Monday Memories – Military Moments

I’m still thinking along veteran lines. As I mentioned last week, I served in the South African Air Force for more than 16 years. So… many say it was in the old era – before the dawn of the Rainbow Nation. However, we were defending western norms – values that our nation’s defenders went off to both World Wars for.

Yes – western norms – the battle for sanity in Europe and around the world. South African norms said we kept trying to prevent communism overrunning our little bit of earth at the southern tip of Africa. Ultimately, world pressure prevailed and now, after almost 25 years of the Rainbow Nation’s democratic existence, many say that the old values have been replaced by socialist and communist dogma – slightly modified but you can’t deny that many of the current political leaders were trained or educated in the old USSR or communist China.

So… here I am in Europe… a displaced veteran – still fighting the fight for freedom! In my way, I will always fight this fight – freedom is ultimately the choice of the individual to determine why they want to continue to uphold the western values. I believe in free enterprise, capitalist values – I want to live in a safe environment where fair trade and supply/ demand are the norm. Don’t get me wrong, I despise big corporation greed and governments interference.

I’ll leave it there for today – apart from saying I’d like to connect with other displaced veterans. Please spread the word. Tomorrow I will reveal more, promise. So… here’s a view of freedom… a sight you’ve seen if you’re a regular visitor to OMBH. We go here as often as we can – even on chilly winter’s days. We call it freedom sands – often we’re the only two souls out there. Two old-times… appreciating the freedom life can bring!

Happy Monday – don’t set too many goals for the week… a lesson I’ve been reminded of in the last few weeks… the good lady hurt herself so I’ve had to do the driving duties… thus not finding all the time to do the things I planned… oh well, that’s life!

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4 Responses to Monday Memories – Military Moments

  1. Hmmm, ja, dis dalk goed dat jy ‘n rukkie lank die Good Lady se vele verpligtinge ervaar 😀

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  2. de Wets Wild says:

    Hoop vroelief sterk vinnig aan!

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