What If – They’re Lying To You??

Let’s talk about the truth… and how we’re being played, but before we do that – disclaimer time first!

Disclaimer: This “What If” series is about me asking valid questions – it is NOT an attempt to create friction and/ or cause bad vibes. If you disagree then do so in a dignified manner. Don’t lose your rag – I am surely allowed to ask questions and/ or express an opinion – without getting vitriol as retaliation. Chances are, there is no such thing as a conspiracy theory. The way I see it, there are theories that need to be investigated – there is no conspiracy in that, is there? Peace brothers and sisters – respect for the individual and for sanity, that’s all I’m asking for!

Let’s have a quick look at what we know about this bug that is going about at the moment.

  • It knows time – so, when a curfew is put in place, it gets particularly aggressive if you should overstay your welcome
  • it can measure – yep, it knows when you are less that 2 meters (also known as 6 foot) away from the dangerous person. Just by the way – I have in past engineering situations clearly stated that 2 meters does NOT equal 6 feet. So, how on earth can this bug differentiate if you’re thinking metric or imperial?
  • It knows time – even if the limits in your country are different to those in mine – it knows just when you have exceeded your allotted slot!
  • it is a very educated bug – yep, depending on where you may find yourself, it will decide on how many people you are allowed to be with – and just who these people may be.

As a case in point – I’ll share two photos which I took yesterday – the pics are of a filming event that took place in our little village…

… note – the bug knows the two actors are actors (lady with long tan coat and man with bag) – and that the film crew are working so they need masks – but the actors are acting so they don’t need masks. Mind you – seems the director fellow needed his mask to prop up his chin. Clever bug!

OK – so you think they partook in this thing called social distancing – I promise they didn’t!

Right, before I continue. I will state that I believe the virus is a very real threat – especially for our older folk. Those with underlying health issues are at greater risk – and those who are/ were herded into care centers are/ were even more in danger – hence the horrific statistics. Shame on the powers-that-be for subjecting senior citizens to such inhumane treatment – will they ever be held accountable?

But – time to ask a few more questions about our clever bug:

  • who told it that people in Sweden are special?
  • who told it that wearing a wet rag across your face means it will pass you by?
  • who told the bug that those wearing the smelly, wet rags dangling off their ears are less at risk?
  • who told the bug that all is well, until someone steps closer than 2 meters – even on a beach with a wind blowing in excess of 20 knots?

Really, to me it is common sense to doubt all the hype and stories about this bug. But then, as I’m often reminded – common sense seems to be a very uncommon thing these days! Therefore – I will leave you with this video clip… Dave Cullen says it way better than I could! Yes, I know this clip has a whole lot of Irish relevance – however, the questions apply globally!

All I’m suggesting – look into the lies – or, affirm the truth! Don’t swallow the hype holus bolus!!

So… after all that – I’ll leave you with a tranquil image to sooth your mind!

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Wordless Wednesday – Gone Fishing…

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On Thinking About – What IF?

I mentioned last week that I was toying with the idea of doing a “What IF?” series during the coming October. I mentioned then that I’d elaborate a little more before I get going. So, here’s a thought or two.

  • I’ll only post What If’s on Thursday and maybe Fridays. That way I will hopefully cover topics and also not bore the daylights out of those who couldn’t care less for chatting about what is going on around us at the moment.
  • I will place a disclaimer ahead of each post – reading something along these lines…

Disclaimer: This “What If” series is about me asking valid questions – it is NOT an attempt to create friction and/ or cause bad vibes. If you disagree then do so in a dignified manner. Don’t lose your rag – I am surely allowed to ask questions and/ or express an opinion – without getting vitriol as retaliation. Chances are, there is no such thing as a conspiracy theory/ The way I see it, there are theories that need to be investigated – there is no conspiracy in that, is there? Peace brothers and sisters – respect for the individual and for sanity, that’s all I’m asking for!

  • Yes, I know the disclaimer a tad longwinded – but, I need to stress that I am merely asking questions – I am not baiting a trap! I am also not adding fuel to any fires. Many of us may be wondering about many things and I know some of my family are asking questions – questions they didn’t ask six months ago.
  • Are we entering a new phase of enlightenment… when we no longer believe the hype spread by the so-called enlightened?
  • I’m fully aware that many people skip past these kinds of posts. Do so if you please – but be sure to know, I am not trying to alienate you.

Right… that is more than enough waffle from me for now – join me on Thursday for the beginning of the series, please. Thanks!

X marks the spot… but, what does the spot signify? Who knows?

