Beat the Conundrum Drum!

Today, just for a change, I’m doing a daily prompt… just because I love the word! However, that has left me with a conundrum of sorts. What shall I give you for a photo? I mean… if I beat the con drum too loudly you’ll catch me out but if I don’t beat it you’ll also catch me out. Therefore… as is so often my solution, why don’t I not just throw in a gallery to add to the confusion? As they say down South Africa way…

… so gesê… so gedaan!

OK… if you see any connection between the photos, please let me know because you’ll have solved one of life’s major conundrums!!

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3 Responses to Beat the Conundrum Drum!

  1. The connection I see is that they are all photographed out of doors. Lovely! And a fun read too 😀


  2. travel460 says:

    A.J, wat presies beteken die woord asb. Ek is te lui om die woordeboek nader te trek, en ek wil so graag kommentaar op jou fotos lewer.


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