Day 16 – the Joys of Being Creative!

There are times when we joke about the hardships we go through for our art – in a very tongue in cheek way. It is known that some artists can only birth their creations through angst-filled experiences. It is apparent that some creativity only sees the light because of pain and suffering! However… there is the other side of the coin – when fun brings happy creativity to the fore! Look at the lad on the left… he is laughing in the rain… while helping the other lad with his camera and tripod.

The laughing lad told me a bit later that he had so much fun out there in the storm that he would love a few photos. Well, to be honest… I also had a pile of fun… and got a fair drenching – my suffering for capturing the moments. Yes, I did share a series of photos with the lads… fair is fair, don’t you think?

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5 Responses to Day 16 – the Joys of Being Creative!

  1. Rainee says:

    Great photo! You raise an interesting point about creativity and suffering. I am beginning to question that even though I know I can write better poetry when I am down! My biggest lesson so far is that creativity sometimes requires some boring, hard work before the fun starts! I can live with that 🙂

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  2. de Wets Wild says:

    Nee kyk, as jy jou kamera in sulke gevaar sit het jy seker n paar spares…

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