Six on Saturday – the New… and the Colourful!

Yes… we have loads of happy things happening in the back garden – so, where do we begin? Maybe with the compost trials I’m doing as we speak! Three mixes – six pots for each mix. Typically, the radish (in the front) are first to show…

Splended colour in the back corner – broom against concrete – well, for a few week’s more, we hope!

Just yesterday I noticed the first sugar snaps appearing… yummy, I trust!

And… the onion sets are doing great… I hope the bulbs are doing as well as the green bits!

The ground cover is filling its spot with a smear of purple, or is it mauve?

Last but not least… ground cover of another kind… just before I was forced to push the dreaded “daisy destroyer” over the spot! DRAT!

OK – that will be me for this week. Once again, thanks to The Propagator – I will update my SoS back link as soon as he posts his weekly fun! (Done)

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Six on Saturday – Meet the Family – and More!

Greetings folk! OK – before I get into today’s six and explain a bit more about the title – let me say a thing or two.

1 – I’m rather quiet here at OMBH these days – I explained, or maybe apologised, for my blogging burnout tardiness about a year ago. I’ll be honest – the blogging enthusiasm hasn’t really returned. However, I still like maintaining a presence here – there is still joy in sharing the odd photo and more so, joy when I see you visiting!

2 – So, let me just say – I value your visits and thank you that you take the time to drop in. I try to justify my silence (to myself) by comparing this blog to a newspaper – many read but the editor doesn’t communicate individually. Am I off the mark?

OK, back to reality. The last time I took part in The Propagator’s fun was way back in October, more or less six months ago. Boy – how time flies! Yep… do click here if you feel like reminding yourself of that post.

Right – onto today’s six. Spring is in the air, so the colours are showing off. I’ll show you a few of these colours and then, when we get to number six, I’ll explain a little more about meeting the family.

First up… I equate daffs with spring! I planted the bulbs a bit late so our backyard daffs are only flowering now! One thing I have surmised over the years… bright sunlight and primary colours don’t fit too well with my camera… so, the photo is more or less just for illustration… no artistic merit involved!

Talking of colour… how’s this for mauve? We acquired this specimen just days ago. I’m not fond of this family of plants – they tend to become feral here in Ireland – even invasive in certain areas. So, this one will remain in a pot… controlled, I hope!

Next… green is also a colour! New spring growth… soon we’ll have dessert!

Right… back to the results of a failed overwintering experiment – the broccoli didn’t do what I wanted it to do… bolting instead! I will soon be removing the plants from this bed – to plant fresh seedlings. In the meantime, I thought the pollinators would appreciate a bit of food. However, me thinks these blossoms are sterile… hybrid flowers… I don’t see much in the line of buzzing around the bush!

Weeds… what are weeds? Unwanted plants, some would say – or, plants growing in the wrong location? Dandelion… in my book, is NOT a WEED! I often call them daffodils… cos, me thinks they have many more uses and functions than daffs! Truth! So… here we have one of my favourite flowers – in a wildish patch in the garden! Feel free to identify some of the surrounding plants – comment if you will!

Phew… we’ve reached number six – eventually, many will say! I’m sure, if you use ‘tulip’ as a tag on my blog, you will get may photos of previous years sharing the history of these specific bulbs and their glory – or, at times… their fading beauty. I think… way back when I planted the first bulb(s) it was a bit of an afterthought. Now the family has expanded… grown and multiplied!

Six on Saturday meets my tulip family of six! Apt, me thinks!? Just days ago I shared the first of this year’s series – documenting the progress of the family. However… I think the family needs to move to a larger and more posh residence… when the time is right! Do please feel free to share advice – when will be the best time to transfer the bulbs to their new home? Autumn, winter or even next spring??

Once again… my camera isn’t too fond of the primaries in full sunlight!

OK – that will be that for this post. I am working on a few backyard projects. There are spuds and onion sets in the ground already… and seedlings sprouting on the windowsills. I’ll be sure to share more SoS’s… promise!

PS – I will update my SoS back link as soon as The Propagator posts his weekly fun! (Done!)

PPS – If you may wonder what I do to amuse myself when I’m not in the garden – feel free to visit my YouTube channel… the fun is endless, I promise!!
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