What If… Censorship IS Very Real?

Disclaimer: This “What If” series is about me asking valid questions – it is NOT an attempt to create friction and/ or cause bad vibes. If you disagree then do so in a dignified manner. Don’t lose your rag – I am surely allowed to ask questions and/ or express an opinion – without getting vitriol as retaliation. Chances are, there is no such thing as a conspiracy theory. The way I see it, there are theories that need to be investigated – there is no conspiracy in that, is there? Peace brothers and sisters – respect for the individual and for sanity, that’s all I’m asking for!

OK… here we go with today’s questions. How many of you have had a post taken down by the big tech companies – for sharing the truth? I have! How many of you see the posts of others disappear? How many wonder why? How many ask… what if big tech’s rulers are playing the narrative of the globalists – and collectively censor anything that flows counter to the narrative?

If you should place a post asking why – the inexpensive malaria tablet that’s been safe for mass consumption for longer than most of us have been on the planet – what are the chances that the post will be taken down? If you should share a post of a doctor asking questions, how long will it take before that post is taken down? Who decides what is “dangerous” and what is not?

Likewise, who decides that wearing a soggy bag, acting as a germ trap for you to re-inhale, across your face is better for you than normal breathing? (And why?) I get the feeling that Bob Dylan had the answer… many, many moons ago! Yes, I have a feeling that the wind may have the answer! It seems to me that logical, common sense questions are no longer allowed. It seems to me that being a conspiracy theorist is a derogatory term attached to anyone not bowing to the narrative.

But, let’s have a quick look at the term “conspiracy theorist”… shall we not? If a so-called journalist asks questions at a crime scene, where felons conspired to rob a bank (say for instance), does that not make the jurno a conspiracy theorist? After all… he was asking about the felons conspiring to steal, was he not?

Likewise, the scientists who question so-call skewed evolution theory – based on the principles of known science… pointing out that the man who evolved from the monkey is wondering why the monkey is still around after he, the man evolved – will said scientists be called conspiracy theorists? The answer… you know, it’s blowing in the wind!

Right so… that mask – littering the street – is a useful to stopping the spread of the virus as it is as sweeping the street!

That mask has become a symbol of fear and controlmedical tyranny!

That mask has become a means of censoring your thoughts! Yes, if you dare question the veracity of the so-called science behind wearing masks in public – against the age old principle of the sick staying at home versus the healthy being allowed to live normal lives – you will be censored and called a conspiracy theorist – I BET!

The answer… my friends… is blowing in the breeze…

UPDATE: 08h40 – I feel, as illustration, I should add this 4 minute video. I follow Dr Tony Heller – he is a REAL scientist/ engineer/ thinker who openly encourages us to ask questions…

I wonder how long it will be before the increasingly woke WP will start censoring… maybe the wind will answer??

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11 Responses to What If… Censorship IS Very Real?

  1. Una says:

    AJ, het jy my kommentaar nounet gekry? Of is dit nog oppad na jou toe?


  2. Una says:

    AJ, het ek jou iewrs verloor??? Ek kry jou glad nie meer op my reader nie!

    Liked by 1 person

    • aj vosse says:

      Hi Una, nee… ek het ‘n blog pouse geroep… en, dis een rede hoekom ek nooit die reader gebruik nie… mens weet nie wat op ander se blog gebeur nie… 😁😁


  3. Toortsie says:

    Ek het jou geantwoord op my blog.


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  5. Toortsie says:

    Baie waar wat jy hier sê. Daar is soveel vrae wat ek ook in my hart het, soveel common sense wat ek wil skryf, wat ek te bang is, want netnou trap ek op tone. Of maak ek iemand kwaad. Of word ek ‘n teiken of veroorsaak dat iemand anders ‘n teiken word.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Una says:

    Hierdie is weer ń mondvol, AJ, ek geniet dit as jy sulke reguit vrae vra. En stellings maak. Alhoewel ek glad nie ń diep denker is nie, hou ek daarvan om ander menings te lees.

    Liked by 1 person

    • aj vosse says:

      Dankie Una! My hele punt met die skrywe is om mense aan te moedig om vra te vra!! Dit is ons reg om te vra oor dinge wat om ons aangaan!!


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