Day 25 – Fleeing Cabin Fever – Already?

Think of it this way – you’re stranded… either on a remote island (on your own) or on a lonely, forsaken headland with a motley collection of rouges and vagabonds. Pretty picture. Now, think of the blessing of being allowed all the privileges our modern live offers – without the mad rush of getting where you don’t have to be. Take stock – inspan your creative genius and begin positively amusing yourself – and those around you.

Yes, I hear you say… easy for you to talk – you’ve been at home for many moons so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to amuse yourself. True and not so true. I used to set off walking at any given moment – and wander around the town – talking to people at the harbour or on the beach. Alas, that just can’t happen now… precautions, precautions – precautions.

However – if I told you I have set myself a few new, simple tasks as challenges, then so can you! One – I plan to be able to do ten press-ups (in one go) by early next month, say the third? That sound like fun? I bet. Anyway – there’s a few other tasks happening – a bit of gardening – YouTube videos – beginning the planning for next month’s Saffer Worldwide Magazine. Keep busy folk… as my granny used to say, idle hands… the devil’s tools! 

Mostly though… be positive – even if you think the cure may be worse than the problem (which I believe it is) stay upbeat – set the example for those around you … and if you can, get out of the house – precautions, precautions – precautions!

We’ve had a few really great spring days… so, guess what… yep, we found ourselves down at one of our most favourite places on the planet! Judging by all the tracks down there a few others also kept their distance!

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