Animal Action

This week’s challenge is all about action.  Capture nature, people, objects, or animals on the move.  

Not my words, rather, the opening line of this week’s challenge. So… I will give you some animal action. Mostly dogs. I love snapping away when dogs get near water. there will always be something interesting to capture… if you enjoy that kind of action! We don’t have a dog… simply because it’s much easier to take a camera for a walk than pick up dog-poop as part of the fun… yes, that’s really not my idea of pleasure… but, the fun is when you see the dogs out and about… and snap away!

PS – Pepsi, the border collie you see above, is the grandkids’ dog… so, naturally she is taken for walks and that’s why you see much of her… but she’s well-mannered… and doesn’t make me follow her into the thickets to do the poop-scooping! Thankfully!

PPS – Yes… I have a thing about dogs and their owners… we constantly have to beware of our steps when we’re outdoors… on the beach, along woodland paths… even on the walk to the kid’s school… landmines everywhere!

PPPS – Happy Friday – hope you reached a few of your weekly goals…

PPPPS – As always, don’t do what I wouldn’t!

PPPPPS – OK… I stop the rant… now!

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1 Response to Animal Action

  1. perdebytjie says:

    Sjoe, pragtige aksiefoto’s, AJ! Daardie slagysters het darem een goeie doel…as dit nie onder jou skoensole beland nie, is dit bemesting vir die natuur.😉🤣


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