Portion – The Friday Fry Portion!

Recently, I read a simple truth somewhere. Big Food has hijacked the traditional breakfast. How so? Well, they’ve brainwashed us with nutritional claptrap. Making us believe that packaged cereals and “fresh” juices are the way to go. Throw in the low-fat drivel as well and you have a recipe for trouble. The humble egg, nature’s perfect energy boost, has been lambasted and linked to cholesterol. A myth… cholesterol, that is! Red meat and mushrooms fried in real butter? Real butter? Bad for you. More porky poo-poo!

However… the policy makers have told us, those foods lead to health issues.

Well, it’s taken time but many are catching on! How do you want to combat Type 2 Diabetes? Obesity? Even heart disease and gastric problems can be combated by one simple principle. EAT REAL FOOD… don’t be afraid of an ample portion… as long as you stay away from the CARBS! Eat yourself healthy… go LCHF! Simple… wholesome food. Did I say simple?

Want more information? I’ve documented my return to a better diet and the very positive effects. Do visit the Our Health page for a look-see!

Oh, by the way… happy Fry Day!

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22 Responses to Portion – The Friday Fry Portion!

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  2. Aspaai says:

    Ek dink nogal processed kosse is die mens se downfall…. Omdat daar soveel versteekte dinge in is wat onverwags dit in mens se lyf in maak.

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    • aj vosse says:

      Ja, net so… vol gif en chemikalieë… as dit uit ‘n doos op ‘n winkelrak kom dan kan ons seker wees dis nie regte kos nie en het nie regte voedingswarde nie!

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  3. Aspaai says:

    That breakfast looks delish!!


  4. livvy30 says:

    Totally agree! I’ll have mine without mushrooms though please 😉


  5. perdebytjie says:

    Ek begin my dag met ‘n lekker bord pap met heuning…ek dink die moderne mens fokus te veel op kos.Ons moet eet om te leef,nie leef om te eet nie!

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    • aj vosse says:

      Ek dink ek stem saam. Die moderne mens fokus te veel op die verkeerde kos! As dit op ‘n doos op ‘n rak staan hoort ons dit nie te eet nie!


  6. Anne J. says:

    Absolutely! I agree. All for the sake of making a fortune from malleable people. 🙂

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  7. Hi AJ. I’m a lunch person myself. I rarely have anything more than coffee and rusks for breakfast – the healthy(?) ones with seeds and raisins. Too busy in the morning to feel hungry.

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  8. Toortsie says:

    Ek sekondeer! 😋

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  9. My Mum lived til she was 89 and she ate butter, eggs and full fat milk all her life. All this processed food must contain an awful lot of chemicals. I rarely eat processed food. And Mr PiP swears by a hearty cooked breakfast and PROPER bread.

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