Wednesday’s Wondering’s – Happy Traditions…

So… here we are at week three of answering Mrs Wayfarer’s questions. I must say… I’m having fun with the Q&A sessions and I believe Mrs Wayfarer put a lot of thought into the compilation of her challenge, so please do visit her site, it’s well worth it!

  • What tradition in your family or country do you always look forward to?
  • What blog (and whose blog is it) inspired you to take action?

Note: Do visit Mrs Wayfarer’s post to see the rules of the challenge – I’m not doing the challenge – I’m only answering her questions.

Mmmm… traditions? Family traditions? Well, we’re South Africans, living in Ireland for more than eighteen years. For those who don’t know, the South African climate leads to an outdoor way of life, whereas the the Irish weather leads to an indoor lifestyle. Simple. However, that didn’t stop us from bringing our desire for our outdoor cooking to our new homeland! Braaiing, as we call it, is done as often as possible, irrespective of the weather on offer!

Now, let me explain. There’s a difference between braaiing and doing a BBQ. When you do the occasional summer BBQ, you tend to throw on a few hamburger patties and pork sausages… maybe even a chicken wing or two. On the other hand… when you braai, you do “real” meat… steak, lamb, pork chops, fish… prawns and even your vegetables. Yes, you do it all! OK… enough background.

We brought the typical South African tradition with us… the Christmas braai! There is however, a subtle difference between Christmas in South Africa and Christmas in Ireland. One is at the height of summer and the other is in the dark of winter. I’m leaving the guessing up to you! However, that hasn’t stopped our tradition! Mostly, I’m the one who does all the Christmas fare… from the meat right through to the vegetables and dessert.

And the meat? Another part of our family tradition… legs of lamb and pork roasts! Yep… no turkey and ham. OK, just in case you think I’m not willing to try something new… I have done turkey, and I have done a cooked ham… but I’m afraid my family now insist on lamb and pork!

However, this past festive season we moved the Christmas Day braai on to old year’s day… and boy oh boy, it was great! Yes… now the whole family can get together without trying to be in three different places at once. No mad rush and queue-jostling to get the last minute fresh produce shopping done.  I always do the meat preparations the day before the event, which was a Sunday. The only problem – if you could call it that – was that we did our shopping too early on the day. No alcohol before twelve – so, we had to return to get the wine and cider we used for the meat.

There you have it… a brand new family tradition – we’ll continue the Old Year’s Eve family gathering… relaxed and mellow… and with full bellies we’ll give thanks for the year that was and greet the new year with fresh cheer!

OK… I think that’s enough for one post… I’ll end it here for today and continue with the questions again next week.

PS – If you’re wondering… yes, that’s me braaiing in the snow… Christmas 2010! I enjoy the photo so I’ll share it on its own… just for good measure!

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2 Responses to Wednesday’s Wondering’s – Happy Traditions…

  1. HesterLeyNel says:

    Jy moet dalk ‘n paar van jou resepte deel?


  2. Bernice says:

    Wow! That is a lot of food! It all looks awesome! 💕


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