Grand Canal – Walks

NOTE: Please may I ask, if you find this page helpful in planning your journey along the Grand, would you leave a comment. If there is something you feel I should add then please pass on the information. I would love to hear from you… thanks!

22 Apr 2014 – It’s been a long time since I’ve visited the Grand… I hope to do a few more walks along some of the sections this summer…

07 Jul 2012 – I’ve been a tad slow in updating the page. The main reason for my tardiness? The focus has changed significantly. The whole emphasis is now on raising much needed funds for the Midlands SIMON Community.

I restarted the walk as a challenge… to do the whole length of the canal in an attempt to raise the awareness. I’ll update the page with all the links to individual posts… as on the Royal Canal pages…

Where do I start? With a bit of background to how the quest began…


Then… on to the actual walking… as originally planned… the walk should happen sequentially, from the Liffey to the Shannon

The Start… GCD to the 12th Lock

2nd Leg… The 12th Lock to west of the Leinster Aqueduct

Part 3 – Mud, Fret and Jeers… (The Very WET One!)

Walk on the Wildish Side… Leg 4

Stage 5 – Onward to Tullamore

The Penultimate Leg – Fun with Fliers

The Final Countdown – To the Shannon


11 Feb 2012 – It’s about time I get a Grand Canal Page going. I’m busy preparing two more posts so now is a good time to start putting all the links together…

The view from the Liffey… get in there… there’s quite a few steps to take before you arrive at the Shannon! 😉

This time I’ll be doing the walks in sequential order… from the Liffey in the east to the Shannon in the west… let’s hope when I’m eventually done it will be of some use to some lonely souls who need to reference this or that bridge or lock… 😉

The Beginnings of the Grand Canal: –

The Circular Line – from east to west: –

2 Responses to Grand Canal – Walks

  1. This place is on my bucket list for a while now, Thank a lot for the useful info! Would you recommend exploring the place on foot or by bike?

    Liked by 1 person

    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks Agness – We’ve moved away from the area but I believe they’re upgrading the cycle path in many areas.
      The canal is about 145 kilometres long so depending where you walk/ cycle, conditions can be different. It begins in the heart of Dublin so the first section is all city.
      I only walked… messed knee makes cycling difficult! Therefore I can only speak from a walking point of view. However, I know some folk who have done the cycle in two days. My opinion? Rushing the route is a total waste of time! The canals are all about going slow. That is my advice… go slow and enjoy! 😉


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