Transition – Beach Beauty!

Today I’m cheating a little. The words are new but I’m re-using a rather special photo. Because it’s special. To me, at least. Yes… it fits this week’s theme well because it was taken during that magic moment of transition when the sun breaks the horizon mists… a true beach beauty!

Bright new sunrise... Happy New working year!! May 2015 be great!!

Today is also the transition from “official” autumn to winter… and the silly season gets under way. Oh well… tis the season when the true meaning is often lost in the mess that is commercialism. Happy Monday!

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Transition – Sunrise Over Dublin

In this week’s challenge Jen mentions the transition from day to night but I’m more inclined to think of the new dawn of a day. Then, we know there will be challenges and expectations of what will follow after dawn. I stopped to click away the brief moments as Ma Nature played with the early sunlight’s colours while the breeze tried it’s best to blow the effects away… both in the sky and on the water!

Dawn's transition... colour over Dublin's River Liffey... Ma Nature paints it well!

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I’ve had the word as a tag for almost as long as this blog is going. Inspiration. Hemingway… now, he’s inspiring and even though I’ve just picked up The Old Man and the Sea again for a quick read I don’t have a recent photo of the man so I can’t show you one. However, inspiration is to be got in many places. Like when I went for a walk around the grounds Dublin Castle while there as still a bit of winter sunshine about.

Views of Dublin Castle... the backdrop works, don't you think?

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Summer Fun?

How about a reminder of the bright days? You in for a round of golf? No… just a stroll around one of the great courses here in North Kildare. There’s lots of history at the Carton Estate near Maynooth. There’s also enough to keep the camera busy… especially on a sunny day!

The views of history at Carton House, Co Kildare, Ireland... pleasant on the eye!

Guess what? It’s Friday… again! Happy Friday… may you have a great one… and an even better weekend!

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Shiny Hatters Street Party!

I bet you’d do exactly the same. Imagine… standing on a street corner waiting for the little green man. Next moment a glint catches your eye. So… camera gets put to use. OK… I have to admit… I’m rather allergic to selfies… but I couldn’t resist!!

 Shiny hat street happiness!!

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A Trio Treat…

Yesterday I mentioned walking around the Dublin streets and giving you a view of the Liffey nearer to the Dublin Port. However, I was telling porkies because I just can’t resist giving you another trio! This rather cute trio is to be found near Christ Church Cathedral. Millennium Child… being swung gleefully by mammy and pappy.

Millennium Child... by John Behan in Dublin, Ireland

I’ll drop in the info plate as well… just so you can do your own research!

A trio treat...

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River Views

I’m gonna let you in for a secret. I’ve popped into town early yesterday morning to see a man. I’ve decided this job hunting thing needs a bit of help. A few personal chats with people. The only advantage of early morning meetings at this time of the year seems to be the still morning air. Chilly yes… but good for snapping river reflections.

Look closely… you’ll see the newest Guinness Brewery Building in Dublin… all still on the same site that’s been occupied by Guinness since 17 whatever! The view is west, up the River Liffey toward Heuston Station… Guinness on the left. You never know… this afternoon I may be seeing a man at the port side of the river… maybe you’ll get a different view tomorrow.

Early morning River Liffey reflections. The Guinness building to the left, Dublin, Ireland

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Trio of Trio!!!

Now really… how could I resist doing a trio of trios? How much more could I not resist showing off a fun-filled trio. Why not a bit of bright summer fun with the grand kids? I’m sure you’ll agree with me… the facial expressions and postures tell a special story!

Some trio... boys and deer!

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Trio – Sky Stripes

Sometimes we don’t have to look too far to find a trio. Jut looking up can solve the problem. Occasionally the aircraft leave patterns in the sky but more often they just leave parallel stripes as they all go alone one of the busy sky lanes. I often wonder who went there so, just in case you were flying over the Dublin area on 03 July 2015 around 10h45, please let me know… then I will know to wave hello in retrospect!

Trio... sky stripes left by passing planes... were you in one??

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Trio – Three Little Pigs!!

This week’s challenge has done me a massive favour. I’ve really been poorly and not in the mood for too much… apart from sleep and bed. So… with a trio of troubles… or a trio of answers of whatever trio I chose to tackle as soon as I laid eyes on the challenge the three little pigs sprang to mind!

The Three Little Pigs... well, three big pigs to be found down at Dublin's Point Village.

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