April A to Z – U for U-Turn? No… U for a Heep of FUN!

You know… I forgot to give you a clue for today’s post but if I had it would’ve pointed you very far away from any Irish bands that include the letter U in their names. For good reason but enough said! But… on the other hand… how on earth would you get by without a sackful of UH in your life?

You have to smile at the clinical sanitising of this video but hey… don’t look, just listen! I reckon this must be one of the most recognisable songs of the 70’s… a song that even the Mother-Grundy’s could relate too… melodic underground anyone?

The photo has no relevance… apart from the fact that I like it! So, as it’s time for me to wish you happy tree Tuesday… I’ll have to leave you with another UH classic… this one a tad less instrumental…

So… by now you’ll know… your guess is as good as mine! But hey, maybe V for Victory will be a good starter…

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April A to Z – T for Tommy or Toto?

There we have it… the beginning of the end! A long month… especially when you realise soon into the month that you’ve gone about the month’s challenge in the wrong way! So… I’m rather confused at this stage. Should I give you this, or should I give you that?? Tommy? You remember Tommy? Most likely you only vaguely remember Pinball Wizard so why don’t I give your memory a bit of a jolt?

OK… you’ve woken up, have you? Good! Now I can put you fully into nostalgic mode… and take you back to Africa… Toto’s Africa! The video is dated yet toward the end the relevance reminds of the current state of affairs in so many African states… burning, both figuratively and in reality…

Reminders of a time gone by!? This photo, at Arklow Rock, reminded both the good lady and me of Africa… something about it stirred a deep memory of a place forgotten…

Happy Monday… may your week be filled with fun and laughter!

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Mother Earth – Wearing a Pretty Spring Dress!

*** @ ***

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April A to Z – S is for SSSSS… SUPER!!

Super as in Supertramp! The pinnacle of beach bumming… becoming a super tramp! I was hardly breaking out with my first spot when a friend introduced us to Supertramp. It took me a while… I mean, how can you feed a kid adult food? But… boy, oh boy… by the time the double live Paris hit the scene I was a longtime convert!

How’s that for getting your Saturday going? Delectable! I hope you’re now in the mood to conquer the world! I usually am after hearing this classic! Have fun… play hard and work almost as hard! Love life… that’s how I feel after listening to Paris…

T for trouble? Treble? Tarantula? Or… T for a young lad’s name? Rock royalty opera? Your guess is almost as good as mine!!

PS – If you have the time this weekend or whenever… go find Paris… build a pot of brew… or, find a quiet picnic spot to share the music with the outdoors, pour a mug or glass of red… and enrich yourself!

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