Life Diary – Day 15 – Thursday Thought – Fair Blogging Interaction

I once had a blogger threaten to get WordPress to shut down my blog – because I called him on the global warming scam. He got very narky with me and turned real dictatorial. Feel free to pick up the thread here – and work your way through the dialogue. This blogger threw all sorts of insults and threats at me – even suggesting I was a troll – just for stating my opinion and asking a few questions.

So, where am I going with this post? Well, I firmly believe the leftest, socialist groundswell that has seeped into the minds of a portion of western populations, has had a direct effect on the basic principle of free-speech. So, now… if I ask questions about lies being forced on us then I become toxic? Since when must enquiring minds be silenced because they ask questions? Since when is civil conversation construed as hate speech?

Is blogging not about interaction with fellow bloggers? Is the fun of blogging not enhanced by comments and further cross-pollination of ideas? I enjoy reading other posts – and if the whim takes me, I comment. Sometimes I even get a tad creative… like I did when visiting this post of Sheila’s. Bindweed... yes, it’s not a pleasant plant – I’ve been having fun with it in our back garden this summer – thanks to the neighbours allowing their plants to jump over the back fence. So… when I liked Sheila’s post, the following ditty manifest itself…

a pest indeed!
child of an errant seed…

I hear you plead,
please help my need
of this plight to be freed!

Indeed, indeed,
take note, take heed,
eradicate this with speed!

A vile green weed,
will choke turnip and swede,
pollution indeed, we all firmly agreed!

Pollution indeed… we all firmly agreed! Yes, we should be able to debate and discuss topics of interest… and not be shouted down or insulted because we differ!

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10 Responses to Life Diary – Day 15 – Thursday Thought – Fair Blogging Interaction

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  2. Irene says:

    Oh, my! Shut you down? 🤔 Crazy!

    Blogging is all about stating your opinion whether it is about politics, environment, or something as simple as a photograph of the same subject taken from a completely different perspective. Can’t tell you the number of times I have learned from bloggers who I may not necessarily agree with. For me, that is part of the fun of reading other’s posts. I figure that I always have the choice to not read or follow someone who I completely disagree with. Have a great week of blogging. 😊


  3. Dr B says:

    No platforming in universities is a Marxist disease now! Then they try and apply their “shut down” to our questioning them or writing alternative views on our blogs. Keep writing 👍👍👏👏

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    • aj vosse says:

      I have just visited your blog and found so much I like!
      I am more and more driven to speak… because what’s that old story/ question… if I don’t, then who will?
      I will be visiting your spot more… 😉

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      • Dr B says:

        Thanks AJ, I’ve followed you too and think you might like my posts of the next few days. I might need backup!!

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        • aj vosse says:

          Tell you what… I’ve bit my tongue on certain issues far too long… as I’m afraid I may jeopardise my citizen’s application process… but OH boy, I’m sick and tired of being one of the few who believe in seeking truth and expressing or dismay over issues that are blatantly pushed down our throats… propaganda and lies must be challenged! I’ll do all the backing up I can, promise!

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          • Dr B says:

            Hope we’re on the same side of the spectrum then 👍👍 Can you tell me about your citizenship application? From where to where?


            • aj vosse says:

              I’m in Ireland – a South African living here for many years. My good lady is a British citizen but that’s not going to be of use to me post Brexit! So.. I have to do the deed and finalise my application. Between me and you and the four walls… say no more in an open forum… the SJW’s may be watching! 😉
              Yep.. I reckon I’m on the same side as you! 🙂

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              • Dr B says:

                Thanks AJ, sorry about exposing the question 🙏🙏. I don’t really understand because my wife is from Kathmandu and when we married 48 years ago she automatically became a British citizen. So, good luck, no further mentions 👍👍

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