Tuesday’s Tunes & Trees – Peter Gabriel

Right… it is properly autumn so we’ll continue with the trees and tunes vibe. Today, however… I’ll give you a tune all about the tree… shaking the tree!

Both today’s photos were drive-by shootings… my good lady drives and I point the camera out of the passenger window and snap away…

OK… last week I only gave you one tune… today we’ll do two. I simply can’t go past this Peter Gabriel show and only leave you one song! Do yourself a favour, if you’ve not seen this show before… here’s the first song… I just love it! You’ll see all the show details and be able to find the show for yourself! I don’t like every song but the show is quite old, so pardon the man for harping on about past stuff…

So… here’s another of my drive by shots… I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy showing them…

Glen of the Downs, Co Wicklow autumn shot – stunning!

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Lens Artists – Magical Light!

Those who know me and visit this site once in a while will know I often post sunrise or sunset photos. I also find that autumn and winter light photos are great. The low sun, thrown together with clouds makes for great contrasts.

Also, passing storms will blow away the muck in the air… leaving soft, clear light. On Saturday afternoon this was the case. We grabbed our chance and went down to the beach for a quick walk.

Our favourite beach… the last of the sunshine disappearing over the cliff…

And now? Getting a lowdown shot…

Yep… the beach is totally shaded yet the last, weak sun rays are managing to throw light on the waves… magical, or what?

Looking south… where the next section of the storm is going to come from! I love the reflections… by now the whole scene is bathed in shadow… does one get something like bathed in shadow??

There’s still a bit of sunlight out… if you look in the right places! I like how the light catches the wave and (temporarily) everything beyond! That’s it… I put the camera away because by the time we got back to the car it was turning dark grey (again)… and it wasn’t long after that the wet stuff fell freely from the sky above!

There you have it… the magic of light… illuminating our photos… and our souls!

PS – Happy Monday… remember, low stress goals for the week… Christmas is rapidly approaching, and you don’t need me to remind you of that!!

PPS – I have so many magic light pics… I may do a few more galleries this week… just for a change!!

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No… We Must NOT Ever Forget – 11 Nov 1918 to 11 Nov 2018

It has been 100 years – the world is not the same place as back then but mankind seems to constantly forget that World War One was supposed to be the war that ended all war! The millions of lives lost… maybe, commemorating the sad loss and looking back at that horror will reinforce our own personal need for peace.

Delville Wood Cross

We need peace but it’s so hard to fathom how we can ever achieve what those souls died for… if we don’t even have tolerance for our neighbour’s point of view. We need to smack ourselves against the head… and remind ourselves that we need to accept each other for who we are. Yes, I know the red poppy is the symbol of it all… however, today I want to put a slightly different slant on the poppy as the symbol…

Yes… let’s accept we’re all unique… and all beautiful!

I have, in the past, posted a few poems on Remembrance Day’s – they still hold true…

Let’s stand together for peace!

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Seaside Saturday – Munchy Time?

I have to share this photo. Makes me wonder if the sail is meant to attract or repel smiles?

Hope you have loads of fun this weekend… while we stay indoors for fear of getting VERY wet outside!!

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