Six on Saturday – a Tale of Three Gardens

Let me begin by saying that this was supposed to be last Saturday’s post – but, I’m afraid life got in the way so, I’m going by the old adage of – rather late than never.

Right so… the photos are were taken on the 19th and 20th of November – on the days we helped the daughter and family move from their old house to the new one. However, none of us slept much on the night of the 18th/ morning of the 19th. We were hit by what I have termed to be a “dry storm” – roaring gale-force winds without any sign of rain. My Afrikaans friends will know what I mean by the term “rukwinde” – directly translated to mean jerk-winds. Because they jerk anything that isn’t tied down or secured… and scatter their fruits all over the place… like can be seen in this first photo. This was the sight that greeted me in the back garden.

Chaos… but mostly only cosmetic – I eventually cleared up the mess on the Saturday… after we’d had rain that had made the place just a tad more sodden! OK, on to more pressing matters.

As you may have noticed, my blog is called “Ouch, my back Hurts”. The name came about after a house move in 2011 – weeks before this blog’s life began. So, for this house move, I was relegated to the role of furniture dismantler and/ or repairer. No heavy lifting! Thus, one of the first jobs I had to do was repair the back fence at the old house. Yes, the wind had visited the kid’s old house as well. However, I only took the photo after the repair was done… actually for sentimental reasons. You see, that deck was built by yours truly – with the help of junior son and the grandkids.

Much happened during the day – this way and that. I’d spent most of the time up at the new house – putting together furniture we’d previously disassembled. However… I also took a stroll around in the back garden.

You know what happens when you stub your toe or bang your head when getting up too quickly… you have to take a breather… to vent where no ears can overhear the slew of utterances. Look at all the perspectives… it helps!

So… I took it upon myself to do a few stretching exercises and snap away at pretty things… from a different angle. Like the apples… a few of which I rescued before the birds took them too. (Just by the way… together with some collected windfall fruit we had enough for the beginnings of our Christmas cyder, yum-yum!)

Right so… this is a tale about three gardens so it is just right that I end with a snap taken in our backyard. At least the dry storm didn’t break everything – I managed to get off a snap at one of the bright spots in the garden…

There you have it… a tale told a week later – but a tale that needed to be told! As always, visit The Propagator’s blog for a whole lot more educational fun… and why not share your Six on Saturday experiences with us too?

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