Thursday Thought – Breakout Time?

It’s spring in the northern hemisphere – time to enjoy the short season of new. Time to savour the sunshine and bright colours. So, breakout of your lethargy (if you’re suffering any) and take yourself for a walk – within the set limits… just. I’m not encouraging anarchy… merely suggesting you get out… your immune system needs to ingest fresh air and pollen… and maybe even the odd bug. Breakout… for your own good – and for your mental health! Stay safe – be happy!

PS – Any fresh stories for the Saffer Worldwide magazine will be appreciated! Promise! Also, if you’re a small business or sole trader – we’ll give you a free promotional slot – in the magazine and on the website – that’s our way of saying thanks – and building friendship!!

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2 Responses to Thursday Thought – Breakout Time?

  1. Ryan Garden says:

    So I know we’re all on lockdown but as long as we’re all sensible & your fit & healthy I so agree. Our going out for walks to the park etc has kept both my wife & I sane.

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