Dinsday Dinge aka Tuesday Things…

I took it upon myself to throw in a few introductions last Tuesday… sharing the links to some of my South African friends’ blogs. Well, I promised to share more links, so here we go! Or… as they say in good Afrikaans… hier gaan ons nou! Ja… lekker bly maar altyd lekker! Oukei… waar begin ons?

Let’s give Una a shout! This lady lives… and shares the laughter and heartaches accumulated along the way. From Bali to Harties and everywhere in-between – life, warts and all. I think I won’t be far from the core if I say Una’s family are the centre of her universe! But there’s pain there too… life hasn’t always been kind… or even just. However, Una’s faith has carried her this far… and I bet we’re gonna see a whole lot of bright laughter as time goes one.

Talking of family and the fun to he had… and of things South African… here’s something that reminds of the distant land…

OK… as we’re onto food now… our next stop is at Toortsie’s blog. (If you’re wondering – a toortsie is a small torch – shining bright!) Toortsie lives down in the Western Cape… a place after my own heart. I grew up in the region and know many of the places Toortsie mentions… well, knew them, back in the day. So, what’s the food connection.

Easy. You know I basically live a Low Carb, Healty Fat life. It has helped me reverse Type 2 Diabetes… and loose weight, and sort out my gastro issues… and have more energy… and love life better and have more fun… and, and AND! So what, you ask? Well, Toortsie has published books about the subject… and appeared on SA TV. Toortsie lives the same lifestyle but in SA it’s known as Banting. (There’s a story for another day…) So, if you need to know more a Banting and the great recipes… have a look at her blog. Yes, the books are available in English too!

Mmmm… that top photo has me hungry… so, I’ll hasten my longing for another braai and post another pic…

OK… who do we visit now? Yep… I know… we’ll take a spin to the one and only Rondomtaliedraai! Mirth, humour and just the occasional sad note… usually about an age related illness. Life is really for living – and sharing humour. Yep, I often come away in a much happier mood after visiting this great blog! The format is simple… humour, humour and a bit more for good measure! Thank you for always making me feel better… and for occasionally making me come away scratching my head.

Right… I hope you’re enjoying visiting the blogs… these folk share so much… it is well worth visiting their pages. I’ll mention more friends next Tuesday… just for the fun!

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2 Responses to Dinsday Dinge aka Tuesday Things…

  1. Una says:

    Dis nou te oulik geskryf, dankie AJ vir die mooi woorde.


  2. de Wets Wild says:

    Sien, daai is nie veggie-wors wat daar braai nie!


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