Tuesday Tunes – Myles Kennedy – All Action!

How often do you take your better half to a show and before you get there you have to keep reassuring the good lady that she will enjoy the outing. This show was one of those events. I had to find, and play her some of the better-known MK songs. But… I kept nagging up until the day of the Dublin concert. Yep, that’s how unsure the good lady was.

Myles Kennedy… who is Myles Kennedy?

Well, I promise… you ask the good lady that question now and you’ll have to be careful she doesn’t drool on you! Almost. You ladies seem to agree… not only is he a great muso and singer, apparently he’s a looker too!

Now… if you need any introduction… let me get you into the vibe. Here’s one of his best know songs… with Slash, yes… him of G&R!

Myles was in Dublin to promote his new solo LP… The Year of the Tiger. However, he played older music too… some of the songs going way back to the days when he was still an unknown… even before Alter Bridge days.

The crowd at the Academy were fans, they weren’t there just on the odd chance that the artist would be half good. And boy oh boy, were we rewarded. Myles Kennedy doesn’t need a band to prop him up… he is a master in his own solo right. Some of the songs from this new LP are magic and well worth a listen… over and over again!

This is one of the new songs… really cool music, really thoughtful lyrics, based on the death of his father and the effect it had on his life. Life’s lessons…

The beauty of the show… MK is a naturally warm and friendly guy, so… the interaction with the crowd was real… natural, happy. I would say he could have carried on the whole night, the crowd would’ve lapped it up!

So… if I must choose my most favourite of all MK songs… for me, it has to be Battleground! This is the first MK song I became familiar with… and was the song I wanted to hear most. Alas, I’ll have to go see another MK show because he wasn’t there to please me… he was there to please the ladies… and many other men, not only me!

So… with Myles Kennedy it’s all action, all great action, which just perfectly fits this week’s Lens-Artists Challenge. Yep, the photos are all mine… thanks to the relaxed camera rules at the Academy, I can bring you this post with authentic shots!

PS – Yes, my good lady will be a fan for life… and… I think her favourite MK song for life will be Starlight

PPS – Don’t forget to visit the Tuesday Tunes page… slowly but surely I’ll add the posts so in the not too distant future you will have a great collection of music to tune in to!

PPPS – Don’t forget Nellie tomorrow… at about noon Irish time…

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7 Responses to Tuesday Tunes – Myles Kennedy – All Action!

  1. travel460 says:

    Ahhh, dankie, AJ! Jy en jou musiek keuses maak gewoonlik my dag.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lekkervurig says:

    Whoohoo, great music.


  3. Tina Schell says:

    Good for you for introducing your lady to your fav singer! Thank goodness she became a fan!

    Liked by 1 person

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