Day #11- the 30 Day CC – in the Workplace?

Do you take your creativity to the workplace? I do. Well, these days my work is this blog and the magazine, the website and other writing. Only problem with all the creativity of late is that it brings no financial rewards but that is what creativity often does… it brings fulfilment rather than money!

However… way back years ago, when this blog was in it’s infancy, a manager of mine caught me with the OMBH home page open. Yep, those were the days of desktops and standalone monitors – big and clunky. I hurriedly tried to close the page but it was too late. He suggested we go for coffee. I was half expecting a serious rollicking but he put me at ease. The chat went something along these lines…

“You do loads of work stuff at home… you often come to work with solutions for problems that you must’ve resolved at home – so, I don’t mind if you do other bits at work – within limits.”

That got me thinking – if I openly take my creativity with me – wouldn’t I work better? My answer to myself evolved over time.

Creativity brings contentment – therefore, a contented person should naturally be more productive. 

However, don’t rob the company – do your diligent best – do at work what you should. Mmmm… am I contradicting myself? Maybe. Anyway – I’ll stick with the basic thought that creativity brings contentment. Period!

So… as the March deadline for magazine submissions is rapidly approaching – why don’t you have a look at the February issue? A prompt may just prompt you to join our fun! Thanks!

Seeing the full picture? No… when you stare at only a small part of the picture you miss much! I rather enjoy the photo… quite enticing… to go closer to the window… to see more! Do join our SAFFER Worldwide fun…

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1 Response to Day #11- the 30 Day CC – in the Workplace?

  1. Rainee says:

    Very good point! Creative ideas and thinking are just as valid as creative arts! 🙂🙃😁


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