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Merry Monday Morris Moments

Happy new week… happy new day. Happy new challenge… while I share memories of a distant time… past or distant past. Will we speak again of the “What If” in life? You bet we will…

PS – Here’s a thought… maybe Boris needs to catch a slow train back to reality? Yep… it beats a Morris ride… or, does it?

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Silent Sunday – Big Sky

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Six on Saturday – My First!

I have long enjoyed Murtagh’s Meadows Six on Saturday posts – so, earlier this week, while standing in the back door, sheltering from a rain and hail downpour and taking photos, it dawned on me that I may well do a SoS post of my own… my very first! However, I wanted to find the rules first and went to The Propagator’s R&R’s – a post that explains the whole concept!

I’m rather glad I did… because now I know I don’t only have to do plants and or/ veggies… I can do other garden projects too! In hindsight… pity I didn’t visit here much earlier… there were quite a few small projects completed in the back garden this year! OK, so… one of the “rules” is to minimise the “verbiage”… therefore I will move rapidly on… but only after saying thanks to both the folk mentioned above!

I’m gonna begin with a very special photo… our holloween pumpkins… as produced by great-grandad! Yep – you read me right! Great-grandad found seeds I’d left neglected outside – he planted a few and this one vine produced the three lovely fruits! That’s GGD’s little patch – and OH, GGD is a full NINETY!!

Next – onto a few of the “rain and hail” shots. The white blobs are said liquid splodges… and yes, the sun was shining…

Wet lettuce!

The “winter leek experiment”… yep, loads of experiments this year… it was mostly about learning and getting better prepared for next spring!

And… a bit of colour… the last of the gladioli – against the back fence…

Last but not least… a longing look at the colours of autumn upon us… GGD’s pumpkin casting a shadow on the past year…

If you like this #SixOnSaturday post, do visit the links above and even take part! I think I will be sharing more of these Saturday treats!

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Friday Fact… Left Behind?

Seeing this lonely bale out in the middle of the field conjured up a few different thoughts. One of these thoughts turned around the current state of affairs in this world of ours – are events threatening to leave us behind? When the dust settles – will there be much left of our individual freedoms? Loads of thoughts going through my mind – including a few “what if” scenarios. That lead me to consider doing a “what if” series to take us through October. Join me next Monday/ Tuesday when I’ll elaborate a little…

PS – Three months to Christmas?? Will we be allowed to have one??

PPS – Happy Friday… do join me this evening around 17h45GMT – I’ll help drive away the beer-bug blues!! Click on the radio link below… the music will be good and the banter civil – no ads, no cursing… no blasphemy!

Saffer RADIO

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The Boy and the Pumpkin

I was going to do a Thursday Thoughts post today – about litter on our beaches – and doggy doo-doo’s along our footpaths… but, I’ll rather leave that for another day when I’m really in the mood for a good old rant. So… I thought I’d rather share a bit of fun with you… a ditty about a boy and his pumpkin… from planting the seed to sampling the flavours! (We’ll begin the pics at the first flower stage… )

The Boy and the Pumpkin

There once was a boy who planted some seeds
Against better judgement he completed the deeds
No digging in the soil is what his oupa reads
Compost on top, to minimise the spread of weeds

Of the handful of seeds a few young squashes sprout
The lad is happy – with glee and joy he does shout
This is what no dig veggie planting is all about
Alas – birds uproot the seedlings… pulling them out

However, one strong plant survives – giving hope
No… there’s no need over lost seedlings to mope
The one healthy, fine plant is best suited to cope
verdant tendrils creep from compost – up the slope

Bright yellow flowers among green leaves soon appear
hope turns into reality and spreads family cheer
there’ll soon be some gems, that becomes clear
oupa is happy – he’ll celebrate with a chilled beer

All-the-while – good wild compost is fertilising the land
And soon there’s rumours of a pumpkin harvest at hand
The boy’s first fruit of gem squash is baked just grand
However – the boy dislikes the taste – calling it bland!

Now, I bet your wondering about the story’s moral quest?
It’s really in the sharing – oupa and boy learning what is best!
compost feeding the soil – no dig enriching the growing zest
it’s in the process – in the knowledge – together we are blessed!

And… there you have it! The boy… and his pumpkin! I will add… the ditty is to be found in this month’s SAFFER Worldwide magazine. Do yourself a favour… visit – you won’t be disappointed! The magazine is blessed by having a number of regular submissions by some of our blog buddies, as well and others who add sparkle and class to the endeavour! As I said… you really won’t be disappointed… and, it’s FREE!! Download the magazine in PDF format… great quality! Just click on the link below… and do please share! For us, it’s all about sharing friendship and having fun!

SAFFER Worldwide Magazine – September 2020 Issue

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