Spring in the Air?

Storm Doris moved by last week. So have a few other spats and squalls. Who cares… I mean… spring is just around the corner, is it not? Sorry to my friends down south… I’ll try and break this as gently as I can… when the daffs begin to spread their cheer here it’s again our turn to have the bewitching thoughts of spring and summer! Mind you… you’re not that badly off down there, our best summer’s days are usually on par with your average winter’s days…

2017 Spring daff... a very welcome sight!!

Happy Monday… yep, here in the north this is the week of the arrival of the “official” spring! Have fun and enjoy it!

PS – I’m fast reaching the conclusion that daffodils don’t want to be photographed close up. All that yellow is a bit too in your face for the camera!

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Silent Sunday – Friendship


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Life is Odd… or is It? A Swim and the Chelsea Hotel

Of a Friday afternoon, I may drive down to the beach on the way home. The good lady will meet me there and we’d walk or just sit and look… and listen. I listen to the Beeb… long wave mostly, because I cross four FM time zones on my drive. So, Radio 4 stays put and with minimal scratching I get quality radio.

I don’t always listen to the radio… I also listen to CD’s and podcasts… an eclectic mix, you may say. Indeed… that’s the way I like it! So, to progress this tale… I was parked at “The Cove” listening to Last Word. The weekly celebration of the lives of notable folk who have moved on. The life and doings of Stanley Bard… long time master of the Chelsea Hotel, was spotlighted. (I’ll include the Wiki P link.)

Do please click here to listen

The amount of creativity that circulated in that hotel will most likely never cross the threshold of many doors again. But then… there I sat, in little old Arklow, listening to inspiring ideas… resulting in this post. Maybe creativity is a pleasure the Good Lord shared with us… to keep us sane!

Mirror, mirror on the car... who's that silly fella swimming out there???

Mirror, mirror on the car… who’s that silly fella swimming out there??

This is one of the photos I took while the ideas were tossed about in the slightly out of control tumble-dryer churner that’s classed as my brain. You have a glimpse of sparks of ideas… my mind’s creativity… resting on thoughts collected over time… honed by imagination and inspired by the creation of others!


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A Good Match

A good match? Summer and sunshine! Summer and butterflies… summer and bliss! I’m really in a mood for a bit of summer cheer… so, as is my default setting… you’re getting a gallery! Therefore… it is my deduction that me and a gallery is a good match! Grammar and me? Maybe not such a good match!

PS – Another good match… Friday and weekend anticipation! Have fun… and remember… don’t do what I wouldn’t!

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