There’s a Hole in my Pole!

No, there ain’t a hole in my soul… rather a hole in my pole. OK, I know… it’s weak. Actually, there’s a hole in the farmer’s gate post. I know I’ve featured this very piece of wood sometime in the distant past but that was a winter shot.

There's a hole in my soul! No... in my pole!! ;-)

Friday again! Enjoy your day… have fun and remember, don’t do what I wouldn’t!

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Take Off!

I’ve set myself a small chore… to go for a long(ish) daily walk. The Royal Canal’s tow-path can’t be beaten… no cars or trucks to duck or dodge. Green landscape and even a bit of wildlife to enjoy. Yesterday this heron stayed put until I was almost on top of it. Then it took-off while I snapped away…

Heron take-off...

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Happy Spring… Happy Autumn!!

Sorry… yesterday I was so busy with my butterfly and bumblebee video that I totally forgot the “official” changing of the season has arrived.

For all you good folk below the equator… HAPPY SPRING!

For all you good folk above the equator… Happy Autumn!!

May we all enjoy what the new season brings!! New hope, now growth or the celebration of a bountiful harvest!

A rich autumn harvest... ready for the harvest!

The wheat/ barley/ rye ripe on the land… autumn skies loom heavy…

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Lady Serendipity Strikes… Whooppee!!

Look what Lady Serendipity threw at me!!! Do please click on the link… it will open, I promise.

Butterfly and bumblebee… whooppee!!!

I’m honest… I fluked this take as it was hand-held in manual focus and I couldn’t really see the image on the display in the sunlight… and then the bumblebee joined the fun. Let’s hope it turns into a blockbuster and makes me rich and famous!

Spot the bumblebee??

Just in case the video doesn’t open… here’s another of the butterfly… do you spot the bee?

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A Different Angle?

At this stage of the month you must be tired of seeing birds and butterflies when you pay OMBH a visit. Therefore, I have declared that on this last day I’ll look at life from a different angle. Look-see at the top of the photo, you’ll see the lower tip of the leaf but if you look down you’ll see an almost perfect replica. Maybe on this Monday you’ll have a look at the difficult situation that you’re facing from an altogether different angle and see previously unnoticed beauty!!

Fern fronds... perfect, from every angle...

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Six of them. Yep, butterflies are insects so you’ll find six legs… therefore, by association there must be six feet. Why am I on about so many feet? You’ll have to blame Ailsa for dropping the ladder on her foot. That little mishap resulted in her using feet as the challenge for the week.

The only problem with the topic? I most certainly wasn’t going to show you photos of my feet so I needed to find more suitable feet to feature. You have to believe my joy when this Silver-washed Fritillary flitted into view and proceeded to do all sorts of gyrations for my benefit! The thing is… my joy was compounded because it was my first sighting of this species… that’s why you’re getting a wee gallery!!

Found in Togher Wood in Co Laois… some happy foot fun!

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From Every Angle

This week’s challenge asks us to look at the same object from different angles and also throw in a three photo gallery. That, in itself, is a massive challenge for me. Only three photos in a gallery? It seems almost illogical to ask me to post such a small gallery. But then, it may make me think of looking at this post from a few different angles.

So… where do I begin? Maybe the hind quarters of a deer in Phoenix Park… or a close eye to eye… or a full frontal? I couldn’t make up my mid so I’ve left the gallery random… that way, if you refresh you’ll see a different take on my angles…

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Magic of Belief!

I took a stroll yesterday afternoon. Walking helps clear the head, so the experts say. They’re right… that I know. So… there I was… along my favourite Royal Canal. I was chastising myself. How could I claim to believe a breakthrough is near yet I’m stressing myself about the situation?

Yes… how? Life goes on, so it does. Here we are, living in a first world country with our first world issues. Even though times are tight we’re still better off than billions of other folk. So, an idea lodged. Why doubt the magic of belief?

It wasn’t ten minutes later when I had a photo for this post. This scene emphasised the idea. The young birds sitting on the fence. Imagine if they lost their belief in their parents. Imagine if they decided to attempt going off on their own to hunt their own food. It would be disaster. Yet they believe implicitly in the skills of their parents. OK… soon you’ll tell me I’m imparting human attributes to birds. No, I’m not… I’m merely demonstrating how soon one can spot something so simple that inspires positive thought!

Parent swallow feeding the young... the magic of belief!!

Happy Friday!! May your day be great… and your weekend greater!!

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Capturing History

I have long been fascinated with the history of the Royal Canal. I’ve mentioned some time ago that the Royal Canal reached Kilcock, the village where we now live, before the 1820 Settlers arrived at the Eastern Cape coast where they eventually founded Port Elizabeth, the city we lived in before leaving South Africa.

So, when Ed Mooney suggested a new challenge my first thought was to send a recent photo of the Royal Canal Harbour in Kilcock. Ed’s Capturing History Challenge is open for anyone from anywhere so why don’t you submit something from your neck of the woods?

The photo I sent on to Ed has been used here already so I’ll use another view as seen from the Royal Canal. These scenes were roughly what the navvy’s who built the canal saw around 1800 on a warm August day… give and take a fence poles or two and a modern pasture of five…

The Royal Canal landscapes... serene! Between the 17th Lock and Cloncurries... idyllic, to say the least!

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My Bird Restaurant

I use the lounge as my office during the day. There’s a few good reasons and one of them is that there’ s a patio door within meters of my “desk”… the coffee table. The camera is always close by so when the birds visit to eat at their restaurant I’m ready.

I’ve put out bread, usually whole-wheat and on occasion bird seed and over time the regulars have become accustomed to me watching them. They’ll even drop in when I have to door open. I have to say, I think they’re quite relieved with my efforts because they even come for a quick snack while it’s raining. They don’t have to go far looking for food because they know I’ll be looking out for them.

Chaffinch visits my bird restaurant... even in the wet!!

It’s mostly juvenile robins that visit but lately a few chaffinches have also plucked up the courage to drop in for an easy feed…

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