Tattered Traveller!

I went walking one summer’s day… and came across a tattered traveller. Well, actually, I went for a short stroll yesterday afternoon. Only one reason… to chase butterflies! What really struck me about this file fella was the state of the wings! I have a feeling this baby flew a long way! Yep, they’re known to migrate as far as North Africa! We’ve been having a few days of south-easterly/ westerly winds so… who knows? I did ask but (s)he was too pooped to bother about me.

I’ll add another photo I managed to get while the butterfly was hopping about on the food! Bad manners? Again, who knows? I must say… it was a pleasure to spend a few minutes in the company of the tattered traveller!

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RAIN – a Photo Essay!

This is Ireland… here it rains. If you plan to only be outdoors when the sun shines you’re gonna loose all sense of life’s purpose, not to mention your mind, as cabin fever overtakes your senses! So… to prove my point I’m going to show you a series of photos I took just to prove there is a great outdoors. We took a drive down to the Hook Lighthouse for a look-see. We were parked, looking at the wild sea, whipped up by the driving wind… and rain! Only moments after we’d parked I noticed a blue hooded lad up to something, not more than ten meters away…

He dug in his backpack… pulling out cans. Cans of what… I wanted to know?

I couldn’t resist leaving the warmth and comfort of the car… sans rain gear or umbrella… I had to get a closer look! Here’s proof… my good lady snapping away… capturing the moment I captured the moment!

There you have it… mystery solved. He’s snapping away in preparation of a beer promotion…

So… here’s the result… a few pics of the fella and his beers… and the Hook Lighthouse.

My reward? Yep! The lad paid me in kind for promising him some photos! Yes, I kept my promise and sent on most of these. I’ll add… I enjoyed the two cans… the pint I still have… for another occasion!

Thanks to Ailsa for the challenge… I’m tempted to show you a few more rain sodden pics taken later on in the trip…

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Heritage Boat Assosiation

How could I not do a post about Ireland’s inland waterways? I’ve been fascinated by he canals and barges ever since arriving in Ireland. Mostly though, I’ve been warmly welcomed by Bargees! I’ve learned so much from them so why not remind you again of some of the fun and games I’ve shared… on and off the water!

Happy Monday… may your day’s load be light… may your fun be normal… well, sort of!

PS – Thanks to the HBA for all the fun they’ve shared with me!

PPS – I have many canal tales. Do visit the canal pages listed below the header above… you may have fun!

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Silent Sunday…

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