Alternative A to Z – Friends and Friendship

Today’s photo choice is inspired by Joe Cocker’s classic Woodstock version of With A Little Help From My Friends! He gets a tad noisy toward the end but hey… it’s Saturday so noise is good! Well… good noise, that is!

As Joe says at the beginning… this title puts it all into focus! Yep… some days we need more than a little help from our friends… we need a tow… and fair weather!

I too can tell of friends coming to my/ our assistance. Many years ago the NSRI and others came to our rescue after our chopper landed (crashed) in the sea off Cape St Francis, South Africa. Eternal gratitude springs to mind! OK… talking of friendship and flying… how about another Joe Cocker song… this time a duet with one of his friends.

This song alerted me to the talent of Jenifer Warnes… she sure can sing!

Don’t get too soppy now… enjoy the flying bits… and the song! Not all the kissy-kissy stuff! At least not before breakfast… it won’t do your digestion any good!

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7 Responses to Alternative A to Z – Friends and Friendship

  1. perdebytjie says:

    My hare staan regop toe jy vertel van die helikopter! Lekker musiek so op die Saterdag.
    NS ons winter is vanoggend hier…😵😵

    Liked by 1 person

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