You know the old saying about boring people… once a drip, always a drip! I think there are many folk who wish for their moment in the sun… when they can momentarily sparkle… even if they are drips!

Happy Monday… no, don’t try and shine on your own… you need a tad of external illumination to sparkle… have fun, the moments of lustre will happen spontaneously… just don’t chase too hard!

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Silent Sunday – Happy Green St Patrick’s Day!!

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Seaside Saturday – Ship Ahoy!

From time to time we visit the Big Smoke on Saturdays or Sunday mornings… and then, we trot, well no… we drive down to The Great Wall. This very long wall… built between the 1700 and 1800’s… is an amazing piece of engineering. It keeps the shipping lane in and out of Dublin Port working… and safe! So… for today’s post I’ll show you a few pics taken last weekend… a wee gallery… just because I love doing them!!

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Flapper Friday – Neighbourhood special!

Yes, I know I usually do bird posts on Fridays… so, I’ll begin with this photo… just to prove I’m trying to stick with tradition… even if it’s my man-made tradition…

I spotted this fella flying by… trailing a banner. ⇑ Well, a small banner… or, maybe only the string that the banner once was attached to. But… I also spotted the crane. Crane in the harbour area? That can only mean one thing. Yes, if you had a look at yesterday’s post you’ll know cranes lift boats out of the water. But… lo-and-behold, we were lucky enough to see the boat being lifted back… into the water!

I think we can surmise most of the neighbourhood found out that the boat lift was on… ⇑ spot the green hat! And the pink leggings… no, they’re not playing TV games! OK… so, then I managed to get more proof that others were also snapping away…

⇑ I promise… there are three people taking snaps seen in this pic… yep, the blurry figure in the distance… he’s also at it! And now… when things get tiring for some… find a convenient recliner and watch… ⇓

Yep… ’tis Friday… again! Happy day… happy weekend! We’re going to keep having fun here in our neighbourhood! Thanks again to Tina for the prompt – it’s fun!

PS – Yep… I just had to do the little arrows again… you know what they say in the classics…

small things amuse small minds…

PPS – No, I didn’t know the lift was going to happen… so, I just fluked showing you the out and in on consecutive days… promise!

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Lens-Artists PC – Around the Neighbourhood…

I’ve shown you so much of our little town and surrounds, so… how do I do justice to Tina’s challenge this week? Well, why not show you a few quirky pics? Let’s begin with the cormorant roost, a photo of their neighbourhood… on the doorstep of our neighbourhood…

I rather like the hues of the photo… where’s the sea end and the sky begin? ⇑ Anyway… when last have you seen a boat swinging high and dry?

⇑ Swinging high and dry – boat lifts in our neighbourhood are quite common… the secret is being in the right place at the right time. OK, the next one is of the threatening sky… yes, the storm is coming! ⇓

It does make a pretty picture, don’t you think? Colour and contrast… birds, bridges and boats. Last but not least… here’s a photo looking back over the town toward the snow-covered Croghan Mountain… busy pic, loads of stuff… and even some wind turbines on the hill… ⇓

OK… one more. I bet you don’t too often see big bad diggers removing sunken boats from the harbour! This lot had us enthralled for a week or two… we made it our business to go down at least once a day to check on progress! ⇓

Sorry… I just couldn’t resist using the little arrows… please humour me, ta!!

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Wednesday’s Weather Words – Passing Flurry…

I did a squall post not too long ago… in fact, only last week. The photo that day was also of a cloud. However, this flurry had not long before passed over us… and out to sea where it seemed to grow by the minute. The swirling winds tearing at the fluffy white stuff… creating all sorts of wonderful images. OH, what fun to be beside the seaside!

OK… firstly, thanks for all your support for yesterday’s post. I have a strong suspicion folk are going with the Kindle version – it makes sense if you can’t trust your postal service!

Happy Hump Day… by midday your time you’ll be nearer to the coming weekend than to the one that has passed by… time, yes… she waits for no man… or woman… or child… or whatever!

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Tuesday’s Tale – A Dream… Holding onto Reality!!

I’ve been blessed these last few days. On Sunday… I signed a real life hard-copy paperback… of my first collection of short stories!! And… I have proof! Look-see… I’m signing the very copy that little Wild Boy is trying to read… yes, he’s a bright child… he wants to enjoy his first literary experience… at my expense.

Then, yesterday morning… my first consignment of author copies arrived! WHOOPPEE! It is really a thrill to hold something that you’ve worked on/ created/ spewed out/ produced/ sucked out your thumb… whatever! So… here’s the thing… while holding the books… I thought it would really be great if I could give each and every supporter of OMBH their own copies.

Alas… I can’t do that! Mind you, if you give me today’s winning lotto numbers, then I can give you all free copies. Until that happens… here’s a few thoughts:

  • you can get your own copies online – Kindle and paperback… or,
  • you can buy copies from me (using PayPal) – and then I can send on your own signed, personalised copies! All I’ll ask is P&P on top of the online price (just as Amazon would…) but please, when you’re done reading… we storyteller types appreciate feedback in the form of reviews!!

So… if you’re interested… feel free to drop me an email at aj.vosse@gmail.com and we can discuss the rates, addresses and the like! Here’s another thought… didn’t Richard Branson begin as a mail-order entrepreneur?? Seems… with a bit of luck I may yet retire one day!!

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Blue Monday?

I thought I’d celebrate the idea of Blue Mondays. No, not the moody bit… rather the blue bit! So, here’s the blue… to add to your blues?

Happy Monday! Remember… don’t set the week’s targets too high… then you won’t be disappointing come weekend!

Look closely… you’ll see the splash in the crest of the wave…

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