Day #3 – 30 Day CC – Wednesday Word – Epiphany

Being creative means coming up with different ideas – randomly. Have I just had an epiphany? Who knows? Anyway… it’s a photo that’s lead to this astounding revelation. We went off, down to the beach for a photo shoot. My South African friends will instantly recognise the “product” in the top photo.

Yes… creativity (of a different sort) came to bear last week. I have long had the desire to make my own biltong and dry-wors. So… I conned the children into giving me money for the annual minor milestone event – then, I used the loot to construct my own biltong box as well as buying meat to convert – or rather, to cure. Thus the need to capture the results for posterity – and thus something new to share with you!

OK, so… how does the epiphany concept fit with this post? Look at the next photo, taken by my good lady… at my request. Well, I’d asked her to take from behind so as not to show my mug but hey, you girls have a tendency of disobeying, don’t you? Anyway… the expression seems to suggest I was having one of those moments…

Looks almost angelic, don’t you think? No… it wasn’t the wine… I promise! But I’ll leave you to ponder upon the reason for my expression. OK… before I show you the next photo, I’ll place something totally random from one of my essays – specific to the South African cricket team – seeing as we’re on things South African:

I’m no fanatic; I merely love(d) the game for a host of reasons. One… it’s often been said that cricket mirrors life – maybe more so than many other sports. The ups, the downs… the rewards for hard work and dedication.

However, I believe the analogy is fast disappearing into the night sky… like a white ball that’s been agriculturally hacked out of the ground by someone who could best be described as a ball-basher. No finesse, no grace, no class… just a swinging wide arc of brute force… and (maybe, just maybe) ignorance.

White ball cricket – the short formats of the game – has led to big money getting in on the act. There lies the underlying problem. Just like the malaise witnessed in football – when club is placed ahead of country – money, not passion – becomes the driver.

OK… that’s my mouthful for the day. Back we go to reality… and just what was happening while I was staring off into the void of discovery. It was a close thing – the realisation that wetness was upon me!

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13 Responses to Day #3 – 30 Day CC – Wednesday Word – Epiphany

  1. HesterLeyNel says:

    Verrukking. Dis wat ek op jou gesig sien. Sinonieme: bekoring, blydskap, ekstase, geestesvervoering, geluk, genot, jubeling, plesier, saligheid. Is dit wat wyn, biltong en droëwors vir jou doen? En natuurlik jou vrou ook in die babyheid? Dan het jy die geheim van ‘n gelukkige lewe ontdek. Mooi foto. En die model is ook glad nie bad looking nie.


  2. perdebytjie says:

    Dit was nou lekker om ‘n gesig te plaas by die geheimsinnige Vossie, wat ons daagliks vermaak met kreatiewe denke en pittighede!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. de Wets Wild says:

    Maak jy nou my mond water so vroeg op n Woensdag-oggend!


  4. Rainee says:

    It all looks very pleasant and peaceful! I agree with your thoughts on sport too! I am not a fan on biltong but my sons used to love it :).


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