EERIE… I love the word. How many 5 letter words do you know which contain 4 vowels… 3 of them being “E’s”? Eeeasy on the ear? Less easy on the imagination. The banshees, trolls and witches… they’re all the rage now during this silly season, are they not?? Strange occurrences in the night… unpleasant little creatures lurking behind gnarled old yew trees or decaying gravestones in the cemeteries around town. Fun, that’s for sure.

However… I’m not of the habit of frequenting these haunts. I rather look at the brighter side of life so to find photos of an eerie nature for this week’s photo challenge is not too easy. I had to dig deep but every time I see the Famine Statues on Dublin’s Custom House Quays I see eerie.

Eerie... as seen on the face of one of Roan Gilllespie's staues on Dublin's Custom House Quay

The harrowed faces really capture the suffering of the famine victims who were desperately trying to flee the poverty trap and find a new beginning in more friendly environments. Rowan Gillespie is a master at capturing physical emotions. I’ve done a black and white edit for effect but even in full colour the eeriness remains…


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19 Responses to EERIE – WPhotoC

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  5. Zen says:

    I can’t stare at it for a long time..


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  7. Oh no! The statue expression is so real! Well captured!


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  9. says:

    Great post aj : )


  10. kz says:

    woah, absolutely eerie… the memory of that image will stay with me for a very long time .


    • aj vosse says:

      Those statues have the same effect on many, rightfully so. I think that is their true value… to remind us of what our forefathers suffered!


  11. I don’t know if this is more eerie or heartbreaking, but the picture is fantastic.


  12. adinparadise says:

    Oh Wow! This is indeed VERY eerie. 😯 Great capture, and perfect pic for the theme. 🙂


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