Friday’s Feathered Fact – Photo-Bombed!

Yes… there I was… minding my own p’s and q’s… taking photos of the wildlife, more specifically the bird life… when the boat photo-bombed my shot! Shameful, don’t you think? I think I must start a movement… we can protest! Imagine… lining the quays, with placards… denouncing the mean antics of the photo-bombers!

I rest my case… and, as it’s Friday… I hope yo have accomplished all your weekly targets… and have a great day… and weekend!

Talking of targets… I completed a whole three modules of my PM course this week… and hopefully, later today I’ll be halfway through the modules of this part of the course. As for writing, I’m still at the mercy of the editor-in-chief… she must approve the last stories for the second collection of short stories…

PS – Spot the gull?

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Doors in Dublin Town…

There is a distinct advantage of being the non driver on a trip into the city. I get to point the camera at things… while the good lady gets to keeping us safely on the road! So… I took potshots at a few interesting openings in the walls…

Fun yes, and just to show how I value true diversity… how about showing you contrasting styles and colours? OK… just two doors today… because drive-by potshots are not always that easy… and for that matter, sometimes doors are not all that potshot worthy… so, as always, I only strive to bring you the very best! Have fun…

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Have a Mouthful – Curves and All!

Yesterday I mentioned that we would be doing a run into Dublin – well, on the way home we passed through Phoenix Park, just to see if any friendly goats would be about… you know them goats with funny horns… yep, them jumping goats.

We found a few… who really weren’t interested in us. Rather, they seemed only interested in turning the lush green carpet into prime goat meat… mmmm… I wonder, would we have to call this prime goat meat venison? I suppose… but the only problem though, these darlings have easier lives than most of the local sheep (and they have easy lives…) so, I don’t think their produce can truthfully be classifies as wild!

Mind you… those curvy, horny thingies really fit this week’s Lens-Artists challenge, don’t you think?

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Bee Seen…

I was looking through the May 2017 folder for a specific photo – that of a fishing boat taken at Kilmore Quay fishing port – but if also found lots of other photos that are all good to see again… so, here’s today’s pic. I do hope you enjoy the view… it sure looks like the bee did!

We’ll be running an errand to the big smoke today… so, who knows, I may just come home with a few new Dublin photos to show off…

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Lens-Artists – Curves, Swan Style

I like curves… they’re sexy. That was more or less the comment I left over at this week’s challenge placed by Tina. Then, I went looking for photos… fresh ones, not photos from the galleries. I cropped and cut at quite a few… and decided that curvy swans will make a great post. So, here you have it… a collection of swan curves… for you to enjoy!

Happy Monday… don’t set your weekly targets too high… just don’t, it’s not good for your stress levels!

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Silent Sunday – Summer Memories…

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Seaside Saturday – Would You??

Now… there’s a question… would you what?

My never-ending question… would you pay to hang one of my photos on your wall? Or… for that matter… would you, in this age of the internet… think it is good that you should get the photo at no cost? Cost – to who? There is always a cost associated with anything… I mean… it took me time to go out and find the image. As it took you time to appreciate the photo. So… does that make us quits?

I don’t have the answer… but I do know that it would be great if you hung any of my photos on your wall! Mind you… it would be great if you happen to click some button and 50 whatever’s landed in my retirement fund! That’s fifty of the lesser whatever’s (the cents/ pence/ dimes ect, ect… the day I expect $50 of these, or €50 of these… or maybe even £50 of these in my account for one photo… that will be an even greater day!) So… all I’m saying, if you like the photos, say so… I may even send on the RAW original…

Happy days… happy. Happy that we can be happy… about being happy!

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Friday’s Feather Flappers

This lad came at us… we were hardly parked when it left the water and headed straight for the car. Either he was very hungry or mating season is in the air… whichever… he’s a feisty fellow!

Happy Friday… the first full workweek of 2019 is almost behind us… yep, soon we’ll be wondering where January went…

PS – As for the plans I mentioned last week… I’ve been wrestling with a short story, it turned into a bit of an epic… at 8500 odd words. Done and drenched… now awaiting the editor in chief’s approval. As for the studying… three modules of a thirteen module course almost complete… whooppee!

PPS – Maybe I’ll do regular Friday progress reports… just like you often have to do in the corporate world! Focus…

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