Tuesday Tune – Legs…

On the odd occasion I go with the good lady when she goes shopping. My duties are mostly relegated to that of trolley pushing – a task that can only accomplished with dignity after many years of training. A key element of the duties relies on being able to blend into the background while the said lady is browsing about. Another key element is to observe… and capture some of the crazy stuff that happens in the strange world of the ladies section.

It was on a day when I was really subjected to long waits and even longer queues that I spotted a pair of feral’s running… up-side-down. But wait… then I noticed more pairs… and really became agitated. What was happening here??

Was this some sort of an invasion? Were the legs coming for us? Were we still safe in the shop? Mostly though… why were the legs not wearing masks? Was this a plot to spread athlete’s foot to the unwitting masses or were the wee socks on each foot supposed to protect the public from said infection?? Now, I will say I tried to run… but I was rooted to the spot… in fear that the legs would capture my good lady. Imagine if they chopped off her lovely legs to keep for their herd!

Anyway… I’m sure you’ll understand my need to share a song going by the title… Legs, as performed by the mighty Texan band ZZ Top! I see their version also plays on the tongue in cheek… so, I must be one of them – bearded and bored – in my pursuit of the perfect trolley push!

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