun is not getting up too much anymore… so, there are shady, damp patches where the dew stays around much longer than it did a month or so ago. That made me think of mowing a wet lawn as a teen… but that is a story for another day. A lesson learned… more that forty-five years ago, popped out of the memory banks. But as I said… that’s a story for another day!

So… I left one lonely dandelion standing high and mighty… just to wind up the good lady. I eventually mowed all around the bloom. While winding my way all around the wildflower I had a thought. Imagine if, while I’m going about my daisy destroying business, a hungry insect should arrive and accept my generous offering? Imagine… a butterfly arriving… to slurp up nectar. Imagine. So… imagine my joy when a small tortoiseshell arrived on the scene as I was still doing the daisy destroying!

I rushed indoors to grab the camera… changed lenses and took a pic from the son’s room! Cool… slightly blurred but proof! Note the lawnmower’s wheel mark… straight lines. Anyway, by the time I made it back downstairs to try for more pics the butterfly had moved on. Pity. OK… so, the moral of the story? Leave something for the bees and butterflies… please do!

How about this for a sorry sight? My lonely dandelion… let’s hope a few bees and butterflies call by to cheer the bloom up! So… I went outside an hour or so later to see if there may be a visitor… only to find the encroaching shade putting an end to the day’s feeding time. I mean, would you want to eat in the cold and dark?

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Tuesday Travel Tip – When in… dot, dot, dot… Do As…

When in New York… eat what the tourists eat! Yes, I know the carb-police will get me for this one… but I did eat a few of them. One of our stops for a feed was the Oyster Bar at Manhattan’s Pier A… say no more!

However, it was the prawns I was really after. Mind you, the folk there call them shrimps…

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Macro Monday – Marvellous Moment!

OK… you all know that we’ve not long returned from the US of A. However, how many of you can say you ticked something off your life’s wish-list on a quick trip to a new horizon? I really don’t like the bucket list carry-on… but there are things that I would love to do or see before it’s time for me to move on. One such desire was to see a butterfly. Note, I say was… because we did see that butterfly! Not only did we see that butterfly but we also saw a few others too.

But… back to that butterfly. You may ask what that butterfly may be. Simple… the monarch of monarchs… or the king of kings of American butterflies. I mentioned in an earlier post that the US of A wasn’t really on my radar… then, I suppose saying the monarch butterfly being on the radar would be a paradox. Indeed… but it shows, sometimes little moments are long anticipated… and when they happen, the thrill can never be taken away!

So… to think, last Monday we spotted this lad in Brooklyn, New York… and now it’s just a memory. Yes, a memory to share on Irene’s Sunshine Macro Monday

NOTE: Again, just a reminder – I’ll place the ping-back link as soon as Irene does today’s challenge post… done!

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Silent Sunday – Floral Celebration!

Bubbly and beauty!!

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Seaside Saturday Six Word Story

Speed… sail and Lady Liberty – magnificent!

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Life Diary, Day 30: Friday Family Fact – Super Sexy!!

Tell you what… that lil visit to the Big Apple was special. I will do more posts as time goes by but for now… I have received international copyright approval to use today’s photo! So… how can I not enjoy the photo? My special lady posing… against the vista of that iconic backdrop!

That brings to an end the month of diary posts. It didn’t quite work out how I envisaged it at the start… but I wanted to put a more personal touch on the posts.

I also wanted to capture the visit to New York… it was a dream of sorts. I say that because the US of A was never really on my radar… because there has always something in life to take care of. Now however… I know it’s attainable… so, who knows… we may visit more often!

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